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Top 10 Best Heated Motorcycle Gear of 2021 Reviews

Riding a motorcycle has got to be one of the greatest pleasures in life. That feeling when you’re out on the bike just can’t be beaten. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like being out on the open road.

But unfortunately, we can’t be riding all the time. Sure, there’s no problem during the summer. But in winter it gets too cold.

So, what’s the solution?

How about some fantastic winter biking clothes? That’s why we decided to check out some of the best heated motorcycle gear currently on the market to find the perfect item for your next snowy ride!

Top 10 Best Heated Motorcycle Gear to Purchase in 2021 Review

  1. SAVIOR HEAT Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women – Best Unisex Heated Gloves for Commuting on Motorbike
  2. Volt Resistance 12v Motorcycle Heated Gloves – Best Unisex Heated Gloves for Long Distance Biking
  3. VentureHeat Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner – Best Wireless Heated Under Jacket Base Layer for Biking
  4. Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner – 12V Motorcycle Gear – 7 Heat Zones – Best Charge While You Ride Heated Jacket Liner for Biking
  5. Milwaukee Hoodie M12 12V Lithium-Ion Heated Jacket – Best Heated Hoodie Jacket for Bikers
  6. ActionHeat Base Layer Battery Operated Heated Shirt for Men – Best Mens Heated Biking Base Shirt
  7. Mobile Warming Men’s Primer Bluetooth Battery Heated Base Layer Pant (7.4v) – Best Bluetooth Heated Biking Base Pants for Men
  8. ActionHeat Unisex 5V Battery Heated Winter Hat – Best Heated Beanie
  9. VentureHeat Quad-Zone Heated Soft Shell Motorcycle Vest – Best Affordable Comfortable Heated Biker Vest
  10. GLOBAL VASION Thermal Socks for Men and Women

1 SAVIOR HEAT Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women – Best Unisex Heated Gloves for Commuting on Motorbike

Heat wave

Let’s kick things off with these heated motorcycle gloves. With their classic black hues, they’d be perfect for either men or women. Heated and stylish; what more could you ask for?

How do they work?

They start with external layers of polyester and leather. These materials alone are pretty warm! They’re supported on the inside by gentle cotton for extra insulation.

But the magic happens when we turn them on. Between the inner and outer layers is an infrared heating element. It gets hot in a matter of seconds, spreading warmth throughout the palm and fingers.

How hot do they get?

They start at roughly 100 °F. OK, that’s not particularly warm. But the temperature can be raised all the way up to 150 °F, for those days when the wind chill is biting.

And what’s more, they have three different heat settings. These can be adjusted quickly with the push of a button, handily located on the cuff. Choose the lowest option when you just need a little extra warmth or crank it all the way up in Baltic weather.

Do they have any safety features?

Of course, they do! Motorcycle gear needs to protect as well as provide warmth. Across the back is a fiberglass plate to prevent any skinned knuckles.

They sound too good to be true! Are they?

Well, the heat only lasts about three hours. Sure, that’s fine for the daily commute. But on a longer ride, you’ll start to lose the warmth after a while.

They are not cheap either! You’d need to have deep pockets if this is the heated motorcycle clothing you decide to buy. Bargain hunters might want to look elsewhere.

A superb all-rounder…

But overall, these are a decent option. They work quickly, they offer protection, and we love those adjustable settings. What a great way to begin our review of the best heated motorcycle gear!

SAVIOR HEAT Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Well-insulated.
  • Fast-acting.
  • Protective features.


  • Pricey!
  • Limited battery life.

2 Volt Resistance 12v Motorcycle Heated Gloves – Best Unisex Heated Gloves for Long Distance Biking

Hot stuff

Next up is another pair of gloves. These ones don’t come with any hard protection. The material here is soft all over.

But what if we get in an accident?

Don’t worry! They may not be hard, but they still offer a great deal of defense. Layers of sturdy leather cover the back of the hand and knuckles.

That leather is backed up by a softer nylon fabric, too. And inside, they’re padded. In fact, there’s a whopping 150g of insulating material in there for warmth, even when they’re not switched on.

OK, great! But let’s get to the good stuff. Do they work?

They sure do! These gloves will keep you warm even on the chilliest of days. And best of all, they won’t run out of juice on lengthy rides.

How is this possible?

