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Top 7 Best Car Phone Mounts for 2022 Review

Phones are a huge part of our lives these days. They’re not only for staying in touch anymore. Ordering food, learning a new language, there’s an app for just about everything.

Sometimes, we don’t know what we’d do if we didn’t have our phones by our side. And one of its most helpful features has to be GPS. But it’s difficult to use while driving.

So, what do we need?

A hands-free solution, of course. Here, we’ve searched for the best car phone mount around. So, let’s check them out to find the perfect addition to your dashboard…

Top 7 Best Car Phone Mounts on the Market 2022 Reviews

  1. Belkin Car Vent Mount – Best iPhone Car Phone Mount
  2. Kenu Airframe Car Phone Mount – Best Wireless Charging Car Phone Mount
  3. iOttie iTap 2 – Best Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount
  4. Logitech +Trip One-Touch Smartphone Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount – Best Value for the Money Car Phone Mount
  5. SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount – Best Universal Magnetic Dashboard Car Phone Mount
  6. Vansky 3-in-1 Universal Cell Phone Holder – Best Budget Car Phone Mount
  7. Humixx Magnetic Car Phone Mount – Best Tape Adhesive Car Phone Mount

1 Belkin Car Vent Mount – Best iPhone Car Phone Mount

Ain’t no mount-ain high enough…

Up first in our review of car mobile phone holders is this option from Belkin. It’s a fairly slim item, measuring a little over 3 by 1 by 2 inches. That makes it perfect for most older iPhones or anything in the Samsung S series.

Sleek and stylish…

And your iPhone will look the part in this holder. The design has certainly been inspired by Apple’s mission to keep things both contemporary-looking and practical. This is a subtle yet attractive piece of kit, without any unnecessary flourishes.

How do I attach it?

Unlike some, which rely on an adhesive, this is an air vent mount. It has small rubber claws that fit around the slats of the air-conditioner. They have a firm, tight grip, keeping the phone close against the dashboard.

That’s the idea, anyway. It works great, as long as you don’t adjust the angle of the vent too often. Otherwise, you might find the phone falling on its face.

So, how does it hold onto the phone?

Adjustable, rubbed-coated brackets keep it firmly in place. They fit snugly around the device, offering total peace of mind. There’s no need for any elasticated bands as a backup. The bracket does the job without any extra support.

The base has a couple of awesome features, too. It rotates on a 360° axis, allowing the driver to effortlessly switch between landscape and portrait mode. It also has a wire management system to avoid tangled cables if the phone is plugged in.

What we think?

We like this phone mount a lot. It works well and looks great while doing so. Just be careful when adjusting the angle of the vents.

Belkin Car Vent Mount

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


  • Tight hold.
  • Modern design.
  • Rotatable base.


  • Can fall from the vent.

2 Kenu Airframe Car Phone Mount – Best Wireless Charging Car Phone Mount

Climb every mount-ain…

Now for a phone holder from Kenu. But it isn’t any old mount. This one comes with a surprise.

What is it?

A wireless charger. This is a two-in-one option. Not only does it keep the phone in place, but it gives the battery a boost as well.

You will need a quick-charging device to make the most of it, though. Check before purchasing that your phone is suitable. You wouldn’t want to get it home only to be disappointed.

So, it’s useless for older models?

No, it still works with less modern phones. But you can’t use the wireless function. It needs to be connected through USB, just like a normal charger.

It even has the charging cable included. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than scrambling around looking for one. This way you can leave it in your car at all times.

Okay, but what about the holder itself?

It attaches to the car using a spring-loaded clip. Clamp it around the air vents for a tight grip. Then when you want to remove it, simply squeeze the sides, and it comes free in a jiffy.

And it’s fully rotatable. Choose from portrait or landscape mode while driving. Plus, the plastic is incredibly sturdy and should last for a long time to come. If you want one of the most durable car phone mounts around, this one could be for you.

What’s the catch?

It isn’t cheap. This one is pretty tough on the old pocketbook. It may be of high quality, but we sure do have to pay for it.

Kenu Airframe Car Phone Mount

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Fast-acting charger.
  • Strong construction.
  • Firm grip.


  • Incompatible with many devices.
  • Pricy.

