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Top 8 Best Motorcycle Gloves On The Market In 2022 Review

Most motorcycle riders understand the importance of a decent set of gear. Helmet, boots, armored jacket; every little bit helps. After all, accidents can happen to anyone!

And gloves are just as important as any other piece of protective clothing. We don’t even want to think about the pain of taking the skin off our fingers. Hands are often the first part of our body to hit the ground after a fall, so we need to make sure they’re well taken care of.

Therefore we’ve decided to take a look at some of the best motorcycle gloves around! So, let’s go through them and find the perfect pair for your next trip…

Top 8 Best Motorcycle Gloves For Your Consideration In 2022 Reviews

1 Alpinestars Men’s SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Riding Glove Black/Fluorecent Red, Medium – Best Premium Motorcycle Gloves

Red right hand

Our first pair of gloves comes from a brand familiar to most motorcycle riders. Of course, we’re talking about Alpinestars. Since 1963, this well-respected Italian company has been making top-notch equipment for motorcycling and other action sports too.

Constructed from high-quality leather, backed up by synthetic suede, these gloves are seriously tough. They offer an awesome level of defense against scrapes or abrasions. And they won’t wear out in a hurry, as that leather is incredibly durable.

Safe and secure…

On the back of the hand and around the fingers, we have special stretch zones. These are small, elasticated panels. They allow our hand’s full freedom of movement, taking away the impairment we get from other, more rigid, gloves. Over the knuckles is a hard polymer panel. It provides first-rate protection for those bony bits!

We need a solid piece of armor over this part of the hand, and that polymer sure does a great job. And we get air mesh sections, too. These are a real bonus on hot days! They let the air circulation through the gloves, cooling our hands and helping to dry off any sweat.

But there’s a downside…

While they might be the best motorbike gloves for summer, that mesh means that they can get really cold at lower temperatures! Those riding in a Minnesotan winter may want to think about adding a pair of glove liners in there.

But that’s a minor issue. Overall, these are a fantastic choice! And in fashionable black and red, they look pretty spectacular, too!

Alpinestars Men's SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Riding Glove

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Sturdy construction.
  • Stunning good looks.
  • Hardy protection.


  • Little insulation.

2 Milwaukee – MG7510-BLK-M Men’s Summer Cruising Gloves (Black, Medium) – Best Cruiser Motorcycle Gloves

Put your hands up!

Next, we have this handsome pair of leather motorcycle gloves. Made from top quality cowhide, these are smooth, soft, and incredibly strong. They are a fantastic fit. They snugly fit around the fingers, allowing them to cozily nestle in. But they’re not too tight. The hand can still move freely, and they don’t hinder movement.

On the palm, we find a gel pad. This helps to dissipate handlebar vibration, preventing that familiar numbness we’ve all experienced. Thumping Royal Enfield riders; these could be the gloves for you!


That gel is the only extra protection these gloves provide, which is great if we fall forward! But not so good if we hit the back of our hand. Sure, that leather will prevent scrapes, but it won’t stop broken bones.

Cool as a cucumber…

These have a real retro vibe to them. They just scream old-school cool! They’d look stunning on most motorcycles, but on a classic bike, we think they really look the part.

We should mention the fastening, though. It’s Velcro. This does negate some of those classic looks, as well as being a little insecure.

How about the price?

Considering the high standard of that leather, these gloves come at a very reasonable cost. They’d definitely be a good option for budget-conscious riders. They add a touch of class to our ride without breaking the bank.

There’s a lot to like here!

Milwaukee - MG7510-BLK-M Men's Summer Cruising Gloves

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Classic design.
  • Soft leather.
  • Vibration gel pad.


  • Minimal protection.
  • Flimsy fastening.

3 Harley Davidson Men’s Winged Skull Gloves – Best Motorcycle Gloves for Harley Davidson

I want to hold your hand

Harley riders! Your time has come! Here’s a pair of leather motorcycle gloves for you. Featuring that classic Harley skull and flames, this item has rubber graphics emblazoned across the back. But considering Harley Davidson’s reputation for boldness, it’s actually surprisingly understated.

The subtle black-on-black color scheme is more classy than brazen and gives these gloves a dignified charm. But not too dignified. Hey, it’s still an awesome flaming skull, after all!

So, they look great. Will they protect us?

Well, not only do those graphics look cool, they add a layer of defense as well. Rubber is a tough material, and it will help to prevent abrasions to the back of the hand.

Goatskin construction means they’re soft yet resilient. And it’s supported by a polyester mesh. This lets air flow through the gloves, making them breathable and comfortable on summer rides.

That being said…

This is another product that doesn’t provide any hard protection. There’s no armor over the knuckles. So, while they’re fantastic against cuts and scrapes, they won’t offer much support against breakages.

