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Top 5 Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats of 2022 Reviews

Protecting the carpet in your gorgeous Tesla Model 3 is important, right? And the number one way of doing this is by choosing the best Model 3 floor mats.

Every climate imaginable – cold and rainy, hot and dry, warm and wet – comes with its own set of challenges in keeping that floor carpet clean. Stained car carpets are one of the first things people notice when looking at a car, and keeping them in tip-top shape will definitely help with the resale value.

The options are many, but have no fear as we have decided to find the best Tesla Model 3 floor mats available right now. So, let’s go through them and find the best set of floor mats for your Tesla Model 3…

Top 5 Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats You Should Buy in 2022 Review

  1. Farasla Upgraded All-Weather Floor Mats – Most Versatile Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats
  2. 3D MAXpider L1TL00401509 All-Weather Floor Mats – Most Durable Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats
  3. San Auto Car Floor Mats Custom Fit for Tesla Model 3 – Best Budget Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats
  4. TOUGHPRO All-Weather Heavy-Duty Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats – Best Rubber Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats
  5. SMARTLINER All Weather Custom Fit Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 – Best Value for The Money Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

1 Farasla Upgraded All-Weather Floor Mats – Most Versatile Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

Farsala have long been known for producing quality Tesla Model 3 floor mats, but after listening to some consumer feedback in 2019, they have made some small improvements.

And what a difference it has made!

These brand new, upgraded all-weather floor mats are now truly great. They have been custom engineered to fit any Tesla model 3 from 2017 all the way up to the present day.

Farsala have gone all out here, providing us with three layers of outstanding protection. The surface layer is a carbon fiber texture that matches the M3’s interior beautifully. The interior layer is a semi-hard XPE foam that provides outstanding cushioning, and the anti-slip bottom layer ensures the mat stays perfectly in place without harming the carpet.

Aesthetics you will appreciate…

These floor mats add to the minimalist feel of the Model 3, with the matte black exterior complimenting the original styling. The heel pad featured on the driver’s side floor mat not only offers superior grip but also added comfort for long journeys.

The raised edges and catchment areas ensure that spills are contained, and the easy-to-wipe surfaces are a breeze to clean. Plus, they come with a full lifetime warranty!

All year round floor protection…

These mats are truly suitable for all conditions, making them some of the best all weather tesla floor mats on the market. If you drive your Tesla Model 3 year-round, these floor mats are well-worth a closer look.

Farasla Upgraded All-Weather Floor Mats

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Perfect fit for 2017 – 2022 models.
  • Three layers of protection.
  • Premium, minimalist design.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Styling may not be to everyone’s taste.

2 3D MAXpider L1TL00401509 All-Weather Floor Mats – Most Durable Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

Next up in our Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats review, we have the 3D MAXpider L1TL00401509 All-Weather Floor Mats. This third party option has set Reddit alight recently, with glowing user reviews flooding in on the Tesla subreddit.

And we can see why!

These are, without a doubt, one of the top picks when it comes to the best model 3 floor mats. Truly all-weather, with a fully waterproof surface that is super easy to clean. Simply remove the mats and hose them down. That’s it, they wash off easily and look as good as new in seconds.

Built to last…

Constructed from environmentally-friendly SGS certified material, they are 100 percent odorless and totally non-toxic. As is standard, 3D have gone with a 3-layer design.

The top layer is thermoplastic rubber, which is both water-resistant and soft to the touch. The mid-layer is made from XPE comfort foam, which aids in absorbing road vibrations, which increases comfort and reduces noise. And, the bottom layer is covered in the patented MAXpider anti-skid backing, which provides superior grip, preventing any slip issues.

More protection…

With the added “retention system” (locking clips that work with the factory retention clips), there is zero chance of these mats moving at all. The raised edges give great coverage, and the catch basins are located away from the comfortable foot position. These bad boys are also completely fire retardant.

3D MAXpider L1TL00401509 All-Weather Floor Mats

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Comfortable and stylish.
  • Easy to install with locking clips.
  • Fire retardant.
  • Long-life.


  • The large 3D logo looks a little out of place.
  • Only compatible with 2017-2019 models.

3 San Auto Car Floor Mats Custom Fit for Tesla Model 3 – Best Budget Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

If you are on the hunt for a more budget-friendly option, then the San Auto custom fit Tesla Model 3 floor mats might be the ones for you! Coming in at a rock bottom price, this set still delivers excellent coverage and comfort.

Incorporating a honeycomb design of repeating hexagons, this set takes a slightly different approach compared to the ones we have already reviewed. Instead of high ridges with a catch basin, the whole floor mat works as a catchment area. This results in better coverage overall; it does mean that spills are not necessarily contained to one convenient area.

What are the benefits of this design?

The honeycomb pattern provides excellent grip and is aesthetically pleasing. It is also easier to clean than you might think. All we needed was a normal garden hose needed to remove all traces of dirt, dust, and grime. In terms of looks, you can pick between “Full Black” or “Black White”, with the former having accented white highlights for the logo and trim.

The Sam Auto custom fit Tesla Model 3 floor mats forgo the industry standard three-layer construction for a simpler design. But they still offer great comfort and are super durable. Overall a fantastic option for low cost Tesla floor mats.

