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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras In 2021 Review

When we’re out touring, we get to see some fantastic sights. Whether on wide, swooping roads, or sharp, twisty mountains, we witness some truly amazing spectacles. And it’s only normal that we want to share this with as many people as possible.

Everyone has social media these days! Blogs, Instagram, YouTube; they’re all great ways to share our trips. But how do we record the journey?

With one of the Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras on the market, of course!

But buying the right one can be a difficult decision. There are so many options out there! In this review, we’ve looked at some of the best motorcycle cameras around, so let’s go through them and find the perfect product for you!

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras On The Market Reviews

  1. 【2020 Upgrade】 Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera – Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet Camera
  2. AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera Ultra HD – Most Versatile Motorcycle Helmet Camera
  3. REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD and 12MP Waterproof Sports Action Camera Kit – Best Dirt Bike Helmet Camera
  4. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Aviation In-cockpit Bundle – Best Quality Motorcycle Helmet Camera
  5. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera 16MP Vision 3 Underwater Waterproof Camera – Best Affordable Motorcycle Helmet Camera for Filmmakers
  6. GoPro Hero5 Session – Easiest to Use Motorcycle Helmet Camera
  7. YI 4K Action and Sports Camera, 4K/30fps Video 12MP Raw Image with EIS, Live Stream, Voice Control – Black – Best Looking Motorcycle Helmet Camera
  8. Fire Cam 4K WiFi 32GB (US) – Best Extreme Motorcycle Helmet Camera
  9. GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof Action Camera – Most Value for the Money Motorcycle Helmet Camera
  10. GoPro HD Helmet Hero – Most Practical Motorcycle Helmet Camera

1 【2020 Upgrade】 Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera – Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet Camera

The camera never lies.

Our first item is this wallet-friendly helmet camera from Campark. With a wide range of features, it offers major bang for our buck!

So, what do we get?

4K picture quality and a choice of fps settings give us a seriously smooth video recording. We get real definition and sharpness, that we don’t always find with these less expensive models. And from 20M to 5M, we can select the resolution we need for still images.

Electronic image stabilization provides great anti-shaking support. This helmet camera will remain stable, even when riding a big, vibrate-y Royal Enfield! The video remains clear and balanced, even when filming fast-moving footage.

What accessories are provided?

Well, we get some awesome extras here! A 2.4G wrist control allows us to control the camera remotely. No need to take it off the helmet; just press the button on your wrist and go!

A waterproof case allows us to ride in the rain. Tight and rigid, it prevents any water seeping in, whatever the weather. And that case is tough, too, preventing damage in case of an accident.

Add some commentary…

And we love the external microphone. Want to give a running commentary as you ride? This mic will accurately pick up sounds, letting your voice ring out as clear as a bell!

Of course, it’s not all perfect. This camera has no internal memory, and an SD card is not included, so you’ll need to buy that yourself.

Great for any rider on a tight budget…

But that’s a minor gripe. All in all, we think this is a fantastic camera for any budget-conscious rider! A great way to start our review of the best motorbike helmet cameras!

【2020 Upgrade】Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Excellent picture quality.
  • Good price.
  • Remote control capability.


  • No memory card included.

2 AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera Ultra HD – Most Versatile Motorcycle Helmet Camera

The latest accessory.

One for the gadget-heads here! With 19 different accessories, this item offers something for every type of ride. Have fun checking out all the different options it offers!

With eight mounts, including a sturdy helmet mount, we can use this camera in a variety of different ways. Just pick the mount that best suits you! It’s convenient, it’s adaptable, and the five tethers provided offer extra support regardless of how the camera is used.

Incredibly stable…

A built-in gyroscope offers excellent image stabilization. We can be confident of filming a clear, unblurred video. But be sure to remember to turn it on! It doesn’t work automatically!

It has impressive waterproof capabilities too. The tough, plastic case prevents any leaks, in addition to protecting the camera. Even in the wildest of storms, we get peace of mind that our camera won’t be damaged.

But how is the picture quality?

Pretty great, actually! We can choose the video compression size from 4k to 1080p. It allows for great exposure and sharpness, whether taking a picture or recording the ride.

But, as with most cameras, the resolution will affect the battery life. Be sure that it’s fully charged up before choosing the 4K options.

Want to upload the video instantly?

There’s an app for that! Using the camera Wi-Fi, we can scrutinize and share our recordings at the touch of a few buttons. Show your followers what you’re up to, almost in real time.

What’s the catch?

This is another product that does not come with an SD card. Also, make sure to check that the one you buy is compatible with the camera. Plus, that app can be a little glitchy.

But for tech-lovers, this is a great option!

AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera Ultra HD

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Range of picture resolutions.
  • Great accessories pack.
  • Totally waterproof.


  • App occasionally has issues.
  • No storage.

