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Top 8 Best Car Window Tints in 2022 Review & Buying Guide

There are so many good reasons to add a window tint to your car. Window tints can improve driving visibility, help to keep your car cooler, protect you and your car from harmful UV rays, and provide privacy.

Whatever reason you choose to tint your car’s windows, the good news is that the choice of window tints has never been better. Happily, the prices have never been keener too.

To narrow down the choice, we’ve selected eight great choices of the Best Car Window Tint for you and your car. So, let’s get to it and take a closer look…

Top 8 Best Car Window Tint on the Market in 2022 Reviews

1 LEXEN 2Ply Carbon All Windows PreCut Tint Kit – Best Long Lasting Car Window Tint

This is a vehicle-specific car window tint system. The car window tints are cut your particular car’s year and model. There are thousands of patterns to choose from dating back over 60 years. Just be sure to get the exact details of your car correct when you order.

Be aware of the law…

It should be noted that the tint for the front windshield and sunroof, where applicable, is not included in the kit. This is because tinting the windscreen of a car is illegal in many states and countries.

This is undoubtedly one of the best easy to install car window tints you can buy. Although there is a price penalty for having the tint pre-cut, we sure you’ll agree that’s it’s well worth the significant time-saving.

Made to last…

The tint is made from a two-ply carbon which has the benefit of never fading. Again, there’s another small price penalty. However, for the peace of mind of never having to replace it, we think it’s worth paying just a little extra.

The surface of the tint has a hard scratch-resistant surface. You can be assured that it won’t deteriorate with age and washing. This two-ply carbon tint will last and last. As a result, this is one of the most durable car window tints on the market.

The choice of tints spans from just 5% visible light transference to 50% light transference. Whichever you choose, they all have 99% UV protection for the sun’s rays.

Finding the right fit…

The kit comes with a scraper. However, you may also need to buy baby shampoo, a spray bottle, and a squeegee to make a successful install. Depending on the size of the tints, you may also need larger-sized scrapers.

The tints are guaranteed to be the right size and not be damaged in transit. Any incorrectly sized or damaged tints will be replaced by the company under warranty. Just be careful not to damage them yourself during installation.

LEXEN 2Ply Carbon All Windows PreCut Tint Kit

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • The tint will not fade.
  • Hard-wearing.
  • 99% UV protection.
  • Pre-cut for easy installation.
  • Thousands of tints available.
  • Limited warranty.


  • Cost.
  • Tint for the windshield and sunroof is not included.

2 PROTINT WINDOWS 36-Inch-by-10-Feet Window Tint Film – Best Multi Purpose Car Window Tint

This is a multi-purpose window tint. It can be used anywhere to add some tint and UV protection. It can be used at home, at work, on shop windows, and also on cars and other vehicles. The tint comes in a ten-foot roll that measures 36 inches across. If this is too large, there are 24-inch rolls available.

Absolute privacy…

This specific tint gives you 5% visible light transference. Essentially, this means that it’s the best dark car window tint you can buy. If you use this on your vehicle, you will guarantee that no one will be able to see inside.

Before installing it, you should check the laws where you live to ensure that you’re complying with local and national regulations. Failure to do so could land you with a potentially very heavy fine.

Excellent UV protection…

PROTINT offers lighter tints down to 50% visible light transference. This kind of higher light transference is much more suitable for blocking out the light but keeping enough visibility to be able to drive safely. Plus, it is far more likely to be legal in most countries and states.

PROTINT film is a two-ply tint that will block out 99% of harmful sun rays. Additionally, it’s effective in reducing the heat from the sun. Great for keeping you cool and saving on potentially higher fuel bills though having to blast out the air-con on full power.

Not the easiest to install…

The installation will require careful measuring and cutting. You get a squeegee included in the price, but you will need a few more tools and items to successfully adhere the film to your car’s windows. Check out the Buying Guide for a basic description of what you’ll need.

PROTINT is one of the best affordable car window tints that offers plenty of quality too. For those requiring a lot of privacy, this 5% visible light transference film is an excellent option.

PROTINT WINDOWS 36-Inch-by-10-Feet Window Tint Film

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Available in different shades.
  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Reflects heat.
  • Economical.


  • Installation time.
  • All tools and items for the installation are not included.

