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Best Portable Garage 2022 – Top 10 Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you need extra storage space for your car, tools, and other items? Building a whole new garage from scratch is sure to be a time-consuming and costly process. You also have the additional hassle of having to apply for a building permit.

Fortunately, a wide range of different types of best portable garages has been created to provide the perfect solution. These models come in a whole host of styles and sizes.

Not sure which one is right for you? Don’t worry! We have reviewed the most popular models to help steer you towards the portable garage that’s right for you. So, let’s go through them…

Top 10 Best Portable Garage 2022 Reviews

1 King Canopy HC1020PC 10-Feet

If you are looking for a simple and elegant portable garage, this model is an excellent option. The King Canopy HC1020PC 10-Feet by 20-Feet Hercules 8-Leg Canopy features a beautiful powder-coated steel frame. This frame is especially sturdy and provides full support for the canopy.

Fit for a king…

The polyethylene canopy is secured to the frame with a special drawstring fitting system. It is designed to fit tautly over the frame to maximize wind resistance. The cover is UV-proof, as well as being fire retardant and water resistant.

As an added bonus, you are sure to find that this model is very easy to set up. Even if you are working alone, you will be able to complete the task in around an hour. After attaching the canopy to the frame, you can attach the removable steel footplates.

Plenty of space…

The King Canopy HC1020PC 10-Feet by 20-Feet Hercules 8-Leg Canopy provides plenty of cover for all types of vehicles. Even if you have a large SUV or truck, you are sure to find that you have plenty of space.

However, it is important to realize that this model does not come with anchors. The lack of side walls also makes it more exposed to wind and rain. While your vehicle will be more vulnerable to certain elements, you are provided with enhanced UV protection.


The steel footplates are fitted with pre-drilled bolt holes. If you want to install your portable car garage in a fixed position, this will provide an anchoring solution.

King Canopy HC1020PC 10-Feet

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • White powder-coated steel frame.
  • UV inhibitors.
  • Fitted white drawstring cover.
  • Water resistant.
  • Fire retardant.


  • Does not come with anchors.

2 Palram Vitoria Carport & Patio Cover

With its cool vintage style, this portable garage is sure to appeal to your inner traditionalist. The Palram Vitoria Carport and Patio Cover has been made entirely from metal and boasts a stylish arched frame. This serves as a permanent solution for keeping your vehicle protected from the elements.

Let’s take a closer look…

The heavy-duty galvanized steel and aluminum construction is entirely rust-resistant. The top panels have been made from shatter-resistant and weather-proof twin-wall polycarbonate. The panels block 100% of UV rays to protect your vehicle from becoming scorched or sun-bleached.

The overall dimensions of this model are 197 inches long by 114.5 inches wide and 94.5 inches high. Despite the fact that this model is large and sturdy, the assembly process is sure to be quick and easy. No special tools are needed to get the job done, and you are provided with full assembly instructions.

You can rest assured…

The pieces are designed to slot together smoothly and easily. Due to the size and weight of the panels, it may be a good idea to enlist a friend to help complete the task. Once set up, you can be sure that this model will remain firmly in place in all weather conditions.

The lack of side walls may initially give you pause for thought. However, you can be sure that the overall structure is especially sturdy, not to mention stylish. It is supplied with a ten year warranty, which is sure to provide you with peace of mind.

Palram Vitoria Carport & Patio Cover

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Ten year warranty.
  • Rust-resistant, powder-coated frame.
  • Stylish arched frame.
  • 100% UV protection.
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum and galvanized steel.


  • No side panel protection.

3 Abba Patio 10 x 20 Feet Outdoor Carport

Are you looking for a portable garage that is especially versatile? The Abba Patio 10 x 20 Feet Outdoor Carport boasts a fully collapsible design. This means that you will be able to take it with you on camping trips and to outdoor events.

Time to hit the road…

Setting up and taking down this model is especially quick and easy. The powder-coated steel frame fits together snugly for maximum support. The canopy features bungee cord attachments that secure it to the ground for enhanced stability.

The canopy has been constructed from a double layer of UV-resistant polyethylene. The total weight of the canopy is just 97 pounds. It can be folded up very small for optimum convenience during transportation.

Plenty of room…

The canopy provides plenty of space for SUVs and trucks to shelter underneath. The frame is set on six legs, which end in large foot pads to keep the structure sturdy. The sidewall height is 6.5 feet high, which provides quick entry and exit for vehicles.

However, it should be noted that the canopy is not entirely UV-resistant. This means that the color is likely to fade over time. Still, your vehicle will receive full protection from the harmful effects of the sun.