Do they fit well?

They sure do! Comfort seams, combined with stretch panels, see to that. And with an ergonomic thumbpiece, plus pre-curved fingers, they give us an awesome grip on the handlebars without restricting movement.

Oh, and one more thing. For a Harley product, these are surprisingly easy on the pocketbook!

Harley Davidson Men's Winged Skull Gloves

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Beautiful goatskin leather.
  • Excellent range of movement.
  • Air circulation.


  • No armor plating.

4 Alpinestars Men’s SP-8 v2 Leather Motorcycle Glove, Black/Grey, X-Large – Best Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

One hand in my pocket

And now a return to our old friend, Alpinestars. Can these full gauntlet gloves live up to their awesome reputation? They sure can! These are a serious piece of kit. They have a wide range of features to offer maximum support when riding.

Let’s start with construction…

This pair is made from full-grain leather. Not only is that leather good-looking, but it also won’t rip or tear, and protects our skin well against injury. And it is backed up by a microfiber and PU insert. This is to improve our grip. Leather could slip on the handlebars, and this little panel ensures that won’t happen.

Plus, it makes the gloves more durable. That section is in constant contact with the throttle and could start to wear out. The insert makes certain that we can avoid this issue.

What else?

The material is stretchy, too. We found that some gloves really restrict the movement of the thumb, and that doesn’t happen here. Our hand remains fully mobile without sacrificing any protective qualities.

And how about protection?

It’s pretty awesome! In addition to that resilient leather, we find armor plating over the knuckles. Not only are we kept safe from scrapes, but these gloves can also prevent broken bones as well.

The best part?

A small bridge connects the third and fourth fingers. This backs up the seams but also has another use. It will stop our fingers from becoming separated in case of a nasty crash.

Now, standards such as these come at a cost. These gloves are a pricey option! But maybe here, we get what we pay for.

Alpinestars Men's SP-8 v2 Leather Motorcycle Glove

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Outstanding protection.
  • Great construction.
  • Strong grip.


  • On the expensive side.

5 Joe Rocket 1630-2304 Men’s Café Racer Motorcycle Gloves (Brown, Large) – Best Short Cuff Motorcycle Gloves

Too much time on your hands

We get major retro vibes from these café racer gloves! Why not ride in style while evoking memories of a bygone time? In stylish brown leather, these look awesome! But do they work well? We get an amazing amount of flexibility here. An articulated panel gives our wrist a full range of motion.

We can move freely, without impedance from the structure of the glove. The fingers are pliable, too. The supple leather has compliant panels on the first two fingers. And thanks to the pre-curved design, they won’t get too tight when we grip the handlebars.

Will they keep us warm?

They sure will! Ample padding sees to that. They’re ideal for chilly days or riding in the mountains. And that padding has the bonus of providing protection as well. Focused around the thumb and knuckles, it’ll cushion the blow in the event of a fall. It’s nice to have that peace of mind that comes from extra defense like this.

But you should know…

They do not have any armored sections, however. Our knuckles won’t be able to take a really hard blow. While that padding does help, it won’t be enough in a serious accident.

Well, we’ll just have to ride carefully then, won’t we! Because that’s really the only downside, we can see. And we’d hate to turn down this pair of gloves just because of that!

Joe Rocket 1630-2304 Men's Café Racer Motorcycle Gloves

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Ample padding.
  • Flexible wrist and fingers.
  • Stunning!


  • No armor.

6 ScorpionExo SG3 MKII Men’s Long Gauntlet Sport Gloves (Red, Medium) – Best Value for the Money Motorcycle Gloves

Hand on your heart

With striking red hues, this next pair of gloves is seriously eye-catching! They’re sure to draw admiring glances wherever we ride! We’re pretty sure that most riders will have heard of the Scorpion brand. They’re well-known for producing sturdy-looking motorcycle accessories.

Are they as tough as they appear?

Yes, they are! These gauntlet motorcycle gloves are the real deal. Carbon fiber knuckle plating provides first-rate defense against falls. Even when landing on the back of the hand, we’ll be well taken care of. Carbon fiber is hardy stuff, and it does the job well here.

There’s armor around the wrist, and fingers too. This time, it’s constructed from CPU. This silicon-based material is substantial and stable but flexible enough to give a comfortable range of movement. Plus, those fingers are padded. It’s awesome to get that extra little layer of protection. They’re not too bulky, though, and won’t hinder movement.

What’s the best part?

And they have touch screen capabilities! This is a superb feature. Having to stop and take out gloves off to check GPS is time-consuming, but with this pair, we don’t have to.

On the palm, we find sliders. These are panels that let our hands slide safely along the ground after a fall. Our skin won’t catch on the tarmac, removing the chance of major injury.

