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Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes – Top 6 Rated In 2022 Review

A motorcycle chain undergoes a lot of strain, wear, and tear. Therefore, if a chain is not properly looked after, it can quickly deteriorate and just as quickly cause you problems. The upshot is that degreasers and lubes are your friends.

A well-kept chain can help to improve the performance of your bike as well as reduce time and maintenance costs. Consequently, it’s worth taking the trouble to find the right lube and degreaser for your chain and riding style.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the best motorcycle chain lubes currently on the market. So, let’s go through them and find the right for you and your bike…

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes You Should Buy In 2022 Reviews

  1. Pro Gold Products ProGold ProLink Chain Lube – Best All Purpose Motorcycle Chain Lube
  2. Maxima 74920 Chain Wax – 13.5 oz. Aerosol – Best Motorcycle Chain Lube for Wet Conditions
  3. Motul 102984 Chain Paste – Best Long Lasting Motorcycle Chain Lube
  4. Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube – 11 oz.– Most Versatile Motorcycle Chain Lube
  5. Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol – 11 oz. – Best Foam Motorcycle Chain Lube
  6. Bel-Ray 99470-A400W Parts – Best All Weather Motorcycle Chain Lube

1 Pro Gold Products ProGold ProLink Chain Lube – Best All Purpose Motorcycle Chain Lube

First, on our reviews of the best motorcycle chain lubes, is the ProGold ProLink Chain Lube. It can be used on a range of products other than just motorcycle chains. It’s suitable for bicycle chains, tools, sporting equipment, or anything that needs lubrication.

It comes in a small 4oz bottle and, unfortunately, is relatively expensive. However, it’s a quality product, and the performance goes a long way to justifying its price tag. There are 25oz and 32oz larger bottles available that work out to be more cost-effective for heavy users.

Good for mixed or wet conditions…

This is a wet lube and is best suited for riding in either mixed or wet conditions. If you’re riding in predominantly dry weather, we’d advise you to use a wax-based lube. This is because wet lubes are best at repelling water, and wax lubes are generally best at repelling dust and dirt.

This one can be used in all temperatures and is fine to use when things drop down to minus 20 degrees. For those of you lucky enough to live where it’s baking hot, ProGold ProLink Chain Lube will perform equally as well.

Easy application…

Application is easy thanks to the pin-point nozzle. The only issue is that the end-piece can be a little confusing. There are no instructions, but you have to twist the end, break the nozzle, and break the pinprick. You shouldn’t try to cut the end.

For those of you using it on a carbon fiber bike, the good news is that it won’t damage the carbon fiber or the paintwork. Similarly, it won’t damage any of the contact points on your motorcycle.

Pro Gold Products ProGold ProLink Chain Lube

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Suitable for use in mixed weather conditions.
  • It can be used down to -20C.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Does not damage carbon fiber or paintwork.


  • No clear instructions.
  • Price.

2 Maxima 74920 Chain Wax – 13.5 oz. Aerosol – Best Motorcycle Chain Lube for Wet Conditions

Maxima is a well-established US company with a history of race-inspired auto products spanning over 40 years. Their lubricants and other products are sold in over 35 different countries. In short, they sell products you can trust.

This is a chain wax that comes in a 13.5oz aerosol spray. It’s reasonably priced. But for those of you looking for a deal, they sell them in packs of 12 and 20; the saving is substantial.

Goes deep and then protects…

When it’s applied, it will clean, penetrate, and lubricate. It will then leave a thin film of wax on your chain. The simple application process makes cleaning and lubing your chain and chainring quick and easy.

The Parafilm waxy layer offers excellent protection against dust and dirt and performs particularly well in the wet. Despite being a wax-based lube product, which typically is dry-weather focused, this one is fine for use in all weather conditions. Even better, Maxima 74920 Chain Wax also offers protection against rust and corrosion. What’s not to like about that?

Easy clean-up as well…

The product is easy to apply and can reach those difficult to reach places. Thankfully, it’s also easy to clean up after the application process, especially in the event of overspray. Likewise, we’re sure you’ll agree that’s there’s nothing more annoying than having to clean your wheels after they get soaked in degreaser or lube.

Maxima 74920 Chain Wax can be used in all climates, but this formula works particularly well in areas of high humidity.

Maxima 74920 Chain Wax - 13.5 oz. Aerosol

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Cleans and lubricates in one application.
  • It has anti-corrosive properties.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • High performance in humid conditions.
  • Easy application.
  • Easy clean after overspray.


