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Top 8 Best Engine Flush On The Market In 2022 Reviews

If you have an older vehicle, the chances are that your engine’s performance is a long way from what it would have been when it left the showroom floor. Whilst you will never be able to fully restore that new kind of condition, you can still turn the clock back to regain some of its lost potential.

An engine flush is designed to do exactly this…

It will help to clean out dirt and sludge from your engine. This, in turn, will unlock lost acceleration, improve the economy and lead to an all-around smoother running engine.

These days, buying even the best engine flush doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. Additionally, the choices available have never been better. Therefore we decided to review the best of the best.

So, let’s get to it and find the perfect engine flush for you…

Top 8 Best Engine Flush You Should Buy In 2022 Review

  1. Liqui Moly 2037 Pro-Line Engine Flush – Best Affordable Engine Flush for Turbocharged Engines
  2. Golden Touch 1698 Fast Flush Engine Flush – Best Value Engine Flush
  3. Lubegard 95030 Engine Flush – Best Premium Synthetic Blend Engine Flush
  4. Energy Release P023 Motor Flush – Best Budget Engine Flush for Cars and Motorbikes
  5. Niteo Motor Medic MF3-12PK 5-Minute Motor Flush – Best Bulk Pack Engine Flush
  6. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment – Best Fuel Additive for Engine Flushing
  7. Rislone 4102 Concentrated Engine Treatment, Conditioner, and Cleaner – Best Engine Conditioner and Cleaner for High Mileage
  8. Resurs Total Engine Universal Oil Additive for All Type Engine Restoration – Best Engine Restoring Oil Additive for Old Engines

1 Liqui Moly 2037 Pro-Line Engine Flush – Best Affordable Engine Flush for Turbocharged Engines

Liqui Moly is a global company with close to 70 years of experience in the industry. They have a staggering 4,000 products in their portfolio and are frequently rated the best brand by auto-motive publications and consumers alike. This is, therefore, a brand and a product you can trust in.

It’s a hard one to beat, and we think it could very possibly be the best engine flush in our review.

Let us explain…

It’s easy to use and goes to work fast. You simply start your engine and let it run for five minutes before turning it off and then adding Liqui Moly 2037 to your existing oil. Then restart your engine and let it idle for ten minutes while it works its magic before finally changing the old oil.

The formula is specially designed to clean quickly and gently. It will safely strip your engine of built-up deposits that accumulate during the lifetime of an engine. Dirt, gum, grime, and varnishes will be removed.

Versatile and practical…

It’s safe to use in gasoline and diesel engines. Plus, the good news is that it’s also fine to use if you have a turbocharger catalytic converter.

You get all of this for a remarkably competitive price too.

Liqui Moly 2037 Pro-Line Engine Flush

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Assured quality.
  • Works fast.
  • Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Can be used on turbocharged engines.


  • May take more than one application on very old engines.

2 Golden Touch 1698 Fast Flush Engine Flush – Best Value Engine Flush

There’s no doubt that Golden Touch 1698 Fast Flush Engine Flush represents excellent value for money. It comes in a 128oz container, and on price alone, this all-American product is hard to beat. For even better value, you can opt for the value four-pack that will bag you around another 20 percent saving.

So, what about its cleaning qualities?

Here you can be assured that it’s as effective as some of the better-known engine flush cleaners. It uses most of the same chemical ingredients as Golden Touch Oil Cleaner whilst utilizing Butyl Cellosolve as its active ingredient, using 10W motor oil as the carrier.

How to use it…

Golden Touch 1698 should be added to your existing oil following a five minutes idling period. Once the oil has been changed, you replace the oil filler cap and restart the engine. You then allow your vehicle to idle for between three to five minutes. Then you turn off the engine, drain the engine flush along with all the harmful contaminants, replace your oil filter, and finally add new oil to your engine.

Safe and cross-compatible…

It’s a safe product to use and can be used on any type of engine. The main ingredient, 10W motor oil, provides excellent lubrication whilst the Butyl Cellosolve does its thing and removes dirt, varnish, and gum from your engine. It does all of this safely, without damaging any internal components.