Especially versatile…

Although this model does not come with side panels, they are available to purchase separately. This makes the overall design especially versatile for all types of use. With the side panels attached, you are able to transform this model into a lockable garage.

Abba Patio 10 x 20 Feet Outdoor Carport

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • 1½-inch diameter powder-coated steel frame.
  • UV-resistant.
  • Double polyethylene fabric.
  • Large footpads.
  • Heavy-duty bungee cords.


  • The canopy may fade over time.

4 Abba Patio Extra Large Heavy Duty Carport

With its clean lines, this portable garage boasts a contemporary design. The Abba Patio Extra Large Heavy Duty Carport has been created especially for large vehicles such as SUVs and trucks. This mighty model measures a generous twelve feet wide by twenty feet long.

Bigger is better…

The peak height of nine feet means that you will have plenty of space inside the canopy for large vehicles. The huge and durable canopy has been made of polyethylene. The side panels and doors are removable to help make this portable garage especially versatile.

The canopy is supported by powder-coated steel tubing that measures 1.5 inches in diameter. The special coating helps to protect the steel from the elements as well as corrosive particles. The eight legs of the frame rest on foot pads that make securing the anchors easier.

Plenty of space…

The height of the sidewall is six feet seven inches. This provides plenty of clearance space for your vehicle and so that you can move freely. Even if the top of the canopy is weighed down by water or snow, this should not pose a problem.

The polyethylene top cover is both water-resistant and UV-resistant and can be installed very easily. You are provided with a set of bungee cords to secure the canopy to the frame. You are sure to find that the installation process only takes around an hour.

One of the coolest features…

This model comes with three removable panels, one of which serves as a door. The door features a zippered panel to provide a little extra security. While one side is left exposed, you can install it close to a wall or fence if you wish.

Abba Patio Extra Large Heavy Duty Carport

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Removable sidewalls.
  • Powder-coated steel tubing.
  • UV-resistant polyethylene top.
  • Nine feet peak height.
  • Three removable panels.


  • Fully exposed on one side.

5 Rhino Shelters Instant/Portable/Temporary/Fabric Garage

With its large and robust design, it is clear that this portable garage means business. The Rhino Shelters Instant/Portable/Temporary/Fabric Garage features an igloo-shaped design that is supported by a steel frame. The frame has undergone galvanization to make it extra-durable and protect it against rust.

A real tough customer…

This mighty model boasts an impressive 1,200 pound pull out ratio. Stability will not be an issue thanks to the special carriage bolts. These bolts have received industrial grading and will withstand strong winds and heavy snow with ease.

The interior of the portable garage is large enough to fit two compact cars with ease. You can also fit a motorboat or several motorcycles inside. Both the front and back doors roll up for quick and convenient access.

Fully fire retardant…

The interior is set with a black scrim that protects your vehicles from UV rays. Both the exterior and interior of the material has been treated to make it fully fire-retardant.

Extra security…

If you are seeking extra security, you are sure to appreciate the fully zippered door. As an added bonus, the frame comes complete with a comprehensive ten year warranty. As a result, you can be sure that this portable garage will truly go the distance.

You need to make sure that you have plenty of available space in your yard for this model. While fairly straightforward, you are likely to find that the assembly process takes quite a bit of time. You are provided with three cool colors to choose from; grey, hunter green, and tan.

Rhino Shelters Instant/Portable/Temporary/Fabric Garage

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Ten year frame warranty.
  • Double zipper doors.
  • Heavy-duty galvanized structural steel tubing.
  • 1,200 pound pull out ratio.
  • UV treated and fire retardant.


  • Takes time to install.

6 ShelterLogic 6′ x 6′ Shed-in-a-Box

Are you looking for extra space for your tools and other equipment? As the name suggests, the ShelterLogic 6’ x 6’ Shed-in-a-Box is designed to serve as a shed. It features a triple-layer polyethylene cover that will protect your tools and other belongings from the elements.

Time to get to work…

This structure provides plenty of space for storing garden tools, snowmobiles, ATVs, snowblowers, and lawnmowers. It is designed to be especially quick and easy to store anywhere you want. As an added bonus, you do not need a building permit in order to set up the structure.

The cover is supported by four 15-gauge high-grade steel frames. These frames feature premium powder coating to protect them against rust, corrosion, and chipping. The cover has been heat sealed to increase water-resistance while protecting your tools from UV rays.