3 VViViD Colorful Transparent Vinyl Car Window Tinting Roll Pack – Best Heat Reduction Car Window Tint

If you want to add a little bit of color into your car’s life, this is a good choice. VViViD Colorful Transparent Vinyl Car Window Tint comes in an exciting range of six colors. We love the orange, but the purple is equally as vibrant.

The tint has a 35% visible light transference rating. This is lighter than a lot of tints but still may be too dark to comply with the laws in a lot of states and countries. As ever you need to check before you buy.

Ideal for sedans…

The tint comes in two rolls that measure 30” x 60”. This is sufficient to cover most cars. In fact, for smaller vehicles, a single roll may be sufficient. So, if you have a coup of smaller vehicles, this could be a great deal.

The tint is made from vinyl and has an adhesive backing. It can be tricky to install and get all the bubbles from the surface. Make sure you have all the right tools to hand before you start the job.

Beat the heat…

Happily, it has a 99% effectiveness against UV rays. That’s great for the interior of your car. But more importantly, it’s great for your skin too. Even better, the level of UV protection won’t fade throughout its lifetime.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the color in the tint. Over time this will fade, and you won’t enjoy the same level of vibrant color as you did when it was first installed. Plus, the color will fade much more quickly in sunnier climates. However, if you do live in hotter climates, you will benefit from one of the best heat blocking car window tints available.

VViViD Colorful Transparent Vinyl Car Window Tinting Roll Pack

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Vibrant colorways.
  • Two rolls are included for the price.
  • 99% UV protection.
  • Good level of heat deflection.


  • The color will fade over time.
  • Only available in a 35% visible light transference rating.

4 MotoShield Pro Premium Professional 2mil Ceramic Window Tint Film – Best Premium Car Window Tint

This is the best car window tint if you’re looking for an extensive range. The choice is huge. The widths start at 20 inches and go up to 50 inches. The lengths of the rolls start at five feet and go all the way to 100 feet.

If that not enough, the level of visible light transference starts at 5% and goes down as low as 70% and 75%. This is quite unusual as most companies unusually offer just 50% visible light transference at the lower end.

High-quality material…

This is certainly one of the best ceramic car window tints you will find. It uses the very best materials that are free from metal dyes and carbons. That’s good news for your car as well as for the environment.

The nano ceramic particles within the two-millimeter tinted film are highly effective in reflecting heat. They can decrease the interior temperature of your car by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s much better in comparison to non-ceramic-based window tints. The result is a cooler car and less money spent on gas, trying to cool the interior down with the air-con.

But that’s not all…

Other positives are that it has much better glare reduction qualities than traditional films. It has better glare reduction qualities than most other ceramic films too.

Another big positive is that there are no metal particles within the film. This means that your phone will not suffer any interference. In turn, you will be able to maintain phone connectivity all of the time.

Goes the distance…

Although this is a relatively expensive window tint, it won’t fade, bubble, turn purple, or lose its effectiveness. This makes it a good option for long-term use. Fit it once and then forget about it.

MotoShield Pro Premium Professional 2mil Ceramic Window Tint Film

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Extensive choice of sizes and tint level.
  • High heat-reflecting qualities.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • High levels glare reduction.
  • The film does not contain metal particles.
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • Price.

5 TRUE LINE Automotive Computer Customized Pre-cut Window Tint Kit – Best Fitting Car Window Tint

True Line pre-cut the window film tint for your make and model of car. Although a lot of other companies offer this service, True Line gives you the option of how many windows, and which ones, you buy the tints for.

If you just want to buy the window tints for the back windows only, then this is possible. Alternatively, you can get the full kit for all the windows. Although, this will always exclude the windshield. This is because, in most states and countries, it’s illegal to tint the windshield.

UV Protection…

There are four levels of tint options available that all provide 99% UV protection. These are 5%, 20%, 35% and 50%. This is adequate in most cases. However, there are plenty of other manufactures that offer similar pre-cut tints but in a better choice of tint options.

More positively, fitting the film is very easy and takes up much less time when compared to having to cut a roll of film to size. The professionals make it look easy, but there’s no doubt that it’s a lot trickier than it looks.

Simple installation…

You’ll have no such problems with this film. It won’t crinkle and leave a crease. Plus, working out the bubbles is easy and straight-forward. Compared to a lot of other brands, this is undoubtedly one of the easiest to fit.