3 REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD and 12MP Waterproof Sports Action Camera Kit – Best Dirt Bike Helmet Camera

A sporty little number.

Motocross lovers? This one is for you! Could this be the best camera for dirt bike riding?

Its shockproof and waterproof case makes this one ideal for muddy trails. It even keeps out the dust for those drier days on the track. It protects the camera from the elements, as well as from wild riding styles!

A superb option for mountain tracks…

Plus, it’s super lightweight. After all, we don’t want a hefty piece of machinery impeding our movement, do we?

For lengthier trips, we get three batteries included. Combined with a charging pack, we can be sure we’ll never run out of power on the move. Pretty perfect for those long days spent flying around mountain tracks.

But as we all know, the most important thing when choosing the best motorcycle helmet camera is the picture quality.

How does this one compare?

Crisp 4K video provides a glorious picture. It’s vivid, it’s clear, and doesn’t run the risk of blurring. And we get a 170° wide-angle lens to capture every aspect of that beautiful scenery.

Sounds great so far, right? But wait, there’s more…

A wristband offers a simple-to-use remote control. With one easy-access button, we can start and stop recording. Plus, we can download a mobile app for instant editing and sharing.

OK, it doesn’t include storage, and it’s not as cheap as others on this list. But it doesn’t exactly break the bank either! For quality such as this, we think this camera provides pretty good value for money!

REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD and 12MP Waterproof Sports Action Camera Kit

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Perfect for enduro or dirt riders.
  • Wide lens and great resolution.
  • Remote control.
  • Editing app.


  • Not the cheapest camera we’ve looked at.
  • SD card is not included.

4 Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Aviation In-cockpit Bundle – Best Quality Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Come fly with me.

Garmin LTD! We’re fairly sure most riders will have heard of this brand. Since 1989, they’ve been manufacturing technology for a range of automotive and sporting activities.

So, can this camera live up to their reputation?

Well, there’s a lot to like here. Originally designed for aviation, the three-axis stabilization ability offers a steady image even during turbulence. And conveniently for us, this also makes it pretty perfect for bumpy roads!

The headset means the camera will pick up audio. We can let our audience know our every thought and feeling as we ride! And as it is meant to block out propeller noise, it should cancel out the sound of our bike engine.

The best part?

We get data metrics recorded! This camera will capture our speed, our position; it’ll even capture our altitude! We can use this information to improve our skills and can overlay them onto the video.

There are some impressive control features too. Voice activation means no more fumbling with buttons or fiddling with riding gloves. And the 1.75-inch touchscreen offers live streaming through Wi-Fi, as well as an intuitive design.

This all sounds too good to be true! Is it?

Yes, and no. While we can’t deny that this is an awesome camera, it is not set up to be attached to a helmet. You’ll need to buy a separate mount yourself.

And it is eye-wateringly expensive! Sure, we get amazing quality, but it comes at a price.

But, maybe here, we get what we pay for?

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Aviation In-cockpit Bundle

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Records data metrics.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Voice control.


  • Extremely pricey!
  • Helmet mount not included.

5 Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera 16MP Vision 3 Underwater Waterproof Camera – Best Affordable Motorcycle Helmet Camera for Filmmakers

Lights, camera, action!

Feel like a real filmmaker with our next camera! Channel your inner Michael Bay while filming with this action camera!

The real highlight here is the range of shots we can choose from. Time-lapse, image rotation, loop recording; this camera has it all. We can make any artistic choice we like, giving our final edit even more potential.

And that resolution is decent too. At 4k, with a 4x zoom, it provides our video with a clean, professional look. And with 16mp, it allows for taking vivid still images too.

So, visually, it’s awesome! But how about the sound?

Unfortunately, this is where the camera lets itself down. Its highest frequency is 4khz. It will pick up some voices, but it won’t be a clean sound, especially in the higher frequencies. Maybe we’d be better off making a silent movie!

Despite that, there are still some great features here! Built-in Wi-Fi connects to an app, so we can edit or stream our videos while on the road. And the remote-control wristband offers easy access to the simpler functions the camera has.

And did we mention it’s waterproof?

The case provides top-notch protection against the rain, plus a line defense in case of an accident.

OK, it probably isn’t the best motorcycle helmet camera we’ve looked at here. But it is still pretty decent. And at a pocket-friendly price, too!

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera 16MP Vision 3 Underwater Waterproof Camera

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Multi-function camera.
  • Convenient app.
  • Great price!


  • Poor sound quality.
  • Lacks storage.

6 GoPro Hero5 Session – Easiest to Use Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Holding out for a hero.

When we talk about the best cameras for motorcycle helmets, one brand in particular always seems to come up.

We’re talking about GoPro, of course. Well-known and widely respected, GoPro have become synonymous with great recording equipment.

So how does this Hero 5 model hold up?