We have the battery connectors to thank for that. You see, these gloves actually charge from your motorcycle battery. Plug them in, and feel the heating element begin to do its thing.

And that layer really takes care of the whole hand. From thumb to little fingertip, every part gets an even spread of heat. It even warms up both the palm and back of the hand for total coverage.

Amazing! But what’s the catch?

High quality comes at a high cost. These gloves are not cheap! They do an incredible job, but the price tag might make you think twice.

However, with standards like these, maybe we get what we pay for.

Volt Resistance 12v Motorcycle Heated Gloves

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Even coverage.
  • Three heat settings.
  • Convenient charging.


  • Tough on the pocketbook.

3 VentureHeat Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner – Best Wireless Heated Under Jacket Base Layer for Biking

Inner heat

Already got a great motorcycle jacket? Want to add a bit more heat?

This 12v heated base layer might be just the thing for you! Thanks to its slim design, it fits comfortably underneath a bigger jacket. And don’t worry, it won’t have a bulky effect, as it’s incredibly light and thin.

Thin? But this is meant to keep us warm!

It’s OK; it still does a fantastic job! That thinness is actually a bonus. It means the liner is so lightweight that you could almost forget it was there.

The warmth comes from various heat zones inside that material. These zones offer almost complete coverage, as they are found in the arms, chest, and back. There are even a couple of heating elements on the neck for that spot where the wind always gets in.

Can we control the heat?

Of course! A built-in control button allows the rider to adjust the temperature. And as it is just one button, it’s completely straightforward to use.

But that’s not the only way of controlling it. There’s a wireless remote here, as well. Fix it to your handlebars, and you can change the amount of heat while on the go.

That all sounds awesome!

It is! In fact, the only negative here is the sizing. They do run a little small, so it’d be best to go with one size up.

But hey, we can cope with that if it means we’re going to get a product that’s this good!

VentureHeat Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner

Our rating:4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


  • Super lightweight.
  • Convenient controls.
  • Can connect to heated gloves and pants.


  • On the small side.

4 Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner – 12V Motorcycle Gear – 7 Heat Zones – Best Charge While You Ride Heated Jacket Liner for Biking

It’s getting hot in here

Here, we come to a piece of Gerbing heated motorcycle gear. Everyone has heard of Gerbing, haven’t they? For more than 40 years, this iconic brand has been paving the way in the manufacture of top-notch heated clothing.

Is this the best piece of heated biking gear we’ve seen?

Well, it’s pretty neat! We love the coverage on offer. Ample warmth is sent all over the torso, from chest to back, to arms.


Gerbing has created a unique microwire technology. This involves tiny steel wires which penetrate the waterproof liner material. Their small stature means that they can sneak all over the jacket, even allowing for a heated section in the collar.

Plus, they get incredibly hot! Those wires can heat all the way up to 135 °F. They’re super flexible, too, for maximum comfort on the bike.

How is it charged?

We have several options for that. As it’s a 12v heated base layer, it can connect to any suitable power source, whether motorcycle or ATV. But it’s compatible with a battery harness, too, if you’d prefer not to be plugged in all the time!

It should be mentioned, though, that a battery harness is not included. You’ll need to buy that yourself. It’s not too expensive, but it is a bit of a hassle.

And that’s not the only thing sold separately…

Want to control the temperature? Sorry, you’re out of luck. If you need this particular feature, then you’ll have to purchase a controller.

We can’t deny, this liner does a fantastic job. Its output is fantastic, and we love the options for charging! It is just a pity that we need to buy so many extras to use it to its full potential.

Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner - 12V Motorcycle Gear - 7 Heat Zones

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Excellent coverage.
  • Battery or 12v charging.
  • Impressive microwire tech.


  • Limited use without buying extra features.

5 Milwaukee Hoodie M12 12V Lithium-Ion Heated Jacket – Best Heated Hoodie Jacket for Bikers

Pleased to heat you

Time for a heated jacket now. This one isn’t just a thin liner. Instead, it’s a hoodie-style coat that offers warmth from the material, as well as from the battery.

What is it made of?

On the outside, we find soft, yet tough, cotton. But on the inside, it’s a different story. It’s still soft and comfortable, but there’s a surprise in store.