Golden Touch 1698 can help breathe new life into your tired engine. It can improve compression and fuel economy by freeing up sticking piston rings; plus, it can eliminate lifter clatter.

Golden Touch 1698 Fast Flush Engine Flush

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Good value.
  • Fast-acting.
  • Strong cleaning agent.
  • Improves fuel economy and engine noise.


  • Needs to be quickly removed from your engine to avoid damage.

3 Lubegard 95030 Engine Flush – Best Premium Synthetic Blend Engine Flush

This contains a blend of cleaners to remove dirt, gum, varnish, and other contaminants that your oil filter will leave behind. Typically, your oil filter removes anything larger than 25 microns that shouldn’t be there. However, using Lubegard will remove contaminants as small as just five microns.

Why’s this important?

It is these smaller particles that otherwise remain free to clog up and damage your engine. Interestingly, 60% of the damage to your engine will be caused by these smaller bits of dirt and grime.

The engine flush does not contain any chemicals or ingredients that can damage your engine. This includes gaskets and seals or any other non-metal parts. As well as containing cleaners, it also has an engine oil protectant.

Who can use this?

It’s safe to use on any sort of engine. This includes all makes of diesel and gasoline engines. What’s more, it’s compatible if you have a turbocharger or supercharged vehicle.

Lubegard 95030 Engine Flush should be added to an engine that has been warmed for a few minutes. After adding it to the rest of the oil, you need to restart your car and let it idle for 10 minutes before turning it off again and going through a standard oil change.

Take a good look…

On very old or poorly maintained vehicles, it’s recommended that you carefully examine both the oil pan and the screen for any dirt that might have accumulated. If you don’t do so, then you run the risk of reducing oil flow, which can cause more engine damage.

Lubegard 95030 Engine Flush

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Premium synthetic blend.
  • No harmful ingredients for gaskets or seals.
  • Improves sticking valves and engine noise.
  • Suitable for turbo and supercharged engines.


  • Cost.

4 Energy Release P023 Motor Flush – Best Budget Engine Flush for Cars and Motorbikes

If you’re searching for a practical yet inexpensive engine flush, then look no further. This 15oz can is packed with everything you’ll need for an engine flush but for a very affordable price. This is one for the budget-conscious driver and maintenance enthusiast.

So, what do you get for not very much?

You get an engine flush that can be used on any type of vehicle. This includes turbocharged and supercharged engines. Happily, it’s also suitable for motorcycles too.

One can is sufficient for an engine with an oil capacity of approximately five liters or five quarts. If you have a motorcycle or a bigger car, truck, or RV, we’ll leave you to do the relevant math.

How does this work?

The cleaner has solvents that are powerful enough to dissolve and remove sludge along with micro contaminants from your engine. The result will be a smoother running engine with cleaner valves and rings, less varnish build-up, and better oil flow. In turn, this will translate to less damage to the inside of the engine, better fuel economy, and potentially more horsepower.

Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Finishing off, on a cautionary note, we’d advise you to keep this well away from children. Something we’re sure you do anyway, but this deserves a little extra care because the cans look very similar to a soda or energy drink.

Energy Release P023 Motor Flush

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Inexpensive.
  • Improves the engine’s smooth running.
  • Improves economy.
  • Potentially increases your engine’s horsepower.


  • Container looks like an energy drink.

5 Niteo Motor Medic MF3-12PK 5-Minute Motor Flush – Best Bulk Pack Engine Flush

This is another excellent engine flush for value seekers. The single 32oz bottle is priced at much the same as the rest of its competitors. However, the 12 pack is where the savings are. If you’re likely to use a lot of engine flush, you will find the price of a 12 pack of Niteo Motor Medic MF3 hard to beat.

This is a fast-acting flush that requires a simple three-step process.

Let us take you through it…

First, you add it directly into your engine’s oil. Unlike a lot of other flushes, it doesn’t require you to warm up to the engine for five minutes first. That’s a time saver, and we’re sure you’ll agree that’s a definite plus. One container is sufficient for an engine of up to around ten liters or quarts.

Second, you start your engine and let it idle for five minutes. Here again, there is time-saving involved as a lot of other cleaners require you to idle the engine for ten minutes or longer. The final stage is to drain the old oil and engine flush before carrying out a routine oil change.