  • No straw is provided.
  • It takes a long time to dry.

3 Motul 102984 Chain Paste – Best Long Lasting Motorcycle Chain Lube

This is a thick paste that comes in a 5.7oz tube.

Before the application, you need to ensure that your chain is properly cleaned. Then you need to make sure it is thoroughly dry before applying the paste. This is because if the degreaser isn’t dry, it may clean off some of the chain paste along with all the dirt and grime.

How about the application?

The chain paste comes with a brush applicator, so it’s simple to apply. It’s also one of the least messy to use, which is never a bad thing. Once it has been applied, if there’s any residue, there’s no need to wipe it off. Just leave it there and let it do its thing.

After application, don’t be in a hurry to ride straight off. Give it time to work its magic and dry properly. Doing the job at night is not a bad idea since somewhere around eight hours of drying time is optimum.

Chain friction is greatly reduced…

This paste gives excellent performance and will minimize chain friction. It can safely be used on O ring, Z ring, and X ring styles of chains. The same high-quality performance is guaranteed, regardless of which style of a chain it’s used on.

Other positives include the fact that the paste has a good lifespan, and it normally outlasts non-paste chain lubes. This means you spend less time lubing your chain and more time riding your bike. It’s also lighter on the wallet.

On a normal-sized chain, you expect to get around five to six applications from a 4.7oz bottle.

Motul 102984 Chain Paste

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Easy brush-on application.
  • No mess.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Economical.


  • Long drying time.
  • It can be difficult to access hard to reach parts.

4 Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube – 11 oz.- Most Versatile Motorcycle Chain Lube

Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube is a wet spray-on lube. It comes in an 11 oz bottle and can be applied with a straw in order to access those difficult to reach places. The straw is included, which should hopefully save you a little time scrambling around the garage to find one.

The lube has no cleaning properties, so you will need to clean your chain of all its gunk and dirt before application. Once you have applied the lube, it needs around an hour to sink in and penetrate.

Good for mixed or wet weather conditions…

Because this is a wet lube, it’s best for use in mixed weather but ideally in wetter conditions. If it’s used in drier conditions, your chain is liable to attract more dirt and dust than if you used a dry lube or wax alternative.

In the wet, it comes into its own and is much more effective in repelling water and saturated filth. Even better, the formula has in-built corrosive qualities to help keep your chain in good condition.

Less need for frequent maintenance…

The inclusion of Cerflon lubricant extends the life of your chain, which means less frequent cleaning and lubing. It’s a job no one enjoys, so anything that can cut down on either of these tasks is always a big positive.

As well as being suitable for chains, you can use Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube on farm equipment, ATVs, tools, throttle cables, garage door cables, etc. This makes it a truly versatile lube.

Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Anti-corrosive formula.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Versatile applications.
  • Deep penetration.


  • Performs less well in the dry.
  • Messy to apply.

5 Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol – 11 oz. – Best Foam Motorcycle Chain Lube

Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol is a penetrating oil that comes out in the form of foam. It’s easy to apply on your chain but can be used on just about anything that needs oil. The nozzle, and the use of foam, help it to reach places that might otherwise be difficult to access.

Once the foam spray has been applied, it needs plenty of time to penetrate. If you don’t do this and ride off shortly after application, you could be in for an unpleasant mess as you run the risk of oil flying everywhere into your wheels.

A bit messy, but fantastic performance…

Unfortunately, even after waiting for the lube to penetrate, it can still be a little messy. The oil is not very viscose and tends to drip on to the floor. It’s, therefore, a good idea to have something underneath your chain to soak up the excess. It’s also not a bad idea to give the chain a light wipe just to be on the safe side.

Despite being a little messy, it’s a great lube that penetrates deeply. It leaves a protective film on your chain that enhances performance and also repels water. Even better, it’s got anti-corrosive qualities to help keep your chain rust free.

Good for wet conditions…

Because this a wet lube, it’s best to use it in wet conditions. Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol is also not particularly suitable for mixed conditions. We’d save this for winter use.

Finally, it should be noted that it has no cleaning properties.

Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Deep penetrating.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Water-repelling.
  • It has anti-corrosive properties.


  • It leaves a messy residue.
  • Unsuitable for dry conditions.

6 Bel-Ray 99470-A400W Parts – Best All Weather Motorcycle Chain Lube

Last on our list of best motorcycle chain lubes is a great all-weather spray-on oil. Like the Lucas oil spray, it’s easy to apply and can be used on a variety of different things other than chains. It’s also great for lubricating those awkward and difficult-to-reach places.