Thanks to a waffle-style weave constructed lining, this jacket works to trap the heat inside. It forms pockets of hot air that keep the rider warm at all times. This insular effect is a real bonus, as it means the heating element doesn’t need to be switched on for every trip.

And how about that heat?

Covering the back and chest, we get enough warmth for riding in any season. Thanks to three different heat levels, it can be adjusted for spring, fall, or the coldest winter. It’s straightforward to adjust the temperature level, too, with a basic control pack.

The length of time that heat lasts for does vary, though. The lower the heat, the longer it stays functional. With a full battery, expect around two hours on high or around five on low.

OK… are there any other issues?

With the heat? No, that’s fine. But we do have a couple of irks.

First off, it isn’t waterproof. So, really, it can’t be used in all seasons. You’ll need a top layer over it for rainy days.

And secondly, motorcycle gear needs to be safe as well as warm. This doesn’t contain any armor. You’ll need to purchase some elbow pads if using this jacket.

Milwaukee Hoodie M12 12V Lithium-Ion Heated Jacket

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Looks cool.
  • Superb construction.
  • Adjustable temperature.


  • Not moisture-resistant.
  • No hard protection.

6 ActionHeat Base Layer Battery Operated Heated Shirt for Men – Best Mens Heated Biking Base Shirt

Hot action

Our next item in this review of the best motorcycle gear is a sleek and stylish shirt. Constructed from the combination of polyester and spandex, it’s stretchy and lightweight, making it an ideal base layer. And in time-honored black, this piece will never go out of fashion!

But does it work?

Yes, with three heated panels across the back and chest. FAR wires weave throughout these sections, giving temperatures of up to 130 °F. Those wires are tough, but they’re flexible and unobtrusive too, for total, all-over comfort.

Even better, this shirt uses a second kind of technology. It also features ActionWave heat reflection. ActionWave prevents the air from escaping, trapping the heat next to your body.

Is the temperature adjustable?

It is, and it couldn’t be easier to do. The controls are right there on the chest. Simply tap your left pec, and that heating element springs to life.

That button has another purpose, too. It can alter the heat level. Keep tapping to choose from low, medium, or high, depending on the weather.

The best part?

Though it takes five hours to fully charge from a mains socket, it can be powered on the go with a power bank! Plus, one is included with this shirt. You can even charge a phone from the same source, making this a handy option in more ways than one.

It would be nice if those heat panels offered more coverage. They only cover the upper back, not the lower. It would be great to have more warmth in the arms as well.

That’s the only downside, though. This really is a fantastic option. And at this price, it’s hard to go wrong!

ActionHeat Base Layer Battery Operated Heated Shirt for Men

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Excellent control panel.
  • Great material.
  • Comes with a power bank.


  • Coverage is a bit lacking.

7 Mobile Warming Men’s Primer Bluetooth Battery Heated Base Layer Pant (7.4v) – Best Bluetooth Heated Biking Base Pants for Men

Bottoms up!

We’ve seen plenty of options that take care of the upper body, but what about the lower half? Sure, legs aren’t affected as much by the wind, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune. Come on, our heinie needs some heat, too!

This pair of base pants is made from a combination of polyester and spandex. It’s stretchable in four different directions, so it can easily cover any lumps and bumps. They’ll even fit if you’ve piled on a pound or two, as they’re incredibly flexible.

And that’s not all…

Comfort is undoubtedly the name of the game here. The seams are flat-lock to prevent chafing. They’re also anti-microbial, so you’ll feel fresh and clean out on a ride.

Do they stay warm for long?

Using the helpful, built-in button, choose the low setting and receive a massive 10 hours of heat! Select high, and you can expect to stay warm for roughly two and a half hours. There are also two other settings in between that last for between four and seven hours.

That button isn’t the only way to control them, either. Download the app, pop your phone in your handlebar holder, and adjust the temperature while on the move. The app will even let you know how much battery life is left to help you plan the journey ahead.

On a budget?

Then these aren’t the pants for you. They are eye-wateringly expensive! Bargain hunters need to looks elsewhere.

However, while they do tug on the old purse strings, they also work really well. For those with money to burn, these pants are ideal.

Mobile Warming Men’s Primer Bluetooth Battery Heated Base Layer Pant (7.4v)

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Adjustable through Bluetooth.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Decent battery life.


  • Very costly.