TRUE LINE Automotive Computer Customized Pre-cut Window Tint Kit

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • The film is pre-cut for your specific vehicle.
  • Choice of window options.
  • Very easy to fit.
  • 99% UV protection.


  • Only four options for the tint level.

6 Diablo SOL X – 2 Ply Window Tint Professional Dark Charcoal 20% Tint Roll – Best Budget Car Window Tint

This is a two-ply polyester car window tint. Polyester is the most common material for window tinting. This is for good reason since it’s relatively inexpensive, scratch-resistant, and easy to install.

Some downsides…

Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to using a polyester-based window tint. These are that the color can fade relatively quickly in comparison to carbon or ceramic-based window tints. Additionally, it doesn’t have such impressive heat repelling properties. Plus, although it’s easy to install, it can be more prone to bubbling.

Despite these shortcomings, Diablo SOL X is still a great option. Plus, as it turns out, one of the potential issues with Polyester tinting has been overcome as there is no dye in the Diablo SOL X. This means guaranteed no fading.

But there are some benefits…

You also get a three years warranty that there will be no fading. Additionally, it guarantees against bubbling and peeling. You’d honestly expect a window tint to last much longer than this, but many manufacturers offer no guarantees whatsoever. Consequently, we’re not going to knock it.

This is a 20% window tint and comes in a huge 100-feet roll. The roll’s size makes this very much a product for professionals who are using it for multiple vehicles.

A superb low cost car window tint…

As you’d expect, the Diablo SOL X will filter out 99% of harmful UV rays. It also contains no metallic particles, so you can use your mobile phone without fear of losing your connection. This all adds up to one of the best cheap car window tints on the market.

Diablo SOL X - 2 Ply Window Tint Professional Dark Charcoal 20% Tint Roll

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Great value.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Dye-free.
  • Easy to install.
  • Three years warranty.


  • Not the most heat repellant.
  • More prone to bubbling in comparison to non-Polyester window films.

7 VELIMAX Static Cling Total Blackout Window Film – Best Privacy Car Window Tint

If you require totally blacked-out windows, then look no further. VELIMAX Static Cling Total Blackout Window Film will give you exactly that. Once this is installed on your windows, there’s zero chance of being able to see inside.

So, who’s it for?

This is a great option for use on vehicles like RVs where a specific area requires total privacy or any vehicle where privacy is key. However, as with all window tints, regardless of where you want to use them, make sure you check carefully concerning local laws before you buy.

Select your size…

It comes in a roll form in a variety of widths between 17.7” to 35.4”. You can choose from rolls length between 78” to 236.2”. The tint is made from vinyl but despite this is unlikely to fade even over the longer term.

Plus, unlike a lot of vinyl tints, because this one is so dark, it has excellent heat repelling properties. Additionally, again because it’s so dark, you can expect close to zero glare.

No mess or fuss…

Another advantage of the tint being super-dark is that harmful UV rays will not get through, and this, in turn, means the inside of your vehicle and its contents will be protected against fading.

This is glue-free and relatively easy to install. The fact is that not only is this easy to install, but it’s also easy to remove as well. It’s even possible to re-use it if you’re careful during the removal process.

VELIMAX Static Cling Total Blackout Window Film

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Provides complete privacy.
  • High heat repelling properties.
  • Good choice of sizes.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Inexpensive.


  • It might not be legal in many states and countries.

8 BDF S05 Heat Control Daytime Privacy One Way Mirror Window Film Silver 5 – Best One Way Car Window Tint

BDF makes a large range of mirrored window tints. They are extensively used in homes and office buildings. However, they still are popular amongst motorists and enjoy plenty of popularity wherever it’s legal to use them.

This is a silver mirror finish that allows just 5% of visible light transference. The ‘5’ at the end of the description refers to the level of visible light transference. If you require a high percentage, BDF has a good selection of different values right up to 65%.

Another thing we like about this film is that you can also choose different colors of mirror-finish. Silver is a classic choice. However, with the right paint job on your car, bronze will undoubtedly add a bit of flash.

Staying cool…

One of the main selling points of this window tint is its epic heat repelling ability. Likewise, this is one of the best cooling car window tints in our review for keeping you cool on the inside. Honestly, it’s probably one of the best you’ll find anywhere.

The film comes in one of the most comprehensive ranges of widths and lengths available. Whatever size, and no matter how many cars and vehicles you have, they’ll have a size to suit.

