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Top 8 Best Motorcycle Dollies on the Market in 2021 Review

We don’t all have the luxury of having a ton of space in our garages. Once the cars and accumulated stuff go inside, there’s often very little room for anything else. If you also have a motorcycle, trying to move it around for storage, or to work on, can be tricky. That is where a dolly can come in handy. 

Why do you need a motorcycle dolly?

They make it easy to put your motorcycle in the exact spot you want without having to clear out the garage or reorganize it every five minutes. 

The best motorcycle dollies in my review can do this, and you don’t need to break the bank in the process. So, let’s get to it and find the perfect dolly for you and your motorbike…

Top 8 Motorcycle Dollies You Should Buy in 2021 Reviews

  1. Black Widow MC-Dolly Steel Sport Bike and Motorcycle Dolly – Best Budget Motorcycle Dolly
  2. Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly – Best Premium Motorcycle Dolly
  3. Pyle Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift with Dolly – Best Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly
  4. Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table – Best Dirt Bike Motorcycle Lift
  5. Extreme Max 5001.5077 Motorcycle Dolly – Best Mid Range Motorcycle Dolly
  6. Black Widow – Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly – Best Value Motorcycle Dolly for the Money
  7. BikeMaster Motorcycle Dolly – Best Rear Wheel Motorcycle Dolly
  8. Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly – Best Motorcycle Dolly for Big Bikes

1 Black Widow MC-Dolly Steel Sport Bike and Motorcycle Dolly – Best Budget Motorcycle Dolly

This is an inexpensive no-nonsense motorcycle dolly. If you are looking for a motorcycle dolly without a jack, this could be for you. It’s undoubtedly a great option for the budget-conscious shopper.

So, what do you get for not a lot of money?

You get a heavy-duty steel frame that’s able to support a bike up to 1,250lbs. That’s strong enough for even the heaviest of motorcycles. Most sports cruisers are typically under 1,000lbs, so this is likely to be more than strong enough.

To help you move the bike around, there are five heavy-weight double castors. They assure a smooth experience. Another thing I like is that they are bolted on so they can be easily replaced or even upgraded at some point down the line.

But that’s not the only thing I like…

To help you get your ride onto the platform, there are loading ramps on both sides. The gates are easy to pull down into position. Once in place, the wedges on the ramps prevent the dolly from sliding and moving around to make for easy loading.

The platform is 6’4” long and 8” wide, so there’s a ton of room once your motorcycle is onboard. To make sure it stays in place, there is an adjustable kickstand plate. This has a reach of up to 31” and can be attached to either end of the dolly.

And the best part?

There are also steel pins on either side of the platform. These keep your motorcycle in place and stop it from moving around. This allows you to move your motorcycle into any position with confidence.

Black Widow MC-Dolly Steel Sport Bike and Motorcycle Dolly

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


  • Heavy-duty steel frame.
  • Strong double castors.
  • Loading on both sides.
  • Ramp wedges prevent sliding during loading.
  • Adjustable kickstand pate.


  • No jack.

2 Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly – Best Premium Motorcycle Dolly

Condor is an American company that makes all of its products in the US. They also guarantee all their products are heart-friendly and gluten-free. Thanks, guys! Presumably, they’re vegan too!!

More seriously, this is a premium motorcycle dolly and comes with a correspondingly premium price tag. It has a 1,300lbs weight capacity but is substantially more expensive than the Black Widow dolly we’ve just reviewed.

So, is it worth it?

On the face of it, the specifications for both dollies are quite similar. However, the Condor is slightly longer, measuring 90”, and it’s also slightly wide, measuring 12”. It can accommodate any bike with wheels between 13” to 30.”

One thing I like a lot is the four brakes…

There are two on either side of the platform that can be simply applied by twisting them down. This engages the rubber stops on the floor, which keeps the platform rock solid whilst you’re loading your bike. Once your bike has been moved into position, it can also be used to stop the platform from being inadvertently moved.

Once you’ve pushed your bike onto the dolly, you can secure the front wheel in the chock. The chock is a great feature, but it does mean that you can only load your motorcycle from one side. It’s less convenient than being able to load from either side, but it’s not a deal-breaker by any stretch of the imagination.

But that’s not all…

The dolly has five quality single castors that make moving your ride around seem effortless. 

The Condor Dolly uses only premium quality materials and is very well put together. Everything works seamlessly, and you can be sure that it’s a product that will stay in your garage forever. Although it’s easier and smoother to operate than the Black Widow dolly, the hefty price tag may be too high for many.

Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • 90” platform.
  • Four screws down brakes.
  • Wheel chock.
  • Strong and smooth castors.
  • Premium build quality.


  • High price.
  • Can only be loaded from one end.

3 Pyle Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift with Dolly – Best Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly

This is made from strong steel and has a capacity of 1,100lbs. It has a corrosive repellant black powder-coated finish. Plus, it has heavy-duty non-slip rubber padding on the deck to keep your bike stable and keep it free from damage.

The great thing is that you can either use it as a dolly or as a stand. In this respect, you get plenty of versatility for a good price. Another big plus is that when it’s not in use, you can easily collapse it for easy storage.

How’s it work?

If you want to use it as either a dolly or as a stand, the same procedure is required. You will need to wheel the stand underneath the engine. Then you have to use the hand-operated scissor jack to lift your motorcycle into the air.

Unfortunately, there is no quick way to raise the platform. You need to use a 7/8” socket and wrench, which can take some time. Another thing to be aware of is that this is more of a two-man rather than a solo job. When you lift the stand into the air, you’ll need a second person to make sure your motorcycle stays in place.

And there’s more…

Once the bike is safely in the air, I still think it’s a two-man job to move it around. Unlike the dollies that allow you to wheel your ride straight on, the platform on the Pyle Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift isn’t very stable. You need someone to steady your bike, and you need to take things slowly.

Sorry, but there’s even more bad stuff!

Even though the weight capacity is 1,100lbs, you’ll need a ton of effort to move anything even close to this weight. I think that more realistically, you shouldn’t use it on anything much more than half of this.

This all sounds bad…

So, why is it on this list, and why should you consider buying it? If you need to regularly move your motorcycle around your garage, I recommend that you don’t buy it. Similarly, if you don’t have someone to help you when you want to move your ride, this is not for you.

However, despite all of this, if you only need to infrequently move your motorcycle and also want a raised platform to make it easier to work on your bike, then this is a great option. In these circumstances, I can highly recommend it.

Pyle Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift with Dolly

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • It has a platform with a scissor jack lift.
  • Powder-coated anti-corrosive finish.
  • High-quality anti-slip rubber padded platform.
  • Easy to store.


  • Difficult to move larger bikes.
  • It mostly requires two people to load and move.

4 Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table – Best Dirt Bike Motorcycle Lift

The Extreme Max 5001.5083 is a hydraulic motorcycle lift table. Although it’s a little too high to be strictly considered as a dolly, you can still use it as one on smaller bikes. It has a weight limit of just 300lbs and is therefore only suitable for small bikes such as dirt bikes. 

Since these only have small engines that are relatively high off the ground, there’s sufficient height to wheel the table underneath and get the bike up into the air.

What’s it made of?

It’s made from heavy-duty steel, and the platform is 16.25” x 13.25”. The frame is resistant to corrosive forces as well as dirt and grease. The platform has a rubber cover that is non-slip and cushioning against any possible damage to your bike. 

One thing I like, in comparison to the previous Pyle scissor jack and dolly, is that it is very easy to use on your own. The table has an integrated foot-operated hydraulic jack with a locking bar to prevent accidental release. This all leaves your hands free to steady your bike. Though frankly, the wider platform means you’re unlikely to need them.

What else did I like?

Other things I like include that the wheels can be locked in place to prevent movement. Additionally, the platform is wide enough to create a highly stable platform to allow you to either move the bike around or work on it. Plus, even better, there is a hook that pulls over the bike to keep it steady.

The lift table has four castors bolted into the base. They do a good job of moving the table around even when loaded up with a 300lb bike. Happily, if you want to upgrade them or change them, it a quick and easy job.

Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • It can be used single-handed.
  • Very stable platform.
  • Hydraulic foot-operated jack.
  • Locking wheels.
  • Platform hook to secure your motorcycle.
  • Non-slip rubber platform.
  • Easy to move.


  • 300lbs weight limit.

5 Extreme Max 5001.5077 Motorcycle Dolly – Best Mid Range Motorcycle Dolly

This is made by the same company as the lift table I’ve just reviewed. You, therefore, get the same level of build quality. Happily, you also get plenty of great value.

What’s not to like about that?

It’s made from tough steel that’s finished in the Extreme Max distinctive red. It has a powder-coated finish that gives plenty of protection against rust and corrosion. It’s easy to keep clean as well.