3 iOttie iTap 2 – Best Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount

River deep, mount-ain high…

Next in this search is another option with an air vent placement. Like the others we’ve seen, it uses clips to grasp the slats over the air con. But that’s where the similarities end.

What’s the difference?

There are no brackets here to hold the device. Instead, powerful magnets prevent it from falling. And we mean powerful. They’re effective even when the force has to go through a thick, plastic phone case.

They work alongside two metal plates, one large and one small. Simply fix either plate to the phone and let the magnets do their job. They even come with a protective film to prevent any damage to the device.

But won’t magnets affect my phone?

Don’t worry. They shouldn’t cause any interference with GPS, the internet, or other functions. In the unlikely event that they do, just remove the plate for a minute, and your phone should return to normal.

However, they can cause overheating. Depending on where the plate is, it can get pretty hot when using quick-charging. You’ll need to choose the placement carefully to prevent this from happening.

There’s a lot to like here. Those magnets are incredibly strong and leave us secure in the knowledge that our phone will be safe. And the base has a 360° swivel for viewing at any angle.

But all that must be expensive, right?

Wrong. It’s not a bargain-basement price, but it isn’t too costly either. If you’re looking for the best dashboard phone mount that won’t break the bank, then this offers a serious amount of bang for your buck.

iOttie iTap 2

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Powerful magnetic grip.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Wallet-friendly.


  • Can cause overheating in rare cases.

4 Logitech +Trip One-Touch Smartphone Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount – Best Value for the Money Car Phone Mount

Big rock candy mount-ain…

One for the bargain hunters now. This entry in our review of phone holders for cars is a budget-friendly option. One that should be considered the most affordable car phone mount you can buy.

But does it trade quality for price?

This has quite a subtle design. Understated and inconspicuous, it sits comfortably against the air vents on the dashboard. From there, two small teeth sneak into the vent to hold the mount in place.

And they’re pretty immovable. There’s no chance of it coming free and damaging the phone. As a result, this can be considered one of the most secure fitting car phone mounts on the market.

How does it keep the phone in place?

There’s no bracket here. A magnet sits under the base to keep your device attached. Fix the included metal plate to your phone’s case, and that strong magnet ensures it stays exactly where it needs to be.

It doesn’t come with anything to stick the metal on, though. There’s no adhesive. You’ll need to buy that yourself, so make sure it’s something suitable for use on a phone.

Which models is it compatible with?

All of them, as far as we can tell. There’s no reason we can’t use it with any phone. There’s no bracket it needs to fit into, so there shouldn’t be any restrictions on which model we can use. This means it’s one of the best universal fit car phone mounts available.

Furthermore, it’s great for those of us with older devices. Let’s face it, keeping up with the latest technology is an expensive business. It’s fantastic to find a mount that doesn’t require that latest product.

This sounds too good to be true. Is it?

Not really. Okay, there’s no charger included, but we can’t expect one for this price. Who knows, this might well be the best car vent phone holders around today.

Logitech +Trip One-Touch Smartphone Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Classic looks.
  • Incredibly secure.
  • Easy on the old bank balance.


  • No charging capability.

5 SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount – Best Universal Magnetic Dashboard Car Phone Mount

Go tell it on the mount-ain…

Here we have a car phone holder from Scosche Industries. This brand is one of the names on everyone’s lips when talking about car accessories. Since 1980, they’ve been producing first-rate mounts, chargers, and audio solutions for vehicles.

Can this live up to their reputation?

It fixes to the dashboard using a powerful adhesive. That means you can decide where to place it. And it doesn’t have to sit on a vent. And if you want to change the placement, then included is an alcohol pad to wipe away sticky marks.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t use glue to hold the phone. Robust neodymium magnets take care of that. This rare-earth metal holds an amazingly strong attraction, meaning there’s no risk of the phone slipping free.

Is it adjustable?

It sure is. Once the phone is comfortably in position, the polycarbonate base swivels using the movable head. Once at the correct angle, turn the rubberized nut and lock it firmly in place.

And if you need to charge your phone, there’s a cable management facility on the back. This is a small plastic clip that holds the charging wire, tucking it up out-of-the-way. It’s a minor feature, but one that does come in handy.

Is there a downside?

Not really. It might not have a charger included, but all in all, this is a nifty little mount. And with a very reasonable price tag, too.


Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Tough and durable.
  • Adjustable angles.
  • Low cost.