Is there a downside?

They’re not cheap! This is a pricey bit of kit. But we can’t deny, we sure get a lot of quality for that price.

ScorpionExo SG3 MKII Men's Long Gauntlet Sport Gloves

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Palm sliders.
  • Sturdy armor.
  • Touch screen compatible.


  • Expensive!

7 Fox Racing PAWTECTOR Glove, Black, Medium – Best Mid Range Motorcycle Gloves

Don’t bite the hand that feeds!

Channel your inner Marc Marquez now with these Fox short gloves! This racing pair just exudes style. Injected TPR covers the back of the hand and the fingers. Fully articulated, it gives us the full range of motion we need when controlling a bike. It’s a brilliant way of keeping fingers safe without preventing their movement.

Around the wrist is a neoprene cuff. Compression-molded, it hugs the joint tightly. Combined with a hook and loop fastening, it promises a tight fit, as well as a high level of security.

But don’t worry…

It’s not too tight! Mesh panels give the glove flexibility. The rider can stretch and bend their fingers without issue. And speaking of fingers, these have silicone patches on them. Silicone gives us grip. We won’t lose our hold on the bike, even on rainy days.

So far, so good. What’s the catch?

There’s no hard plate to cover the knuckles. That TPR is all well and good, but it won’t help with broken bones. We’d like a bit more back up in this area.

Aside from that, there are a lot of positives here. And in a range of colors, we’re sure to find a pair that matches our helmet and boots!

Fox Racing PAWTECTOR Glove

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Close-fitting.
  • Reasonable price.


  • No hard armor.

8 Joe Rocket 1722-2004 Men’s Eclipse Gloves (Black, Large) – Best Budget Motorcycle Gloves

On the other hand…

And finally, we come to this Joe Rocket pair. Could these be the best gloves for motorcycles out there? This is an incredibly low-cost option. But they don’t sacrifice quality for price. In fact, we were astonished by these gloves, considering their budget-friendly price tag.

What’s so great about them?

Let’s start at the top. The fingertips are constructed from a conductive material. This means they can be used with a phone. Answer calls, play music, or check the GPS, all without removing the gloves.

Then, we get pre-curved fingers. They’re already in the position we need to hold the bike. This means they won’t get too tight when we bend our knuckles.

What else makes them unique?

And across those knuckles, we find TPR. This bendy plate safeguards against accidents. It probably won’t stop cracked bones, but it can definitely hold its own against abrasions.

On the other side of the hand, we get a padded palm. Leather-covered and thick, it defends our and hands and keeps them warm too. Plus, that leather is beautifully soft and flexible.

Are there any disadvantages?

Just one. While the leather is gorgeous, it is a little slippery. When riding in wet weather, our hands may slip on the throttle. Now, over time, the leather will become rougher, and we’ll get a better grip. So, this problem is not the end of the world! We just need to be careful with them on the first few rides.

It’s great to finish on a high, and with these gloves, we’ve definitely done that. This pair is a serious contender!

Joe Rocket 1722-2004 Men's Eclipse Gloves

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • TPR plating.
  • Curved fingers.
  • Touchscreen friendly.


  • Slick leather palm.

Best Motorcycle Gloves Buying Guide

Best Motorcycle Gloves Review

The range of motorcycle gloves available today is awesome. Regardless of our needs, there’s something for everyone! But how do we decide which pair is best?


Let’s begin by thinking about what kind of material they’re made from. We love leather for this. It offers fantastic durability, protection against grazing, and it feels great too. But it needs to be supported by another fabric. Leather can be stiff, so we need some kind of stretchy material, particularly around the thumb. Microfiber or PU fabric can be particularly useful here.

It would be nice if we get some flexibility around the knuckles, too. If we don’t have full mobility, we can have problems braking or operating the clutch. Elastic panels are really handy in this area, as are pre-curved fingers.


If you’ve never seen a motorcyclist whose skin has become ungloved, then count yourselves lucky! Basically, this is what happens when a biker slides on tarmac at high-speed, removing skin as they go. It’s imperative to prevent this from happening, so we must make sure the glove is strong enough to stop it.

The knuckles are the boniest part of the hand, so it would be nice to have additional support around them. A polymer armor plate should do the trick. Other materials work well too, but we like polymer for its fortitude and durability.

What else do we need to consider?

How about the climate? Are you planning to ride through Death Valley in the height of summer? If so, decent ventilation is necessary. Or perhaps you’re planning a ride in colder weather. If so, extra insulation is key. Numb fingers can’t operate a bike properly, can they?

We also don’t want our hands to get wet. Check if the gloves you choose have any waterproofing capabilities. Leather is pretty awesome when it comes to keeping out the rain, but it would be good if it had a bit of back up, too.

