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Top 10 Best Jack Stands In 2022 Review

For many people, working on your vehicle can be a rewarding occupation. For some, it is even a hobby. And there are those who work in the trades. Some tasks are quite easy to undertake as long as you have one thing: the right equipment. A fundamental part of having the right equipment is the jack stand.

We are not referring to floor jacks. They are there to get the vehicle into the air. But you don’t want to rely on them while you are working underneath the vehicle. Finding the proper jack stands will not only make life easier, but it may also save your life one day.

There are a lot of options. So, let’s take a look at the Best Jack Stands currently on the market and find the perfect ones for you…

Top 10 Best Jack Stands On The Market Reviews

1 Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks – Best RV Stabalizing Jack Stands

We start with a product from Camco. Importantly, these are not a jack stand, as we have come to know them. They are made from cast aluminum and come in a set of two stands. They are adjustable from between eleven inches to seventeen inches. Being aluminum, they are also very lightweight at only four pounds each.

Clarification needed…

We do need to clarify before we go too far regarding the supporting weight of these jacks. The rate of 6,000 pounds of stable lifted weight can be confusing. That figure is only an accurate rating when it is shared around all four wheels.

It does not apply to how much weight the jack can lift and support. And that is how jacks are rated, by the amount of weight they can support off from the ground.

Suitable for large vehicles…

Jack stands are designed so that they can suspend vehicles in a stable position that is clearly off the ground. The Camco 44561 Olympian stands are for leveling and stabilizing an RV or truck that has its tires on the ground. There is a big difference between stabilizing a vehicle and supporting it.

They are also only designed to be used on flat surfaces. They will not work safely and efficiently on sloping surfaces.

These then are not for use in the same way as traditional jack stands. They do serve their own function. And if you are looking for a set of stands to level and stabilize an RV, these will suffice.

Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Very lightweight construction.
  • Not expensive.


  • Some will need stands to support a vehicle, not just leveling it.

2 BIG RED T43202 Torin Steel Jack Stands: 6 ton – Most Stable Jack Stands

This is a pair of jack stands that are a different proposition. They are made from high-quality steel with a welded frame and can lift and hold up to six tons. That is equivalent to about 12,000 pounds.

You often see a tripod-type design for the feet. But with these, there are four strong feet to grip the floor surface. This also gives them a wider spread, adding to their stability. They have an adjustable range from 15 ⅜” to 23 13/16”.

Total stability…

They have a ratchet bar height adjuster, a feature not seen on all jacks of this kind. It allows you to make sure they are stable on uneven ground. It will also let you get a good fit under the vehicle. This jack stand also has an extra locking pin. Made of hardened steel, it is an extra safety safeguard.

As with some jacks, especially those with four feet, getting them level can be awkward. A small price to pay for safety.

Great build quality…

The build quality, so important in lifting equipment, is tough and secure. And having the hardened steel, they are not going to fail, change shape, or split. If you are lying under a vehicle, you need to know that the supporting system is secure. The design of this pair of jack stands offers that. The quality meets the ASME/PALD standards for safety.

These are certain to be considered as one of the finest jack stands available. And an added benefit is that they are set at a very affordable price.

You may not feel that you need a heavy-duty jack, but it is always best to use a stand that is working well within its limits.

BIG RED T43202 Torin Steel Jack Stands: 6 ton

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • They are easy to use, with a high safety level made from steel.
  • Fitted with a ratchet system that is lockable and adjustable at a competitive price.


  • They can be difficult to get exactly level on uneven ground.

3 BIG RED T42002A Torin Steel Jack Stands: 2 Ton – Most Versatile Jack Stands

This is another pair of jack stands from Big Red, but these offer a supporting weight of up to 2 ton. Two tons is equivalent to about 4,000 pounds capacity. They have a lifting range of between 10 13/16 inches and 16 9/16 inches.

These are specially made to support vehicles after they have been lifted with a floor jack or similar. They are double-locking and are strong enough to work with a range of vehicles, including ATVs, UTV’s, jeeps, and smaller cars.