Apply at night, ride in the morning…

Unlike the Lucas oil spray, the Bel-Ray 99470-A400W aerosol oil spray is much more viscose. It initially leaves a sticky residue. This takes time to penetrate and dry off.

There have been complaints about the residue flying off and causing a mess. However, this is almost certainly down to it, not having been given sufficient drying time. Therefore, apply it the night before, and you should be good to go in the morning.

The foam helps your chain to dirt-free roam…

One feature that helps during the application process is that it comes out in the form of white foam. The foam takes a little while to break down, so it’s easy to see where it’s been applied. This means it’s much easier to avoid overspray.

Once the oil has properly dried, the good news is that the protective layer does a great job of keeping dirt and grime off from your chain. Happily, it doesn’t do a bad job of repelling water. This makes it a solid choice for use in mixed conditions. Which, let’s face it, a lot of us routinely have to deal with.

A superb option for off-roaders…

The highly protective layer makes it a good choice for dirt and motocross riders as well as for general riders.

Bel-Ray 99470-A400W Parts

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • The white foam helps to avoid overspray.
  • Easy application.
  • No mess.
  • Suitable in all weather conditions.


  • Requires a lot of drying time.

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes Buying Guide

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes Review

Having a well-oiled chain can save you a lot of time, trouble, and money. Choosing the right lubricant for you and your bike is relatively straight-forward. However, you should take a little time to understand which lube works best and in what conditions.

That’s something we’ll take a look at shortly. Before that, it’s worth considering the initial process of lubing, namely degreasing, or ‘cleaning,’ if you prefer to call it this.

Careful cleaning required…

Continually oiling your chain without properly cleaning it is likely to achieve two things. The first is inadequate lubrication. The second is an absolute mess that will take a long time to clean.

Degreasing your chain should be an essential part of your bike’s maintenance program. If you ride dirt or motocross bikes, you know about this only too well. Degreasing and lubricating are likely to be needed after every ride. For the rest of us, depending on where you live, every 500 to 1,000 miles or so is probably fine.

Once you have cleaned and degreased your chain, then you’re ready to lube it.

There are products such as the…

Maxima 74920 Chain Wax

It has a cleaning as well as a lubricating function. These are fine to use on less dirty chains but not always. You’ll still have to properly clean your chain at some point.

So, what lubes are best for what conditions?

In the Wet…

Wet lubes are less viscose and, once they’ve been applied, feel wet to the touch.

Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube

…is a great example of an excellent wet lube. In the rain, these lubes repel water and also repel a good proportion of wet sludge and muck. They also tend to have the best anti-corrosive properties.

In the dry, they don’t perform as well because the wet surface attracts dry dirt and dust relatively quickly. This, in turn, forms into a gritty paste and can quickly wear your chain and associated components. These oils are not a good choice to use over long dry spells.

In the Dry…

When the sun is continually shining, you need to grab a dry lube and show your chain some love. Dry lubes are formulated specifically for dry climate conditions, so if you live in an area with mixed weather, skip to the next section. These kinds of lubes are honestly not for you.

Dry lubes generally have a wax or silicone coating that adheres to the chain to leave a dry protective film. The coating excels at repelling dry dust and dirt, which in turn reduces wear collection.

These wax-based lubricants also tend to create the lowest level of resistance so are popular with sports enthusiasts. We’re every fraction of a second counts, a waxed chain is usually the way to go.

Where these chains don’t perform as well is in the rain. They repel water and sludge less efficiently and also usually have less anti-corrosive properties.

In Mixed Conditions…

All-weather lubes have a high level of water-repellant properties but don’t pick up dirt and dust as much as a wet lube. They’re a great halfway point between dry and wet lubes. For most of us that ride in continuously mixed weather, they’re the perfect compromise.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Chain Lube

Top Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes

The three main benefits of using a motorcycle chain lube are prolonging the life of the chain and your components, increasing the chain’s performance, and providing anti-corrosive qualities.

Let’s look at each of these in turn…

Prolonging Chain Life

This is possibly the biggest benefit for the majority of riders. A chain that is not properly maintained, and lubricated will not last as long as one that is. Additionally, and just as importantly, it will quickly wear all the other components attached to your chain.

A chain that’s both clean and properly lubed can help to repel dirt, dust, and grime. These elements, if not kept in check, can quickly wear down your chain and other components. A good lube will keep dirt off your chain for longer, and in the long run, save you a lot of unnecessary maintenance.


