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Top 6 Best GPS Car Mounts You Should Buy In 2022 Review

Do you drive? Do you use a GPS? Chances are, if you answer yes to the first question, then you’ll also answer yes to the second one.

Whether it’s your phone or a standalone GPS unit, you need a reliable way to hold it securely. So, we spent some time reviewing the very best GPS mounts for cars to help you decide on the perfect option for your needs. And we’ve tested them on all kinds of terrain, so you’ll find out what works as well off-road as it does in the city or on the highway.

GPS Car Mounts can be split into two main categories. We will be covering three phone/GPS mounts that are magnetic first and then moving on to three that are a clamp style.

So, let’s go through the very best GPS car mounts currently available and find the perfect one for you…

Top 6 Best GPS Car Mounts On The Market In 2022 Reviews

  1. Tackform Stick-On Magnetic Car Mount – Best Budget GPS Car Mount
  2. CAW.CAR Accessories Universal Magnetic Phone Mount – Best Premium GPS Car Mount
  3. SCOSCHE MAGWSM2 Magicmount – Best Suction Cup GPS Car Mount
  4. Aonkey Cell Phone/GPS Holder – Easiest to Install GPS Car Mount
  5. ChargerCity Hippo Series – Most Durable GPS Car Mount
  6. APPS2Car Cell Phone/GPS Dashboard Mount

1 Tackform Stick-On Magnetic Car Mount – Best Budget GPS Car Mount

Great value…

We were very excited by the price of this mount, which we were able to get for around $10. This was surprising because all the others were more expensive. So, as we go through this review, keep in mind that this mount is two-thirds or even half the cost of the other mounts.

The grip of the magnet seemed to be very strong and held onto all of our devices just fine without any drama. Whether we were driving around town, down the highway, or bouncing along a trail, this magnet held up surprisingly well. It only ever gave us a scare when we were driving quite fast off-road, but it never actually dropped the device in question. It just bobbled a bit and sat back into place.


This mount certainly isn’t perfect, and it was far from the easiest one to install. This could be because the adhesive seemed to take longer than normal to dry properly. When we first installed it, we waited a few hours, then mounted our first device, and the mount started to pull away from the dash. So, we removed that adhesive pad and replaced it with the backup pad and let it dry for a full day before putting any weight on it.

We also had some concerns about the durability of the item. The stem of the mount seems a little softer than we would like it to be. That may cause some issues long-term, but it didn’t give us any problems when we tested it.

Tackform Stick-On Magnetic Car Mount

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Price.
  • Magnetic grip.


  • Difficult to install.
  • Durability.
  • Adhesive curing time.

2 CAW.CAR Accessories Universal Magnetic Phone Mount – Best Premium GPS Car Mount

Easy does it…

This mount was much easier to install than the Tackform Mount we just reviewed. The smaller footprint and sleek design made this one really stand out when we installed it, and it looks great in almost any modern car interior. It has clean, metallic lines that help it blend right in.

Because the mount is very small, with only a one-inch footprint, it can be mounted almost anywhere there’s a flat surface.

Stylish looks tend to be expensive…

The problem is that it’s the most expensive GPS mount that we tested and came in at just under $20. Remember that the last one was half the price of this one. We also had some issues with the adhesive material not staying put. The mount always felt as though it might come off the dash when there was weight applied, although it never actually did.

We were also concerned about the rotating and swiveling mechanism inside. At times it wouldn’t move smoothly and would require some gentle persuasion.

CAW.CAR Accessories Universal Magnetic Phone Mount

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Easy to install.
  • Stylish looks.
  • Size.


  • Price.
  • Quality.
  • Adhesive quality.

3 SCOSCHE MAGWSM2 Magicmount – Best Suction Cup GPS Car Mount

This was the only mount that we tested that had a suction cup mounting mechanism. There are some obvious advantages to having a suction cup mount as opposed to sticky adhesive mounts, such as the mobility. You can mount, take down, and re-mount this as many times as you’d like. However, as with any suction cup, you have to be careful about that small ring that could form over time if it’s left in one place for too long.