Simplicity is the name of the game here. It’s straight-forward, one-button design means it couldn’t be easier to start recording. And hands-free voice control means we can avoid removing it from the mount to begin or end a video.

It is easy to attach to the helmet, too. With a range of mounts included, we can pick the one that best suits our desired positioning. And easy-to-read instructions make it a doddle to affix!

Quality all the way…

As we’d expect, the image quality is awesome. Top shelf resolution gives a crisp, clear picture. And GoPro’s stabilization technology avoids blurred or fuzzy videos.

Now, like many other motorcycle cameras, this item is waterproof. But it does differ from others on this list.


Instead of having a weather-resistant case, this camera is entirely waterproof by itself! That water-repelling technology is actually built-in to the product. It removes any worries about the case leaking, as there is no case there, to begin with!

Although there is a downside to this, a case can also protect against falls. While this camera is pretty durable, it would be nice to have that added layer of protection for extra peace of mind.

Not ideal for winter rides…

And there is another negative here too. This item does not like changes in temperature! And in cold weather, it tends to not want to work.

So, it has its ups and downs. But we see far positives than negatives here!

GoPro Hero5 Session

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Waterproof without a case.
  • Voice activated.
  • Intuitive design.


  • On the pricy side.
  • Cannot be operated at low temperatures.

7 YI 4K Action and Sports Camera, 4K/30fps Video 12MP Raw Image with EIS, Live Stream, Voice Control – Black – Best Looking Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Dedicated follower of fashion.

Next up, we have a seriously sleek and stylish model! This is a camera for those who want to take amazing videos and look good doing it.

In stunning matte black, this uncomplicated design offers upscale, classy vibes. Rounded corners and a smooth finish give it a less technical, chicer look. And at just 2.6 by 1.7 by 1.2, it’s small enough to provide a touch of understated charm.

OK, so it looks amazing! But can it stand up as one of the best motorcycle helmet cameras on the market?

Well, we think it’s quite decent! With 4k 30 high-resolution picture quality, we can take some fantastic footage. Plus, with a range of video modes, we can shoot in slow motion, time-lapse, burst, and more.

A long ride, no problem…

And the battery life on this is exceptional. It can provide a whopping 120 minutes of filming time! With the rechargeable pack included, we can be sure that we won’t run out of juice.

The YI Action app is pretty nifty too. The camera quickly connects to it using its built-in 5GHZ Wi-Fi. We can add music, apply filters, share on social media, all at the touch of just a couple of buttons.

Of course, it isn’t perfect. Nothing ever is? What’s the downside here?

It is not waterproof. We need to buy a case separately. We really think that for an action camera, a waterproof case should be provided. Having said that, buying a case probably won’t break the bank! But it’s unfortunate that the manufacturer chose not to include such a vital piece of kit.

So, for the well-dressed adventurer rider, it’s a good choice! Just remember to buy that case at the same time; otherwise, a bit of rain could spell disaster!

YI 4K Action and Sports Camera, 4K/30fps Video 12MP Raw Image with EIS, Live Stream, Voice Control – Black

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Extremely long battery life.
  • Well-functioning editing app.
  • Stunning good looks!


  • Is not waterproof. Case sold separately!

8 Fire Cam 4K WiFi 32GB (US) – Best Extreme Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Light my fire.

Meant for use in extreme conditions, this camera was first made with firefighters in mind!

Can it work for motorcyclists too?

This diminutive item packs a whole lot into a very small body! At just 4.33 by 1.26 by 1.26 inches, its cylindrical shape offers a more interesting design than other cameras we’ve seen. It is unobtrusive and subtle, yet comes stuffed full of features.

And speaking of features, this product has so many! Not only is it waterproof to 300 feet, but it also has professional grade heat resistance. This is truly a camera for all climates, or even if we come across a forest fire!

Day or night?

For night riders, it has outstanding low light capabilities. We get a clear, bright picture, even when riding with no street lights. It’s perfect for spotting wildlife that only likes to come out at night.

How do we control the camera?

Through a simple-to-use app. And that app again offers so many options! We can add time stamps, change the resolution, opt for a loop record, and much more besides.

But, all these awesome extras mean we sacrifice some picture quality. The highest resolution this allows is 1080p 60. While this is fine, we’ve come to expect a little more from our helmet cam.

Quality build means quality price…

And it is not cheap! For this kind of price, we really want to get the best resolution possible.

Fire Cam 4K WiFi 32GB (US)

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Extreme heat and water resistance.
  • Excellent in poor lighting.


  • Lower picture quality than others on the market.
  • Costly.

9 GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof Action Camera – Most Value for the Money Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Not every hero wears a cape.

The second GoPro on our list! How does this compare to the previous model?

If you thought the Hero5 was good, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

For stability, this one is difficult to beat. GoPro’s hyper-smooth technology offers the kind of balance we’d only expect to find with a gimbal. And yet no gimbal is used!