The results?

Using Niteo Motor Medic MF3 before every oil change will clear your engine of dirt and sludge and help restore any lost performance due to age and wear. It can help to reduce unwanted engine noise, reduce oil consumption and improve the economy.

It’s safe to use on all engines and will not damage gaskets or seals. Used regularly, it can increase the lifetime of your engine and potentially reduce maintenance costs.

Niteo Motor Medic MF3-12PK 5-Minute Motor Flush

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Good value.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Can free sticky valves and reduce engine noise.
  • Promotes better oil flow.
  • Improves economy.


  • Care is needed if used for longer than five minutes, or damage may occur.

6 Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment – Best Fuel Additive for Engine Flushing

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment is one formula solution for a variety of different problems.

It can be used as an effective engine flush but not in the same way as most engine flushes. Rather than add it to your engine oil immediately before an oil change, and for just a few minutes, you add Sea Foam 100-300 miles before an oil change and continue to drive your vehicle around as normal.

Does it work?

The results are the same as you get from all the best engine flushes. Therefore, you can expect its detergent effect to remove unwanted micro contaminants that damage and clog up your engine. Used as an engine flush, you should add one and a half ounces of Sea Foam to one-quart oil.

It can also be added directly to your fuel system via your gas tank. Used as a fuel additive, it will clean the injectors and carburetors along with the hoses and your entire fuel system. This can help to promote smoother running, improve the economy and increase horsepower.

There’s more…

This is all very impressive, but it has one final application, which is as a fuel stabilizer. Added to your fuel system, it can stabilize your fuel for as long as two years. If you have a vehicle that goes unused for long periods, such as an RV, this is a great option. Using Sea Foam will stop your fuel from degrading and losing its combustible properties.

Sea Foam can be used on both diesel and gasoline engines. It can be used across all kinds and makes of engines, actually. Plus, its non-abrasive formula does not contain harsh chemicals, meaning that it’s safe to use with turbocharged engines too.

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Can be used as a fuel stabilizer.
  • Effective as a fuel additive.
  • Easy to use engine flush.
  • Doesn’t contain harsh detergents.
  • Safe to use in all engines.


  • Cans are easily dented.
  • The top can be difficult to open.

7 Rislone 4102 Concentrated Engine Treatment, Conditioner, and Cleaner – Best Engine Conditioner and Cleaner for High Mileage

Risolone’s engine treatment comes in a 16.9oz yellow container. You can either buy a bottle at a time or in a pack of five or six. We strongly suggest you check the prices per unit before you buy. This is because some suppliers are selling it cheaper by the bottle than as part of a larger pack.

It makes no sense to us whatsoever, but there you go!

One bottle is made to clean an engine that can hold up to six quarts of oil. This is an ongoing maintenance product that you simply add to your existing engine at approximately 100 miles before a routine oil change.

There are no strong chemicals, detergents, or harmful agents.

Who is it for?

This is an excellent product for drivers who put high mileage on their vehicles. It can increase the smooth running and longevity of your engine. It will remove unwanted dirt and gum quickly and without causing damage.

You can expect a quieter engine as the formula goes to work to clean dirty valves, rings, and lifters. You can also expect improved fuel economy and better acceleration.

A superb option…

For a very inexpensive product, there are plenty of good reasons to reach for this one.

Rislone 4102 Concentrated Engine Treatment, Conditioner, and Cleaner

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Easy to use.
  • No strong detergents or harmful chemicals.
  • Decreases engine noise.
  • Improves performance and economy.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Cannot stop engine smoking.

8 Resurs Total Engine Universal Oil Additive for All Type Engine Restoration – Best Engine Restoring Oil Additive for Old Engines

This is used to restore lost performance and regenerate your tired and worn engine. Its primary application is for use in older cars and engines. It’s recommended that you use it regularly, after the first dose, as part of a structured maintenance program.

So, how should it be used?

That’s easy. You simply add it to your oil following a scheduled oil change. Before you add the additive, you should shake the bottle for 20 to 30 seconds. One bottle will treat three to five liters of oil.