Maximum versatility and support…

A ratchet cover tensioning system combined with web strap elements hold the cover snugly on the frames. A special slide-across rain has also been incorporated into the design. This allows you to tighten the cover manually if you wish for maximum versatility and support.

You are also treated to auger anchors and the patented ShelterLock stabilizers to hold the shed firmly in place. Even on windy days, you are sure to find that the overall structure is especially sturdy. The front panel comes with a zipper, and it is possible to add a lock if you wish.

ShelterLogic 6' x 6' Shed-in-a-Box

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Thirty-six square feet of storage.
  • Provides full coverage.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Sturdy steel stabilizers.
  • Versatile design.


  • Not especially portable.

7 Quictent 10’X20’ Heavy Duty Carport

With its huge and durable canopy, this portable garage provides full protection from the elements. The tent canopy is made from UV-protected polyethylene fabric. This prevents the pristine white material from becoming yellow over time.

This hard-wearing material is resistant to tearing and other types of damage. It is water-proof and resistant to rot caused by mold and mildew buildup. As a result, this cover will stay smart and effective for many years to come.

Embracing pure versatility…

One of the great things about this carport is that the canopy is set with large PVC windows. This helps to make the Quictent 10’X20’ Heavy Duty Carport especially versatile. If you are holding a garden party, your guests will be able to shelter inside.

The canopy is anchored with eight heavy-duty white powder-coated steel legs that attach to the frame. The whole frame has been treated to resist rust and other types of corrosion. The legs are so sturdy that they can take the weight of pooled rainwater, fallen leaves, and even snow.

Reinforced for extra sturdiness…

The legs are further reinforced by a steel base plate. This helps the overall design upright and sturdy on rugged terrain. No drilling or cutting is needed to set up this model as all the parts fit together easily.

The side panels on this model provide your vehicle with extra protection from the elements. However, this also means that the Quictent 10’X20’ Heavy Duty Carport is susceptible to strong winds. You can solve this issue by staking it down.

Quictent 10’X20’ Heavy Duty Carport

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Reinforced PE material.
  • 8½ feet maximum height.
  • Lifetime free replacement for parts.
  • Reinforced steel cables.
  • Canopy includes windows.


  • Susceptible to strong winds.

8 VINGLI 10’X20’ Upgraded Carport Canopy

With its large and robust design, this portable garage is sure to withstand the elements. The VINGLI 10’X20’ Upgraded Carport Canopy boasts a six-frame design that is made entirely of steel. The steel is powder-coated to provide protection from rust and other types of corrosion.

Windy? Don’t worry…

This steel frame has a thickness of 1.5 inches for enhanced stability. It is set on steel feet that can be anchored to the ground to provide a permanent cover. Even if it is especially windy, you can be sure that this structure will remain firmly in place.

The 180G polyethylene canopy is both water-proof and UV-resistant. It attaches to the steel frame with elastic snaps to prevent it from slipping. The front and sides of the structure are open with a six-foot-high clearance to deliver easy access.

Get ready for an upgrade…

When you choose this model, you’re treated to a lifetime free replacement on certain parts. This includes the base plates, elastic ropes, pegs, and connectors. Other parts, such as the poles and cover come with a lifetime 50% discount.

If you are planning to assemble this portable garage by yourself, the task is likely to take around three hours. It is essential to make sure that the poles are not dented so that they fit together correctly. Fortunately, you are provided with a clear set of instructions and parts labeled by number to make the task smooth.

VINGLI 10’X20’ Upgraded Carport Canopy

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • 180G polyethylene cover.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • UV-proof.
  • 1.5-inch diameter steel tubing.
  • Lifetime replacement on parts.


  • Takes a while to set up.

9 DELTA Canopies 20’x12’ Carport

With its cool igloo-shaped design, this portable garage is sure to attract plenty of attention. However, the DELTA Canopies 20’x12’ Carport is much more than just a pretty face. This model boasts a heavy-duty design that promises to stand up to any type of weather.

But there’s more…

The ratchet tie-downs that come with this model help to keep the overall design especially sturdy. The galvanized steel frame is both rust and corrosion resistant. The frame features twelve sturdy steel legs, which are capped with steel footplates.

The polyethylene cover fits over the steel frame smoothly and easily to make the setup process a breeze. The cover has been heat bonded to keep out moisture as well as wind and UV rays. No matter what you plan to store inside this model, you can be sure that it will remain dry at all times.


You are provided with a double-zippered front panel and rear panel. These help to keep the doors secured when your vehicle is inside. You can also roll up the doors and fasten them to provide quick and convenient access.