We couldn’t say that this mount really stood out among the others. It just did what it was asked to do, and that was it. It’s reasonably priced at around $15, so it performed just about as well as you would expect without winning any medals.

Quantity over quality?

The things that disappointed us were mostly quality issues. The plastic looks and feels a bit cheap and is not as impressive as you’d expect, considering the middle of the range price. We were also surprised by the quality of the suction cup, which felt a bit thin and may not stand the test of time. Whenever there’s a quality issue, it makes you question the long-term durability. Will this mount last? Only time will tell.

Also, with the suction cup needing a larger surface area, it limits the number of places where you can mount it. And, because it’s a suction cup, if it’s not on a completely flat surface, then it can’t get a good seal and will lose suction. This makes it less versatile than other mounts in the same price range.


Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Suction cup.
  • Overall, everything performed well, but nothing stood out.


  • Durability.
  • Versatility.
  • Quality.

Next, in our reviews of the Best GPS Car Mounts, we move on to the best clip style mounts…

4 Aonkey Cell Phone/GPS Holder – Easiest to Install GPS Car Mount

If you’re looking for something simple, with a clean design that’s easy to install and use, then this might just be the best dash mount for you.

Couldn’t be easier…

Simply take this out of the box, remove the film and the plastic protector sheet from the rubber section on the bottom, and place it in your car. You can’t get much easier than that!

The spring in this clamp feels nice and strong, and we weren’t worried about our devices moving around or falling off at any point. When it’s on your dash, and you’re not using it, it has a smooth, aesthetically pleasing design. And it sits nicely around $14, just below the middle of our price range.

Will it last?

Our biggest concern was the longevity of this mount. Where the top attaches to the bottom, it feels very questionable. The hinge is another area of concern. While the spring itself feels very strong, the posts where the bolt and spring mechanism attaches the top of the clamp to the base feel weak.

Aonkey Cell Phone/GPS Holder

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Grip.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to install.


  • Durability.

5 ChargerCity Hippo Series – Most Durable GPS Car Mount

This mount felt very durable, but we were fairly surprised by how large it was. But that did make it seem more well-built.

There is a sticky pad towards the back of the bottom of this mount. However, with the quality of the mount, the cross stitching on the bottom, and its weight, it almost feels as though the sticky pad isn’t necessary. That is, unless your dash is very slippery or it’s going to be mounted at an angle.

Hippos are big…

This mount is aptly named very well. Our only problem with that is that it’s massive, much like a real hippo. If you use the adhesive mount at the back, it’s not very easy to move or adjust. However, as mentioned, we don’t think you’ll need that for most scenarios. If you don’t use that, then you can take it off your dash when you’re not using it. It’s also much easier to clean your dash properly.

For the size, we thought that the spring mechanism would be much stronger. However, we were surprised because it didn’t feel quite as strong as the Aonkey dash mount. Because of the material that covers the mount and the plastic is so smooth on the top of the clamp, it didn’t feel as though the devices were being held in place as well. This was more apparent when we were off-road.

ChargerCity Hippo Series

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Durability.
  • Versatility.
  • Easy to use.


  • Grip.
  • Size.

6 APPS2Car Cell Phone/GPS Dashboard Mount

Déjà vu?

This mount is very similar to the ChargerCity mount just reviewed in many ways. Again, due to the overall size and build quality, this dash mount feels like it will last a long time. We were very pleased with that. It was also incredibly easy to use. Open, remove plastic, place on dash, clip down, and put your device inside. It couldn’t be easier.

Maybe more expensive isn’t always better…

However, it’s not all the same, and we did notice a few small things that made this mount different. And not in a good way. First off, the price. At around $20, again, it’s right at the top of the price range for GPS mounts. Why is it nearly $5 more than the ChargerCity mount if they’re so similar? Maybe it will stand up to the test of time a bit better. Unfortunately, we didn’t test them long enough to be able to answer that, but we doubt it.

We also had issues with the adhesive quality of the bottom of the mount itself. When not using the sticky pad, this one held itself still. Just not AS well as the CityCharger mount. Although, with the adhesive pad, it did grip fairly well. We also ran into some device grip issues when testing this mount.