The only other thing you have to remember is to start your vehicle and let it idle for 15 minutes. Then you’re done. The truth is it doesn’t get much easier than that.

What about the benefits?

Resurs’ formula can restore the surface of your engine to within as much as 95% of its original condition. By removing dirt and the micro imperfections in your engine, the result is better oil flow and less consequential wear. This can also mean lower repair bills down the line.

Other benefits include improved compression, reduced oil burning, better fuel economy, and more power.

Save on fuel costs…

Resurs may not be the most affordable engine flush, but it stands out as the ideal engine flush for improving fuel economy. What’s more, it can deliver up to a 10% increase, which is impressive and goes a long way to offset its relatively high price.

Resurs Total Engine Universal Oil Additive for All Type Engine Restoration

Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • Easy to use.
  • Improves compression.
  • Reduces oil burning.
  • Impressive increases in fuel economy.


  • Cost.

Best Engine Flush Buying Guide

Best Engine Flush Review


As engines age, they will inevitably attract and collect dirt, gum, varnish, and other unwanted contaminants on the inside surface. Your filter is there as the first line of protection to keep all of this gunk from clogging up your engine.

As part of your engine’s routine maintenance, you should always change the oil filter. Though they will catch larger particles, they will be unable to stop finer microscopic particles from entering inside the engine and affecting its efficiency and causing potential damage.

To rid your engine of these tiny impurities, an engine flush can be a very powerful tool.

How do They Work?

They have a unique chemical formula that acts like detergents to strip away dirt and particles. These are then carried away in the rest of the oil and flushed out of the engine during an oil change. The ideal engine flush is one that can do all of this but do so in a non-abrasive fashion so as not to damage the engine’s surface or gaskets and seals.

Happily, all the engine flushes in our review can do this.

What are the Exact Benefits of an Engine Flush?

Using an engine flush will help to breathe new life into your engine. Though it won’t restore it to the same condition as when it left the factory, it will never the less help to make it more efficient.

With fewer contaminants, like gum, and varnish, your engine will improve its performance. You can expect to experience a smoother and quieter engine with fewer sticking valves.

But the benefits don’t stop there…

You can also expect to get a better fuel economy and better acceleration. Your engine will also be less polluting, less oil-burning, and will put out fewer emissions. That could be handy when you’re faced with an imminent yearly inspection.

Types of Engine Flush

Engine flushes fall into two basic categories. The first is added to your old oil immediately before your oil change. The second is added to your oil by as much as 100 to 300 miles before being changed.

Like Niteo Motor Medic MF3-12PK 5-Minute Motor Flush, the first of these will usually be added to your engine after it’s been warmed up for around five minutes. It is added to the old oil, and the car is left idle for a period of usually between five to ten minutes. The time will vary depending on what flush you use, so you need to pay attention to this and follow the instructions carefully.

You then carry out a regular oil change, and all the dirt and gunk, hopefully, will leave your engine with the dirty oil.

Oil additives…

The second kind is added to your old oil, and you continue to drive around for up to 300 miles as normal. It works by helping to prevent particle build-up while gently removing existing grime. This kind of engine flush, like Rislone 4102 Concentrated Engine Treatment, is frequently used as an ongoing treatment for high mileage cars. This formula is not as harsh as the first types of engine flush.

Finally, you should never add the first kind of engine cleaners, with potent cleaning agents, to your oil unless it is going to be immediately changed without the car being driven. Plus, you should be very careful that you don’t forget you’ve added the second type of engine flush and continue driving over the stipulated number of miles before performing your oil change.

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Back to the best car engine flushers…

So, what is the Best Engine Flush?

There you have it. There’s no doubt that if you use an engine flush on an older vehicle, there are plenty of benefits.

If you need an engine flush, we hope there was at least one on our list that was right for you and your vehicle. If we had to choose the perfect engine flush, it would be the…

Niteo Motor Medic MF3-12PK 5-Minute Motor Flush

This is because it’s easy to use and fast-acting. Additionally, it’s useful in reducing engine noise, as well as effective in improving economy and acceleration. Plus, it’s excellent value too.

Here’s to happy engines!


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