Safe and secure…

They are made from heavy-duty steel with quality welding to an industrial level. This gives them strength and also durability. They have some good safety features. They have a locking support pin that is removable, and that increases its security. The saddle has a very significant surface area. This gives full contact with the load that is being supported. Better contact means more security.

The ratchet bar is made from forged iron and is a multi-position design. The sawtooth design gives quick and safe adjustments to the heights that can be locked into place. The design and standards of manufacture meet the requirements for ASME safety standards.

Pyramid design…

Finally, added strength is gained from the wide pyramid design of the foot base. A large foot base will always give an added security when the vehicle is lifted.

These are a good pair of jack stands that have a very strong build. They have a very attractive price point for those not needing the extra lifting weight that other jacks offer.

BIG RED T42002A Torin Steel Jack Stands: 2 Ton

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Very strong construction with good materials.
  • An attractive price point.
  • Important safety features built-in.


  • Some may need a heavier lift ability.

4 OTC 1780 Stinger Series Super Heavy Duty 22 Ton Jack Stands – 1 Pair – Best Heavy Duty Jack Stands

So, in terms of the weight load of a pair of jack stands, it now gets serious. These jack stands from OTC are for operating in what might be called the super-heavy department. They are capable of supporting up to 22 tons each. That is quite a weight.

But more than that, they handle that load safely. While working under a vehicle of that weight, it is probably best not to make an error of judgment. What is supporting it is a vital aspect. If you have concerns about that, then you will have no peace of mind, especially when working underneath the heaviest of vehicles.

Non-ratcheting design…

The basic design is non-ratcheting. It relies on a pin-style system and with three height settings. These settings are at three-inch spacings. That might not be convenient for some uses. The pin is high-grade one-inch steel with cables and a pin collar that attaches for when you are only using it. It is given a plated covering to protect it from corrosion and to ensure durability.

The collar meets the demands of the test standards laid down by ANSI PALD. The welds are strong with the jack post that has thick walls. The saddles are three inches square, provide a good area to support the vehicle, as well as to avoid any unnecessary movement.

Wide and secure base…

The base of the jack is eleven inches square, which is a decent size by any standard. The base is important, especially when lifting very heavy objects. You do not want the jack to start sinking into the ground surface while it has a load suspended. Having wider bases will help to alleviate that risk.

For lifting, it has a minimum height of 13 ⅞” and will extend safely to 19 ⅞”. Therefore, it’s a quality heavyweight jack at a very heavyweight price.

OTC 1780 Stinger Series Super Heavy Duty 22 Ton Jack Stands - 1 Pair

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Very strong build capable of supporting up to 22 tons each.
  • A good base size to alleviate the risk of sinking while supporting a load.


  • High price.

5 BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack Stands – Best Jack Stands for Small Vehicles

Big Red is an Australian owned company that manufactures these powerful jacks. From what we have seen, they are strong and made from tough materials that last. This makes this one of the most robust Jack Stands currently available.

It has to be said they are very well made. This also helps to keep the costs way down, which is an important point. Yes, they come at an attractive price, but there is no doubting their quality and strength.

Great for smaller vehicles…

These are a set of aluminum stands that will support vehicles after you have lifted them with a floor jack. As a pair, they will hold 6000 pounds of vehicle weight or up to three tons. They are ideal for working with smaller cars and jeeps and some ATV’s and UTV’s.

The aluminum quality used in the build is high-grade, so it is guaranteed to give you the support you need. They have locking pins that are adjustable and removable, which gives added security and stability. They have six separate locking positions.

A wide base provides security…

The adjustment of the height ranges between 10 ¾” to 15 ⅝”. The saddles supporting the vehicle are made to be wide, giving better contact. They are flat-topped with a rubber pad.

One important element of these jacks stands is the width of the base. This is an important consideration to prevent the jack from sinking into a soft surface. These jacks have a sufficiently wide base width to alleviate that risk.

No movement…

Having a flat base, they are also less likely to move around if the surface is uneven. When you store the jacks away, the bases of each jack stand are removable to make storage easier.

A tough and secure build, they meet ASME standards. The price point is set at a realistic and affordable level.

BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack Stands

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • A good strong build and easy to use.
  • Attractive price point.
  • High-quality materials used in the build.
  • Supports up to three tons.


  • Some might need a heavier load capacity.

6 Sunex 1410 10-Ton, High Height, Pin Type, Jack Stands, Pair – Best Large Vehicle Jack Stands

There could be a situation where you need jack stands that elevate the vehicle to a greater height. There could be some reasons for this. But in the case of most jacks, they do not reach a great height.

This pair has a height range of nearly four feet, 46.5 inches, to be precise. With a minimum height of 28 inches, that covers quite a wide range of elevation and will suit most requirements. These will support a hefty 10 tons each. You will need to be well-prepared to use them, as they are extremely heavy.

Four strong legs…

These have four legs made from a strong steel pipe that works well to support the weight. Some people prefer flat bases rather than legs. These stands have over-sized saddles and a flat top with double-ear design support. This does give you added stability when the vehicle has been lifted.

The height is adjusted by a pin design. The pin is very strong, as it will need to be. There are holes set in the supporting tubes that give you a variety of height adjustments. They have a safety standard rating from ASME.

Great for large machinery…

Certainly, the style and design lend itself to giving you a very strong and stable lift. They are well-built for larger vehicles and even agricultural machinery. But they are certainly not designed for smaller cars.

These are all good things so far, but there are a few downsides. They are, as we’ve said, very heavy. They are also very expensive. And as we have already mentioned, they are built for larger vehicles.

Could be better packed…

One further issue with this product doesn’t refer to the jack stands themselves. The packaging that they are sent to you from Sunex is wholly inadequate. Damage to the jacks themselves because of poor packaging is also a problem. If you need this product, our recommendation is you check carefully with Sunex before ordering.

Sunex 1410 10-Ton, High Height, Pin Type, Jack Stands, Pair

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Just about the highest elevation we have seen.
  • They are well-made from strong materials.


  • They are very heavy
  • The packaging for delivery, in some cases, has been dreadful.

7 Pro-LifT T-6903D Double Pin Jack Stand – 3 Ton – Best Lightweight Jack Stands

This is another jack stand that has a strong build. That seems unnecessary to say when dealing with jack stands, but some are not as strong as they might be.

These are jack stands that will work with weights up to six tons. They are made of steel and have a double-lock mechanism with a mobility pin and handle locks. They have also been given a very strong ratchet bar, which means they have stability.

Compact and easy to use…

The adjustment of the height has been given a strong build, with a cast-iron handle. The adjustment range is between eleven inches and sixteen and a half inches. The jack meets the required standards of ANSI/PALD.

These jack stands are quite compact, lightweight, and easy to use. They are made with good materials and are very durable. The locking mechanisms are well-designed and will stop any unwanted disengagement of the jack. When you crawl under a six-ton truck, you tend to want to know it is going to stay there.

Quality at a good price…

These offer a lot in the way of peace of mind and therefore, should be considered one of the Best Jack Stands. Yet despite all the benefits, they are still set at a very attractive price point.

They are good for use at home, at auto servicing bays, or even on the farm. They can handle most environments up to their approved weight. A good buy at a good price.

Pro-LifT T-6903D Double Pin Jack Stand - 3 Ton

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • They are well made with plenty of safety features.
  • Very lightweight and easy to use.


  • None.

8 Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912 Black 3 Ton, All-in-One Bottle Jack – Best Truck Jack Stands

This jack is an interesting design and will suit those who haven’t got a lifting jack. This is essentially two products in one, the lifting jack and then the jack stand. It is designed to lift the vehicle and to then hold it in place.

It will operate with trucks and larger vehicles, but it is not so good for standard cars and especially sports cars. This is because it will not level off low enough to go under the car.

A good height range, with safety in mind…

They are quite large, measuring 9.75″L x 9.75″W x 12.25″H and weighing 22 pounds. That is the default height range, but it can go up to 21 inches if adjusted manually. There are no wheels attached to it, so it is not easy to move around. It is a single item, so to get both of your vehicle’s back or front wheels off the floor, you will need two of them.