8 ActionHeat Unisex 5V Battery Heated Winter Hat – Best Heated Beanie


We’ve had jacket liners and pants liners; now here’s a helmet liner! This beanie-style item is designed to fit under your lid. Snug yet stretchy, it fits just about any head size, from tiny to titan.

Are there different heat settings?

Yes, we get three options with this hat. It peaks at the highest setting at around 130 °F. The lowest drops down to 95 °F, for when you just want a little extra boost.

For ease of use, each level is color-coded. Unsurprisingly, the hottest is red, and the coldest, blue. This lets us change the temperature at a glance, as the lights tell us exactly where we are on the scale.

How about charging?

We can use either a mains plug socket or the included power bank. In fact, if we use both, we get double the battery life! And speaking of the battery, it’s tucked into a handy little pocket on the back.

Does it heat the entire head?

Sadly not. The warmth is concentrated around the ears. They are the part that’s most likely to feel the cold, but we’d like a product with more even coverage. However, that’s a minor problem compared to what we’re about to tell you!

The material is thin, which is great for sitting under the helmet. But that means the rider can feel every wire and the battery digging into the back of their skull! It may be designed for heat, but it is not designed for comfort.

There’s more…

That battery also means the helmet might not fit properly, as the pocket is in the way. The power bank pouch adds to this issue as well. Improper use of a helmet can be dangerous, as it could become dislodged during a crash.

We think this head covering would be amazing when hiking in the Colorado snow. But if you’re searching for the best heated motorcycle beanie, this isn’t it.

ActionHeat Unisex 5V Battery Heated Winter Hat

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Power bank included.
  • Color-coded temperatures.
  • Close fit.


  • Too many hard pieces.
  • Can affect helmet placement.

9 VentureHeat Quad-Zone Heated Soft Shell Motorcycle Vest – Best Affordable Comfortable Heated Biker Vest

Feelin’ hot hot hot

Our penultimate entry is this option from VentureHeat. This time, we’re looking at another liner. Here we have a heated vest.

But it’s not just any old liner!

No, this one is thicker than many others. That means we get insulation from the material, not just from the heater.

Not only is it suitably thick, but it’s also gentle too. Your torso can really nestle into this one. It holds the body tightly, offering the rider a feeling of safety and security.

But is it too thick?

Happily, no! We think this is just right. And as the heating wires are extremely fine, we don’t get any unnecessary bulk.

Another great thing about those wires is how malleable they are. These aren’t rigid pieces of metal. They mold nicely to the shape of the body, meaning you won’t even feel them under that beautifully soft fabric.

Is it hot enough?

The vest has its heating zones on both the back and chest. These areas are both fully covered, as the element is exceptionally long. Then, there’s a third zone in the collar giving all-over warmth.

However, the obvious problem with this is that vests do not have sleeves! That means no heat panels on your arms. You’ll need to make sure your jacket has enough padding to keep your arms warm instead.

Great value for colder days…

This would be the perfect choice for days with a pleasant chill in the air. As the arms don’t get any warmth, we wouldn’t recommend it for really Baltic conditions! All the same, it’s a nifty little product at a very decent cost.

VentureHeat Quad-Zone Heated Soft Shell Motorcycle Vest

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Built-in heat controls.
  • Lovely material.
  • Wide heat panels.


  • No arm coverage.

10 GLOBAL VASION Thermal Socks for Men and Women

Heat your feet!

From one end to the other, we’ve covered the entire body in this review. Now finally, we’ve reached the very bottom. Our last item is a pair of heated socks.

Can they win the coveted title of best heated motorcycle gear?

Let’s start with the batteries. We get two included, and they’re rechargeable. That process will take around five hours, after which you can connect them and start your ride.

Be warned, though! Before the first use, you should charge them for 12 hours. That’ll get the most out of them; otherwise, they’re liable to fail quickly.

What about the temperature?

Like many others, there are three settings on offer. They’re altered by a useful little control panel that connects at the top of the sock. Slot this into the built-in pouch to keep it out of the way when riding.

But unlike others, the heat lasts a little longer. Even on the high setting, we can expect three and a half hours of warmth. It’s not much, but that extra time really pushes them ahead of some of their competitors.

Do they heat the whole foot?