It has a massive 4k60 resolution that isn’t often found in mid-range cameras. With stunning clarity, you can make your followers feel like they were on the ride with you! But we should mention that when live-streaming on social media, we only get 720p.

But if we’re editing the video to post later, that doesn’t matter! The picture quality here really is exemplary.


Voice controls offer great simplicity of use. With 16 programmed commands in 10 different languages, it’s suitable for any situation. It can even recognize different accents!

And the controls on the camera itself are straightforward too. Two large buttons make handling it a piece of cake. Combined with a quick action battery release panel, we don’t have to spend time fumbling with fastenings or knobs.

We always run into bad weather while riding, so surely a waterproof case is a must, isn’t it?

Not with this product! The camera itself is waterproof up to a depth of 33 feet. We could even take this diving and remain confident that it will not be affected by water.

Surely this much quality must come at a price?

Actually, no! Whilst it isn’t the most inexpensive camera we’ve seen, we expected it to be a lot pricier! Considering everything we get here, we think this camera provides a decent amount of bang for our buck.

GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof Action Camera

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Exceptional stability.
  • Voice activation.
  • Good editing app.


  • It does not come with a huge number of accessories.

10 GoPro HD Helmet Hero – Most Practical Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Old school cool.

Our final camera may be a little older, but it offers some super cool retro vibes! Can it compete with the newer models?

In some aspects, yes!

Compact and lightweight, we won’t even know it’s there. Not only for riding, we think it would be great for most action sports. It fits unobtrusively on the helmet, without weighing the wearer down.

And thanks to a huge range of accessories, we can choose where to attach it! Top of the helmet, side, or chin mount; the choice is ours. We just love having that versatility, that we don’t always get without buying an extra mounting pack.

Surprisingly good…

We didn’t have high hopes for the stability here. Being a geriatric contender, we expected it to be less even. But what we experienced could not have been more of a surprise.

The stability is actually great! We get that smooth, even, footage that we want from our camera. It provided a steady, balanced view, and we were happy to have been proven wrong.

Come on; it’s a dated camera! There has to be a downside, doesn’t there?

Sadly, we really did not like the screen menu. It was so confusing and badly arranged. We would be extremely concerned about losing our footage by accidentally pressing the poorly organized buttons.

And naturally, the picture quality just can’t keep up. 4k is a relatively new technological advance. So, we couldn’t expect this camera to have anything higher than the advertised 1080p.

Great for what it is…

But despite that, there’s just something we like about this item. A pleasing way to end our list of the best motorcycle helmet cameras!

GoPro HD Helmet Hero

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Classic look.
  • Surprising stability.
  • Good choice of mounts.


  • Confusing interface.
  • Lacks resolution.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Buyers Guide

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Review

Choosing a helmet camera can be an overwhelming experience. After all, we’re spending a lot of money on something that could easily be damaged!

So how do we pick the best one?

We think most people would agree that the most important thing to consider is picture quality. We want stunning clarity from our footage. There’s not much point in shooting an unclear video, is there?

We expect at least 1080p for this. 720p just doesn’t cut it these days. And really, we’d much prefer a 4k resolution, with a minimum of 30 fps, because when technology advances, even more, the 1080p is going to start looking inferior.

Built for the road…

It is imperative that the camera has some kind of waterproof capabilities. Whether this is built-in or comes in the form of a case, it doesn’t matter; we have to have it. If the camera doesn’t have this, then we’d inclined to look elsewhere.

We’d also be concerned about the stability of the camera. Rough roads or bikes with extreme vibration can badly affect this. Look for a product with top-shelf stability technology to avoid shaky footage.

What else?

Well, most helmet cams can be linked to a dedicated app for editing and sharing. However, we recommend you check out the app before buying! Some are very simple, whereas others offer the user a far more in-depth film-making experience.

And then, there’s battery life. No one wants to keep stopping to change the batteries! Ideally, we want at least 90 minutes, plus multiple batteries and a charging pack.

Extras come at a cost…

Extras such as voice activation are nice to have but can come at a price. If we’re going to use the camera every day, then they’re a great addition! But occasional riders might want to consider whether they’re worth the extra dollars.

And finally, think about where you’re planning to attach the camera. We favor a chin mount, but a whole range of options is available! So, check what kind of accessories come with the camera, to save yourself from extra expense in the future!

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So, what are the Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras?

We saw some amazing motorcycle cameras! But there can only be one winner, and we’ve chosen the…

GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 720p Live Streaming Stabilization

While we did look at some cheaper models, we felt that this camera really provided the best value for the money. When taking into account picture quality, stabilization, and design, it just blew the other cameras out of the water! And the app gave us every editing tool we could possibly desire, too.

So, there you have it! Happy riding, folks!


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