It is made from steel and has been given a wider base than usual, for security and stability. And it will lift from eleven inches to seventeen and a quarter inches. There is a safety bar that will ensure the vehicle stays at the required height.

It is an interesting design feature to have the two lifting requirements in one unit. But it isn’t a cheap option if you have to buy two.

Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912 Black 3 Ton, All-in-One Bottle Jack

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • A lifting and standing jack all in one unit.
  • Decent build quality.


  • It might turn out to be rather expensive.

9 AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands, 3 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair – Best Budget Jack Stands

These jack stands, when used together, will support a weight of three tons or 6000 pounds. They are made from steel that is given an anti-corrosive rust proof coating.

It has a precise adjustment to the height, so you can raise or lower it to the exact height that you require. The range is between twelve and eighteen inches. There is a self-locking ratchet. This means you do not require a locking key. It reaches the ASMR-PASE safety standard for portable equipment.

Great stability at a good price…

The design has good stability with four steel feet in contact with the floor for each jack. The saddles have a curved design that will give extra grip to axles and circular contacts on your vehicle.

A decent well-designed set of jack stands at a very cost-effective price.

AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands, 3 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Well-made steel jacks at a cost-effective price.
  • Good height adjustments with a self-locking ratchet.


  • Some may need a jack that supports a heavier load.

10 Performance Tool 3 Ton (6,000 lbs.) Capacity Heavy Duty Jack Stands – Best Car Jack Stands

To finish our look at the top jack stands, we have this pair from Performance Tool. We think it is fair to say they are not going to win too many prizes for innovation.

They are of simple design and operation. They don’t possess too many of the finer points in jacks design. However, they are going to do what you expect of them, that is one of the most important things.

Made for cars and lightweight trucks…

They are essentially made for cars and lightweight trucks and have a rating of three tons or 6000 pounds per pair of stands.

These jack stands are well-made, with stable steel construction. That includes each jack having four contact points with the ground. However, there isn’t a base at floor-level as such. But there is a spread of about eight inches between the legs to offer a firm standing.

Standard height adjustments…

They have a fairly standard height adjustment of between eleven and a quarter inches to sixteen and three-quarter inches. They do not have a secondary locking pin system. However, you cannot adjust the height of the jack when it is in use, and all adjustments must be made before the jacks support the load.

When applying the load, you should make sure that the ground is stable. As there is no base plate, they could easily sink into a soft or poor surface. Placing them on a concrete slab would solve the problem. However, they are well-made and a great option if you want something quite basic for simple car maintenance.

Performance Tool 3 Ton (6,000 lbs.) Capacity Heavy Duty Jack Stands

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • A decent option at a cost-effective price.
  • A simple and basic design that does its job.


  • No secondary locking pin system.

Best Jack Stands Buyer’s Guide

Best Jack Stands Review

There are some decisions we can make lightly. Some have a greater impact, and you need to get it right. Having six tons hanging over your head means you need to be sure what is holding it is safe and secure.

Some jacks are better at holding smaller weights. Others are designed to hold the heavier stuff. Some jacks will not even fit under a standard car. Therefore, you have to get the size of the jack stand right.

Then there will need to be some consideration about how much weight the jacks have to hold. It’s best to err on the side of caution with that. If the car weighs two tons, it might be best to get three-ton jacks.

What system to hold it there?

You can have a ratchet system and also pin systems. There are no disadvantages to the ratchet systems. They are hard-wearing and secure. Pin systems can have problems with consistent use. If the pin isn’t tough enough, it can bend. That will make it harder to operate and, of course, weakens it.

Costs will vary…

Jacks stands that are made in China are cheaper, for obvious reasons. They also have a reputation for poor workmanship. The vast majority are just as good as other countries produce. And at less than half the price, at times.

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So what is the Best Jack Stands?

If you don’t need to lift a heavy vehicle or need any great height, and just want just a plain and simple, functional jack stand. One that will stay in place and will not make a hole in your driveway when the vehicle is on it, then our choice for the best jack stand is the…

BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack Stands

It is well-made, secure, and available at a reasonable price.

Whenever you’re working on your car, have a safe and secure experience.


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