APPS2Car Cell Phone/GPS Dashboard Mount

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Durability.
  • Easy to use.


  • Price.
  • Adhesion.
  • Grip.

Best GPS Car Mounts Buyers Guide

Best GPS Car Mounts Review

Think that you don’t need a mount for your phone or GPS?

You could pay for that. Literally. How?

In most states these days, if you are seen with any device in your hand while you’re driving, even if it’s just to check the GPS, you can get into some serious trouble with the law. Why would you take that risk? These mounts will help you to eliminate that possibility.

However, when buying a car mount for your cell phone or GPS, there are a few key things that you need to keep in mind. So, let’s go through them…


You can start to get an idea for durability as soon as you open the box and pull out the car mount and get the wrappings off it.

Does this feel like it’s going to break as soon as you open it? Do the joints feel lose and flimsy, or do they feel nice and tight? Is the adhesive indeed sticky, or does it feel like it has the adhesive qualities of a sticky note? Does the magnet actually have the power to hold something as heavy as a large cell phone or GPS system? Does the suction cup create a good seal when placed on a clean, dry surface? You get the idea.

Ease of installation and use

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You don’t want to buy a mount, no matter how good it might be, if it’s going to be difficult to use. It’s best to find a product that is quick and easy to install and also allows you to place/remove your cell phone or GPS device in seconds.

This also relates to how secure the device feels when it’s in the mount. If it’s not easy to use, you may not get a good grip on the device, and that could lead to its own, very expensive problems in the future.


We think you know where we’re going with this one as well. Today, there is an innumerable selection of smartphones and GPS devices out there. They come in all sizes. There seems to be an infinite number of protective cases that you can buy for them as well. The cases come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, colors, etc. You should feel confident that your device is going to fit nicely into the car mount that you buy.

What type of GPS mount is right for you?

Top Best GPS Car Mounts

There is no shortage of mounts out there that you can buy right now. There are magnetic mounts, clamp style mounts, adjustable sliding mounts, one-size-fits-all rubber mounts, etc. See what we mean? We decided to stick to the magnetic and clamp style mounts for our tests because, in our experience, they are the most popular, consistent, and reliable car mounts.

When it comes to attaching the GPS mount to your car, there are four main types…

Adhesive Pads

You can get an adhesive pad that sticks to the area that you decide. Normally, this is somewhere on the dash. These have the widest possibilities for mounting due to the adhesive nature of the mounts. That’s great, right? Well, there are some downsides as well. Once they’re stuck, there’s no moving them without leaving some nasty, sticky residue.

Suction Mount Cups

Some mounts have a suction cup that can be mounted anywhere that has a flat surface. The only problem is that the surface has to be completely flat, or you can’t get a seal, and you lose suction. That limits some of the options for mounting, so these are typically mounted hanging down from the windshield. However, this can leave those annoying rings, which can be difficult to clean.

Rubber Pads

Some car mounts have a rubber pad on the bottom. These are great because they don’t leave rings as much as the suction cup ones. However, they are typically larger, so they are much more limited in their mounting options.

Vent Clips

These are our least favorite type, and we didn’t even consider including them in this review. This is because we’ve had bad experiences with them sliding off the vents, or they grip the vent well, but the vent isn’t strong enough to support the weight being placed on it. We see this more in older cars, but we didn’t want to chance it.

GPS car mount price ranges…

As you can imagine, when looking for a quality cell phone/GPS mount for your car, you are spoiled for choice. You can find items ranging from $2 all the way up to the (insane) price of $100.

Therefore, we asked ourselves how much the average person would actually spend on the best car mount? We came up with a range of $10 to $20. So, that’s where we looked. And we found plenty of items from top brands in that range.

Next, we’ll move on to the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Looking for more superb motoring accessories?

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What are the Best GPS Car Mounts?

After much testing and deliberating, we decided that the best GPS car mount was the…


We really liked it because it does everything that you want a GPS/cell phone mount to do. We liked its small profile over the bulky clamps, and the suction cup meant that it was easy to remove if we weren’t using it. Considering the price, the quality issues are not that important, and it could potentially last you a few years if it’s taken care of.

Happy motoring.


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