San Auto Car Floor Mats Custom Fit for Tesla Model 3

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Cheap, but well-made.
  • Honeycomb design.
  • Comfortable.


  • No rim.
  • Single layer construction.

4 TOUGHPRO All-Weather Heavy-Duty Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats – Best Rubber Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

The ToughPro all-weather heavy-duty Tesla Model 3 floor mats are a fantastic mid-range option. This product again utilizes the honeycomb design, but this time with much deeper grooves and ridges creating an overall tougher product.

Using a honeycomb design increases the surface area of the mat, which ToughPro claim helps reduce overall moisture levels inside your vehicle. Additionally, by using a computerized cutting system, each individual unit can be tailored to suit any particular requirements.

Plenty of style…

If you’re a fan of the style of the honeycomb design like us, then there’s no doubt you will love the look of this set. Available in black or gray, these look great inside your Tesla M3.

Made from a high-quality blend of rubbers, they are great at staying cool and have an industrial durability rating. The ¼ inch nibs and mat anchors that line the underside do a great job at keeping this firmly fastened to the carpet and protecting it.

Something to keep in mind…

Out of all the floor mats we looked at for this review, the ToughPro was among the trickest to clean when using a normal garden hose. That’s not to say it can’t be done, but we recommend using a pressure washer instead. However, for a mid-range offering, these best heavy duty tesla floor mats are a steal.

TOUGHPRO All-Weather Heavy-Duty Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Half the price of the top of the line options.
  • Effective honeycomb design.
  • Available in two colors.
  • Can be customized.


  • Not the easiest to clean without a pressure hose.

5 SMARTLINER All Weather Custom Fit Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 – Best Value for The Money Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

Rounding us out today are the SMARTLINER all-weather Tesla Model 3 floor mats. Without a doubt, some of the best floor mats for Tesla available right now. Without breaking the bank, these mats offer top of the line protection from spills and mess, with the guarantee of being 100% odorless.

Thanks to a recent redesign, SMARTLINER now uses low-density polyethylene. Now, these eco-friendly mats provide more elasticity and durability than previously available, which results in higher levels of coverage and a much longer lifespan.

How do they look, though?

In our opinion, nothing short of fantastic. They fit the modern interior beautifully, with the high rims and molded outer edges supplying a huge amount of protection. The reinforced edges offer rigidity, which helps the mat keep its shape for years without compromising the all-important “bend” of the mats.

A real spill stopper…

The ridges do a great job of funneling any liquid spills away from the normal foot position and straight to the basins. The underbelly has mat anchors that fit snuggly, resulting in easy installation and no chance of slip.

And not to mention cleaning is a breeze. With SMARTLINER floor mats, simply wiping, hosing off, or even using soap and water all get the job done.

SMARTLINER All Weather Custom Fit Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • High levels of protection.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Nothing glaring.

Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Buyers Guide

Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Review

Whether you reside in a dry and hot climate, cold and wet surroundings, or anywhere in between – you are going to want the right Tesla Model 3 floor mats. You’ve spent your hard-earned cash on a beautiful vehicle; it would be a shame to mess up the interior by being careless, right?

So the first question you have to ask yourself is – are the floor mats you currently have up to their main job of keeping the carpets clean? One of the most painstaking jobs of keeping a car clean is carpet upkeep. So, you can save yourself a bunch of trouble by simply having the best floor mats for Tesla Model 3 from the beginning.

But what exactly makes a floor mat superior to others, you ask? Well, there really isn’t a straight answer to the question. But we have broken it down to help you decide…


There is nothing worse than a poorly fitting floor mat, especially for the driver. It can actually become quite dangerous if the mat is moving under the pedals, with the potential for the mat to lodge itself under a pedal and become a hazard. No need to worry, though, as we have only selected well fitting mats in this review.


An aspect of floor mats often overlooked is the material used for the underside of the floor mats. Most of the Model 3 floor mats have a built-in “locking” system, which prevents the mat from slipping. But it is also good to check what exact materials make up the bottom coating.


Although this may seem to be a minor aspect when it comes to choosing the best floor mat setup, it is actually more important than you may first think. A thicker mat will not only help protect the carpet underneath, but will also add to the comfort and absorption levels from inevitable spills.

Rim and Ridge Height

Speaking of those spills, you want to pay close attention to the height of the edge rims and the depth of the ridge grooves. Both factors play an important role in protecting the carpet. Higher rims will aid in keeping any spilled liquids contained in the mats. And deeper grooves will be handy for funneling spills away from the pedal area and into any catchment basins.


Finally, style will probably play an important role in your decision. Tesla Model 3 are beautiful vehicles, and floor mats are one of the most noticeable auxiliary units. We have chosen a nice selection of styles to make sure all bases are covered.

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What are the Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats?

All in all, a great list of options, from the budget end up to the more indulgent offerings. But for us, there is one clear winner. Sporting high rims, eco-friendly materials, easy cleaning, and a lifetime warranty. The winner is, of course, the…

SMARTLINER All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Mats

We couldn’t ask for much more with these floor mats. So what are you waiting for? That Tesla might drive itself, but it won’t keep itself clean.

Until next, may the road treat you right.


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