And, an added bonus…

As an added bonus, this model can serve as a basic tent with enough space for up to two people. You may find that the durable double-zippered design is tricky to fasten, especially in windy conditions. However, it helps to provide you with enhanced protection against the elements.

This model is designed to withstand winds of up to 25 miles an hour with ease. However, it is a good idea to secure to structure with ground pegs or storm straps. Although not included, these items are fairly easy to track down.

DELTA Canopies 20’x12’ Carport

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • 12 sturdy legs.
  • Capped with steel footplates.
  • Heat bonded polyethylene cover.
  • Ratchet tie-downs.
  • Galvanized steel frame.


  • Can be tricky to zip up.
  • Ground pegs not included.

10 Outsunny 32’ x 20’ Commercial Party Canopy

If you have more than one vehicle to shelter, you will need a portable garage that is especially large. Fortunately, the Outsunny 32’ x 20’ Commercial Party Canopy is sure to rise to the challenge. This heavy-duty model is large enough to suit a wide range of needs.

This mighty model boasts a 180g polyethylene cover set on a sturdy steel frame. There are two removable sidewalls combined with two fabric zippered doors. This allows you to customize the design to your exact needs.

Even in wet weather…

The total weight of this unit is 304 pounds, which helps to ensure enhanced stability and durability. The top cover comes with a scalloped edge to allow moisture drainage during wet weather. You are provided with heavy-duty bungee cord straps, eyelets, and heavy-duty Velcro to attach the cover to the frame.

Even though this model is large, you are sure to find that the assembly process is quick and easy. You are also treated to three different size variations. This helps you to find the perfect model to suit your available space.

Getting the party started…

If you are planning a garden party, this model is sure to rise to the challenge. Five large PVC windows have been set into each side of the canopy. These windows boast an ornate design and let plenty of light into the canopy.

While anchors are included with this model, the anchors are not especially strong. This is likely to be an issue if you are planning to set this portable garage up permanently. However, you can easily solve this issue by picking up a set of heavy-duty anchors.

Outsunny 32’ x 20’ Commercial Party Canopy

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • 180g polyethylene cover.
  • Three size options.
  • Four large, transparent PVC windows.
  • Suitable for various uses.
  • Two zippered fabric doors.


  • The anchors are not very strong.

Best Portable Garage Buying Guide

When looking for a new portable garage, style is likely to be a primary concern. However, there are several other aspects that you need to bear in mind. Here are some of the key factors that you should think about when searching for the best portable garage.

The Materials

For ultimate durability, make sure that the cover of the portable garage is made of polyethylene or polyurethane. This material is known for being water-proof and UV resistant. The poles and legs should be made of steel, which is at least 1.5 inches thick.

best portable garage guide

Size Matters

Portable garages come in a wide range of different sizes, and it is essential to measure your available space carefully. Bigger is better if you have more than one vehicle that you wish to protect. However, if you simply want to keep garden equipment and a motorcycle safe, a more compact model should suffice.

All About Style

If you are planning to use your portable garage as a personal feature, make sure the style appeals to you. While many models are designed to look like tents, others are made entirely of metal. Metal models tend to look more stylish and might be more appealing if set in a prominent place.

Doors & Side Panels

Choosing a portable garage with side panels and doors provides extra protection against the elements. You also have the option of securing the doors with a padlock. This helps to keep your vehicle and other valuable items protected from casual thieves.

Ease of Entry

Make sure that the model is tall enough so that you can park your vehicle inside easily. This is especially important if you choose a model with doors. You should be able to roll up the doors and secure them to provide easy access.

portable garage reviews


One of the great things about portable garages is that they can be used in a wide range of different ways. Some models are set with windows so that they can serve as a gazebo for garden parties. Other models double as a tent, which is ideal if you want to go on a camping trip.

Ease of Setup

Last but not least, pay close attention to the setup process. If special tools are required, make sure you have them close to hand before you get started. Your new portable garage should come complete with clear and detailed instructions to make setup as easy as possible.

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Which Is The Best Portable Garage?

So which is the best moveable garage of them all? In terms of versatility, the… ShelterLogic 6' x 6' Shed-in-a-Box

…is sure to satisfy. While this model makes the perfect portable garage, it is also large enough to house an ATV.

This is also a great option if you have a motorcycle you want to protect from the elements. The water-proof polyethylene cover is UV-treated on both the inside and the outside. You are able to anchor the steel poles and even attach a padlock to the zippered door for enhanced security.

Happy driving!


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