No, they don’t. Instead, there’s a heated patch on the front instep. It would be better if that heating element ran up the leg, too, for a bit more warmness.

Then again, what’s always the coldest part of the foot?

The toes, of course! And these socks keep them toasty. The heat zone isn’t directly on top of them, but it’s close enough to keep them snug.

You may find problems with comfort if you have high or mid-leg motorcycle boots. The battery and control panel might get in the way. But for sneaker-style ones, these socks are the perfect way to add a little heat to your feet!

GLOBAL VASION Thermal Socks for Men and Women

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Control panel tucked in.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Keeps toes hot!


  • Heat doesn’t stretch up the calf.
  • Not compatible with some boots.

Best Heated Motorcycle Gear Buying Guide

Best Heated Motorcycle Gear Review

Choosing the ideal heated motorcycle gear for you can be a daunting task. After all, there are so many great products out there! So, what should we think about before we buy?

What kind of clothing do you want?

Gloves are one of the top popular choices. On a chilly day, the extremities are usually the first part of the body to succumb to the temperature. It’s extremely difficult to operate a clutch with frostbitten fingers!

Then there are the toes…

For the same reason, you might decide to go for a pair of heated socks. Frozen toes are no joke. Big motorcycle boots can make it difficult to feel the gear changes at the best of times, and frozen toes only make matters worse!

Useful additions…

Most riders already have a trusted bike jacket, and adding a heated liner can be a terrific way to elevate it. These items are usually extremely form-fitting. They become a base layer of battery-generated heat, which is then backed up by the padding inside the jacket.

It’s the same for trousers. We’ve all got a favorite pair of Kevlar jeans! Leggings-style liners give them an extra boost on a frosty day.

And, of course, there are helmet liners. The ears are another body part that often starts to feel the cold first. Just make sure you don’t overheat, as a full-face helmet can get incredibly hot even at low temperatures.

Material matters

Whichever you choose, make certain it’s made of the right material. Liners should be stretchy yet also durable and unlikely to tear. It would be helpful if they were moisture-wicking, or had anti-microbial properties, too.

Choosing a piece of outer clothing?

Remember the first rule of motorcycle gear; protection, protection, protection. Regardless of whether it’s heated or not, it has to defend us during an accident. Make sure it has some hard armor or leather sections over your bony bits.

Ideally, the battery should last as long as possible. Don’t forget, though; life-span is usually traded for heat level. At higher temperatures, the battery will have a much shorter life compared to lower heat.

Remember, this stuff all needs to be powered somehow…

Charging needs to be straightforward. Many of the items we reviewed plugged directly into the bike for maximum convenience. Others used a mains power or a power bank, both of which work well but will run out eventually.

And, of course, we want more than one heat setting. 95 °F is no use during a Minnesotan winter! It needs to have at least three options to cover every occasion.

And just one more thing…

It can be remarkably tempting to go straight for the cheapest option. But unfortunately, heated bike gear is always going to be on the pricey side of things. Select the item that offers you the most bang for your buck, not the least expensive.

On the road again…

We’ve got loads of practical, quality biker accessories worth checking out! For those of you looking for full cover against the elements, why not read about the Best Motorcycle Riding Suit and the Best Motorcycle Goggles for your money in 2021?

Then to keep your bike in tip-top form, check out our latest reviews of the Best Motorcycle Battery Chargers, the Best Motorcycle Tire Changers, the Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes, our Best Motorcycle Covers Review, the Best Motorcycle Cleaners, and the Best Rust Prevention currently available.

Wanna take your ride to the next level? Head to our reviews of the Best Motorcycle Radios, the Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers, the Best Motorcycle Seat Pads, and the Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers for you and your bike!

OK, back to the best heated biking gear…

So, what is the Best Heated Motorcycle Gear?

Well, folks, we’ve reached the end of our review. We saw some fantastic products, but there can only be one winner. We’ve picked the…

Volt Resistance 12v Motorcycle Heated Gloves

They might be at the higher end of the price scale, but they’re worth it! Being able to connect them to the motorcycle means that we’ll never run out of battery. Combined with the three, easily-accessible heat settings, it’s clear which product has to be our champion.

And just as importantly, these gloves come with leather protection. Safety should always be paramount when riding a motorcycle. Not only do they keep us warm, but they also prevent injury too.

So, happy riding, folks!


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