A chain that’s not properly lubed will increase drag and decrease performance. If you’re riding a sports bike or competing in races, this will be of primary importance. Having a clean and well-lubricated chain will, therefore, be imperative.

For more performance-orientated riders, we would recommend a wax-based formula, as this will create the lowest level of friction. However, if you are competing in wet and muddy conditions, a more traditional wet lube is preferable.

Anti-Corrosive Formulas

If you routinely ride in wet conditions, using a wet style lube makes a lot of sense. This is because they generally have the best anti-corrosive formulas. Additionally, they also tend to have the best water and repellent qualities. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s a useful extra benefit.

Types of Motorcycle Chain Lube

The three main types of chain lube come either as a liquid, in an aerosol spray, or an aerosol foam spray.

Liquid Lube

Go back 20 or 30 years, and this was almost your only choice. This was the kind of oil you’d sneak out of your dad’s tool shed or garage in order to ‘borrow’ it and liberally apply it to your bike chain.

These days, multiple formulas cater to wet, dry and mixed conditions. However, they all come in liquid form and can be applied a single drop at a time. They have the advantage of being the most economical. Plus, you can apply very small amounts if need-be.

Aerosol Spray Lube

Aerosol spray lubes are very popular and have the advantage that you can reach otherwise very inaccessible places. Most will come with a supplied straw to facilitate the distribution process. Another advantage is that you can soak an area much more easily.

Disadvantages include the fact that it’s less easy to apply smaller amounts. What’s more, on an ounce for ounce basis, they are usually more expensive, though not prohibitively so.

Aerosol Foam Spray Lube

Aerosol lubes have the advantage of being easy to see where they’ve been sprayed. This prevents over-spraying. Another advantage is that the foam lubes, once properly dry, sticks to the chain better than other formulas. This means that there’s less dripping, less mess, and also less oil flying off from the chain once you’re moving.

All in all, this is a much quicker and cleaner way to apply your lube. The biggest disadvantage comes down to cost.

Top Chain Lube Brands

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes Brands


Maxima is worthy of inclusion because of its racing focus and credentials. Although it’s a relatively new company, it was founded in California in 1979. This company has have been one of the most influential in motorcycle racing.

Maxima is a company that continues to move forward and continues to develop its products. They are closely tied in with the motorcycle industry and manufacture quality products that are loved by professionals and amateurs alike.


Motul, a French company, founded in 1853, is one of the oldest manufactures in the business. They have brought many firsts to the market, including the introduction of Ester, the very first all-synthetic motor oil.

They have a global presence and provide all kinds of lubricants for just about every type of vehicle you can imagine. The research and development arm of the company is impressive, and they continually strive to bring better products to the market. The results are tried and tested products that you can trust and believe in.

Liquid Wrench

Liquid Wrench has been in the business since 1941 and produces a large variety of different oils. From motorcycles to automobiles to heavy machinery, Liquid Wrench has a solution to your lubricating needs.

Liquid Wrench is firmly built on American heritage and has a strong US user following. Although they don’t have the same international showing as Maxima and Motul, this in no way detracts from the strength of their products. These are excellent lubes made and manufactured in the US and at very reasonable prices.

Motorcycle Chain Lube Pricing

Considering the benefits of chain lubes, the cost is a relatively modest concern. You can buy a small bottle of lube for as little as seven or eight dollars. Even high-performance lube is unlikely to cost much more than double that of a standard version.

Non-foaming aerosols start from around ten dollars for a 12oz. can. Some foaming aerosols can be bought for just a little more. However, most start at around $15.

Wax-based chain lube formulas are generally the most expensive. Regardless of how they are packaged, expect to pay around an extra five dollars for a smaller size.

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So, what are the Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes?

So, there you have it, a comprehensive selection of six of the best motorbike chain lubes.

Whatever model your bike is, and whatever conditions you ride in, we think we should have you covered. We would be happy to use any of these products, but if we had to choose just one to take home, it would be the…

Bel-Ray 99470-A400W

It’s our top pick because, firstly, and most importantly, it’s an all-weather lubricant. The majority of us, probably yourself, ride in all kinds of weather. And all-weather chain lube, therefore, makes the most sense. Another big positive of this product is the fact that it comes out in the form of white foam, so it’s easy to apply, and also it doesn’t make much mess.

Enjoy your bike, and enjoy your rides.


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