Everything you need…

This is all good, but even better, it comes at a great price and also includes a squeegee and cutting knife. Together with the fact that it’s easy to install and crinkle-free, there’s plenty to like about this one.

BDF S05 Heat Control Daytime Privacy One Way Mirror Window Film Silver 5

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Excellent at repelling heat.
  • A wide choice of visible light transference percentages.
  • A large selection of widths and sizes.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It comes with a free squeegee and knife.


  • It can easily scratch.
  • Requires a lot of soapy water to install.

Best Car Window Tint Buying Guide

Best Car Window Tint Buying Guide

Before you purchase any window tint, there are a few things to consider beforehand.

Pre-Cut Window Tint

These are the easiest to install as the cutting has already been done for you. Most companies offering pre-cut window tints have a huge current and back catalog. Consequently, you should have no problems in finding the correct pre-cut window tints for your vehicle.

Although they are easy to install, one of the main disadvantages is that if you make a mistake, such as tearing a piece of film, you don’t have any spare material to rectify the error. Another disadvantage is that they are generally more expensive than non-pre-cut alternatives.

If you decide to go down this route, be careful to make sure you specify the exact date and model of your vehicle.

Window Tint Rolls

Car window tints are most commonly sold in a roll. There are plenty of good reasons for this. The biggest advantage is that it’s less expensive to buy window tints in this form. Likewise, if you have multiple cars, you can use just one roll. Additionally, if you make a mistake or need to replace a subsequently damaged tinted window, it’s easy to just cut another piece from the roll.

Most companies provide a wide range of widths and sizes, so it’s easy to tailor to your needs. BDF S05 Heat Control Daytime Privacy Window Film stands out as offering the best car window tint roll selection.

The main disadvantage of buying a roll is that you’ll need to measure and cut it yourself. This does take more time and a modicum of skill but shouldn’t be past the ability of most competent DIYers.

Choice of Material

Choice of Material

Polyester is the most common material for window tints. This is because it’s inexpensive, scratch-resistant, and easy to install. If you choose a polyester tint, it’s best to select one that has not been dyed since it can fade over time. For this reason, the non-dyed Diablo SOL X – 2 Ply Window Tint is a good choice.

Ceramic window tints are a great alternative. They are more expensive but don’t contain dyes and are generally harder-wearing. They are also more environmentally-friendly and don’t contain metallic substances that can interfere with your mobile signal. It should be noted that most Polyester window tints are also metallic-free.

A final alternative is a carbon-based tint. These are more expensive but have the benefits of never-fading and being harder-wearing, and more scratch-resistant than the alternatives. If you want a carbon window tint, the LEXEN 2Ply Carbon All Windows PreCut Tint Kit is an excellent choice.

Visible Light Transference Percentage

This refers to the amount of light that can pass through the tint. The lower the number, the less light that can pass through, the darker the tint, and the darker your car will be inside.

Most companies will offer tints between 5% to 50%. However, if you live in an area with predominantly poor light conditions, the higher level of tint may be too dark. If you need a lighter tint, MotoShield offers tints with a visible light transference as low as 75%.

Whatever level of tint you choose, it’s first essential to check with your local laws to ensure you don’t come unstuck. If you fall foul of the law, the fines can be very hefty indeed. Many countries don’t allow any form of tinting on the windshield, although they do on other windows, so you need to check this as well.

Heat Repelling Properties

Cutting out the sun’s rays has the benefit of not only reducing UV rays that can damage your car’s interior and your skin but can also reduce the heat inside your vehicle.

If you live in a hot climate, this can make for much more comfortable driving and can potentially save fuel bills as you won’t need to constantly run your air-con on full power. Therefore, if keeping out the heat is a key requirement, any of the BDF windows are likely to be a great option.

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What is the Best Car Window Tint?

So, there you have it. We are a big fan of window tinting and in almost all circumstances think it can improve the comfort of your driving experience. We would be happy to use any of the tints on our cars, although if we had to choose just one, it would be the…

LEXEN 2Ply Carbon All Windows PreCut Tint Kit

We think this is the best option because it’s pre-cut, meaning it is undoubtedly the easiest and quickest to install. Additionally, we like the fact that it’s carbon-based, which makes it highly durable and scratch-resistant. Plus, Lexen has thousands of different tints available, so you’re guaranteed that they’ll have one that’s right for your car.

Until next time, mat the road treat you right.


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