Oh, and one more thing…

Riders who use a phone for navigation may want to check out gloves that can be used when touching a screen. Sure, they’re usually more expensive, but it’s a convenient feature to have.

Benefits of Motorcycle Gloves

Best Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

Why do we need to wear gloves? That’s the 64 thousand dollar question! Many riders, particularly those in hot areas, may wonder what the point is.

Well, we’re here to tell you!

Maybe you’re not an all-the-gear-all-the-time type of rider, but most would agree that protection is important. And why shouldn’t that extend to our hands? Taking off skin is painful; no matter where on the body, it happens.

And broken bones are no joke. Not only do they hurt, but they get pretty inconvenient, pretty quickly. With a cracked finger or shattered knuckle, we won’t be able to ride for some time. They’re not only for protection. They can help us in other ways.


They offer support. The right pair of motorcycle gloves can act as scaffolding for the fingers and wrist. And they give us added grip, which can be a life-saver in bad weather. And of course, there’s temperature. In harsh conditions, fingers freeze! It’s impossible to operate a clutch with hands that are too cold to move.

That doesn’t mean they’re only of use in winter, though. In warm weather, gloves soak up sweat. Plus, most have some kind of ventilation system to avoid overheating.

You see? There are plenty of reasons to wear motorcycle gloves! So, start taking care of your hands today!

Types of Motorcycle Gloves

Best Motorcycle Gloves Types

As we saw in this review, gloves come in a wide range of designs. What’s the difference?

Racing Motorcycle Gloves

Racing gloves tend to be lightweight. Often made from a softer material, they provide a decent amount of flexibility for total control of the bike. They have excellent air-cooling capabilities and good grip too.

Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

Gauntlet gloves are exactly as they sound! They have a gauntlet that covers part, or all of, the lower arm. Usually featuring armored knuckles, they offer an increased level of protection all the way up to the elbow.

Seasonal Motorcycle Gloves

And then there are gloves for different seasons. Obviously, summer gloves are lighter. They’re generally made of a moisture-wicking or absorbent material and allow a good flowthrough of air.

But winter gloves are entirely different. They’re much thicker, with high levels of insulation. There are even heated gloves available on the market for those arctic-like days!

Off-Road Motorcycle Gloves

Finally, there are off-road gloves. These are all about comfort. Light, flexible, and well-ventilated, they’re designed to give the rider maximum control when out on the dirt.

Best Motorcycle Gloves – Top Brands

Top Best Motorcycle Gloves

Which motorcycle brands are best?


One of the most well-known brands around has to be Alpinestars. And there’s a good reason for that! Whether jackets, boots, or gloves, their items are known to be functional, reliable, and well-made.

Be warned, though; their sizing tends to run small. We’d recommend going up a size or two to ensure a proper fit.

Joe Rocket

Joe Rocket items tend to be very reasonably priced. But that does not mean they cut corners or forfeit quality. This is a fantastic brand for riders who need to keep an eye on the old purse strings.

Fox Racing

Fox Racing gloves are for those into action sports! They manufacture awesome motocross and mountain biking gear. Adrenaline junkies are sure to find the ideal bit of equipment from this modern, innovative company.


And we mustn’t forget Scorpion. These guys make some macho designs! But it’s not just for the boys. Ladies, they have a fantastic line of products for you too.


Finally, there’s the Milwaukee motorcycle clothing company. As we’d expect from the birthplace of Harley Davidson, this line has some major old-school vibes! Their cool retro designs are perfect for riders who prefer classic bikes with huge, vibrate-y engines.

Motorcycle Gloves Pricing

Everyone wants to save money! But, when it comes to motorcycle gear, it’s best not to be too stingy. We need decent protection, and unfortunately, that does cost money. But that doesn’t mean breaking the bank!

Budget Motorcycle Gloves

A casual rider can easily get a good pair of gloves for 40 to 50 dollars. There are even some out there that cost as little as 20 bucks! But for that price, we should expect something quite basic.

Premium Motorcycle Gloves

Of course, more seasoned riders may want to look at the 80 to 100 dollars price range. At this kind of price, we can definitely get something more high-tech! Just remember, when it comes to gear, we get what we pay for.

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So, what Are the Best Motorcycle Gloves?

We saw some truly amazing gloves in this review! But our favorite has to be…

Alpinestars Men’s SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Riding Glove, Black/Fluorecent Red, Medium

This gauntlet style offers safety almost up to the elbow. They’re well-padded and flexible, and that polymer panel is incredibly tough.

Plus, the ventilation is incredible! They’re sure to keep us cool. OK, that’s not ideal in Winter, but we can always wear liners. We think it’s worth it for the tiptop level of quality we get here. Oh, and they’re pretty easy on the bank balance, too.

So, happy riding, folks!


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