The dolly I’m reviewing is 76 inches long and seven and a half inches wide. They don’t have a wider version, but you can get a 91 inches long variant.

But is it tough?

It has a maximum weight capacity of 1,250lbs which means you can load and move pretty much any bike. Loading can be done from either side. Additionally, once it’s on board, there’s an adjustable tray to accommodate the kickstand. Plus, there are locking pins at either end to prevent your motorcycle from moving around. 

Best of all, the Extreme Max 5001.5077 Motorcycle Dolly is easy to move even with a heavy-weight cruiser on board. And that makes it one of the best motorcycle dollies for cruisers. This is achieved by the five sets of castors. In case you’re wondering why there are five, one of the castors sits at the end of the kickstand tray.

What else did I like?

The castors are all bolted on and can be easily replaced when there either warn out or for an upgrade. However, the former is more likely as the castors perform well, even under heavy loads.

This is a great product, but the assembly instructions are terrible. I suggest you check online help videos and follow their instructions. Some of the Extreme Max instructions are wrong, which simply isn’t good enough.

Extreme Max 5001.5077 Motorcycle Dolly

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Strong steel construction.
  • Anti-corrosive powder coating.
  • Easy to load.
  • Smooth double castors.
  • Good value.


  • Awful assembly instructions.

6 Black Widow – Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly – Best Value Motorcycle Dolly for the Money

This is the second Black Widow dolly we’ve reviewed, and there are quite a few differences compared to the first one. The most obvious being that this is made from aluminum rather than steel. The main advantage of aluminum is that you’ve no worries about corrosion. Plus, it’s lightweight too.

Although it’s made from aluminum, we can assure you that it is still super tough and one of the best dollies for motorcycles. It can carry a bike up to 1,500lbs which means it good even for the heaviest sports cruisers. The platform is 9 inches wide and 89 inches long.

What’s super cool about it?

The cool thing about this dolly is the clever ride-on and ride-off design. It doesn’t have ramps or levers, so riding into position is straightforward. Once you’re in position, it has a long kickstand plate to keep your motorcycle in place.

Another stand-out feature is the quality of the castors. There are five high-quality, heavy-duty four-inch castors. They have sealed bearings that ensure a super smooth and easy experience. What’s more, they are also all lockable.

But that’s not all…

This dolly already makes a strong case for itself, but it has a final trick up its sleeve. The four castors can all be slid up and down the platform before being locked into position. This means you can customize where you have the castors according to your specific load.

Before you screw the dolly together, we recommend you put on a pair of thick gloves and check the finish carefully. Unfortunately, it can have very sharp edges that can easily cause cuts. At this kind of price, I don’t think it’s acceptable, and it goes straight into the moans and niggles section.

Black Widow – Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Aluminum corrosion-resistant platform.
  • Heavy-duty casters.
  • Lockable castors.
  • The castors can be repositioned.
  • Ride-on platform.


  • Poor finish with sharp edges.
  • Cost.

7 BikeMaster Motorcycle Dolly – Best Rear Wheel Motorcycle Dolly

Unlike the other motorcycle dollies we’ve reviewed, this doesn’t run the full length of your motorcycle. It works by lifting the rear wheel of the ground. The front wheel is then left floating, and the bike helps steady by the kickstand that sits on the levered second plate.

One of the advantages of this system is that when it’s not in use, it’s easier to store. Plus, many riders report it’s easy to move around. This is, of course, is dependent on the castors and the quality of the product.

So, how good is this one?

It’s made from high-quality steel, and the plates on the platform are all precision laser cut. There’s no doubt that this is a tough and sturdy motorcycle dolly. However, we feel the plastic knob that adjusts the distance between the two plates is a bit of a let-down.

Everything else is fine. The frame is powder-coated, the laser cut plates have anti-corrosive properties, and the castors are solid. Even with a sports cruiser onboard, they perform well. You can also lock them, which is a big bonus.

But wait, there’s more…

The castors are all attached to the platforms with a single nut and bolt. It works well and makes then easy to assemble and also easy to change out if required.

The only potential issue is that there have been a significant number of complaints of dollies being delivered without all the necessary parts. You should therefore check the package very carefully before commencing assembly.

BikeMaster Motorcycle Dolly

Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • High-quality steel.
  • Laser-cut plates.
  • Takes up less room than a full-length dolly.
  • Smooth castors.


  • Numerous reports of missing parts.

8 Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly – Best Motorcycle Dolly for Big Bikes

This is possibly one of the best motorcycle dollies for safely moving your bike around the garage. However, despite this, it does have some issues and may not be for everyone.

Let me explain…

This is the US-made dolly. It’s rock-solid and differs from the other dollies as it supports your motorcycle by its engine on the two very well-padded rails. The weight capacity is a comfortable 1,200lbs. 

This system is both a strength and a weakness. It provides a highly stable platform which is a huge plus. However, the fact is that getting it onto the dolly in the first place is far from simple. Though, on the other hand, even though it takes up a little more time, it’s genuinely a single-handed operation.

You’ll need a scissor jack… 

The Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly requires you to buy a separate scissor jack. If you happen to have one, then that’s the problem sorted. On the other hand, if you don’t, it will add a considerable expense. Plus, this is on top of what is an already costly option.

More positively, once your bike is on the dolly, moving it around is the easiest of all the alternatives. The stable platform and the high-quality wheels make this possible. Another feature we like is that when it’s not in use, it takes up very little space, so this best dolly for motorcycles is easy to store.

Let's Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Solid platform.
  • It can be loaded solo.
  • Easy to move.
  • Only requires a small space for storage.


  • Price.
  • You need a scissor jack.

Best Motorcycle Dollies Buying Guide

Best Motorcycle Dollies Buying Guide

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of most of the dollies on my list is more than sufficient for even heavy-weight cruisers. Bikes weighing 1,500lbs are relatively rare. However, if you have a beast of a bike, the strongest motorcycle dolly in my review is the Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly, which is more than up to the task.

Be warned, though, that it’s not the most expensive motorcycle dolly on my list, so expect some compromises! 

If you only have a small bike, such as a dirt bike, the Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table is a great option. Not only can you use this as a make-shift dolly, but you will also be able to carry out repairs while your bike is lifted in the air.


It’s important for loading to be fast and easy. This should also preferably be a one-man operation. If I had to choose my favorite lading system, it would be the one on the Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly. 

What I like is that you can ride straight onto the platform and then off again. It doesn’t get easier, and it gets my vote every time.

But that’s not the only one…

I also like the Extreme Max 5001.5077 Motorcycle Dolly and the Black Widow MC-Dolly. Although you have to push your bike onto the platform, it’s still easy to load, thanks to the stable pull-down ramps.

The most difficult to load dollies are the Pyle Motorcycle Jack Lift with Dolly and the Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly. Both use a scissor jack to lift your motorcycle into the air. Frankly, this is a bit of a time-consuming affair that I wouldn’t want to undertake too frequently.


When you push your motorcycle around your garage, you don’t want to worry about it falling off the dolly. The thought of your ride hitting the floor is too horrible to even contemplate.

It’s possible to use all of the dollies in my review single-handed. That being said, a lot of care would need to be taken, and it’s not something I’d do by choice with all of them.

Which are the most stable?

The dollies with the highest level of stability are the ones that support your motorcycles by their engines. These are the Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly and the Pyle Motorcycle Jack Lift with Dolly, top marks for both. 

The Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly is the most stable platform that relies on supporting the weight by the wheels. This is because it has an integrated wheel chock as well as four drop-down brakes. Once these are deployed, your bike is going nowhere.

Ease of Movement

A heavy sports cruiser can be a real handful to move. Sometimes you need two people to shift them when they’re on a dolly; even if you’re built like a pro-wrestler, it’s still a bit of a task. Smooth running and strong castors are essential and make a huge difference in turning this from a two-man to a one-man operation. 

My top choice for the most maneuverable dolly goes to the Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly. Once your bike is on board, it’s truly a one-man job to move your bike around the garage.

Need some quality parts for your motorcycle?

If so, you may be interested in my reviews of the Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks, the Best Motorcycle Tire Changers, and the Motorcycle Hitch Carriers on the market in 2021.

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So, which is the Best of the Best Motorcycle Dollies?

So, there you have it. If you have a motorcycle and you need to regularly move it around your garage, a dolly is a great solution. There are plenty of choices, but I hope one of the eight in my review is either suitable or has helped to narrow down your choice.

I would be happy to use any of the dollies in this review in my garage. However, if I had to choose just one to take home with me, it would be the… 

Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly

I like this because it’s the only dolly that allows you to ride straight on and off. Additionally, it’s made from strong corrosive-free aluminum with high quality and has heavy-duty casters. Plus, the castors can be repositioned and locked for optimal weight distribution.

Happy riding!


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