  • No charger.
  • Glue can wear off.

6 Vansky 3-in-1 Universal Cell Phone Holder – Best Budget Car Phone Mount

Rocky mount-ain way…

We’re coming to the end of our quest for the best car phone mount. But before we go, let’s take a peek at this suction cup option. With just the flick of a lever, this one will bind itself firmly to the dashboard.

And it can be released just as easily. Flip that switch the other way, and the suction cup will let go. This makes it ideal for those who aren’t sure about where they want to position the mount.

And that’s not all…

There are other installation options as well. It comes with another suction attachment designed specifically for the windshield. Plus, it also comes with a small clip for attaching to the air vents.

It has range when it comes to compatibility, too. This can accommodate any phone between 3.5 and 7 inches. That makes it perfect for those with more recent tech, as well as users with older models. Likewise, it’s also one of the most versatile car phone mounts currently out there.

Is it magnetic?

No, this is a bracket mount. The extendable grip compresses in to hold your phone securely. When it’s time to let go, just hit that quick-release switch to free the device in a second.

Unlike most of the others we’ve seen, that bracket does sit flush against the dash. It’s on the end of a long, flexible neck. Combined with a 360° rotational section, this gives us total freedom of movement to view the screen from all possible angles.

What’s the catch?

It’s a little boring to look at. It works well, but it is a bit mundane and pedestrian. We’d prefer a product with a bit of style. But hey, the price more than makes up for it.

Vansky 3-in-1 Universal Cell Phone Holder

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Flexibility.
  • Variety of installation methods.
  • Great bargain.


  • Basic looks.

7 Humixx Magnetic Car Phone Mount – Best Tape Adhesive Car Phone Mount

She’ll be coming round the mount-ain…

And finally, we come to this Humixx option. This is a professional-looking item. Its elegant curves and steely gray tones will add a contemporary edge to even the oldest of vehicles.

But is it as good as it looks?

Here is another magnetic mount. But it’s not like the others. This one comes with an enormous eight magnets for the ultimate in strength and hold.

So, it’s a great choice for driving off-road. Even on a seriously bumpy surface, the devices won’t move. And thanks to a gentle silicone pad, the phone is cushioned against heavy blows.

How big is it?

It’s pretty small. And it only raises the device about 1.6 inches off the dash. It’s low-key and won’t obstruct our view.

However, just because it’s small, that doesn’t mean the phone has to be. This is suitable for a whole range of devices. It’ll take any size from four to seven inches, those magnets working hard to keep it in place.

Air vent or suction?

Neither. This mount uses 3M tape. It takes about 24 hours to get a good grip, but once it does, there’s no moving it. There is a slight issue here, though. It can’t be used on leather. If you have a cover on the dash, then this isn’t the car phone mount for you.

Anything else?

It isn’t the cheapest product around, but it doesn’t exactly break the bank either. It’s often worth paying a little extra to get a higher quality item. It’s just a pity that we can’t use it on our leather interior.

Humixx Magnetic Car Phone Mount

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Touch of class.
  • Incredibly strong magnets.
  • Compatible with most phones.


  • Plastic only. No leather.

Best Car Phone Mount Buying Guide

Best Car Phone Mount Buying Guide

What should we look for when choosing the best car phone holder? It sounds like a straightforward task, but there’s a lot to consider. There’s a surprisingly large range of options available on the market today. So, what’s the first thing to think about?

Let’s talk placement

The phone needs to be in your eye line. There’s not much point in having a dashboard holder that you can’t see. That’s one of the reasons that air vent mounts are so awesome.

They’re the perfect place to keep the phone. They ensure the device is seen and have a convenient method of attaching it to the car. Just be careful when adjusting the slats, as this sometimes causes the mount to move.

Adhesive and suction mounts generally aren’t as secure as the vent models. The stickiness wears off after a while, and eventually, the suction will lose its grip. However, they do give us a wider choice of placement, rather than being restricted to the air vent.

How do they keep the phone in place?

Brackets are the most common choice. They clamp securely around your phone, grasping it in place. Make sure your phone is the right size, though, or it could slip out.

Recently, there’s been a rise in the number of magnetic mounts being produced. These usually look far more impressive and give us an uninterrupted view of the screen. Just remember that they require a piece of metal to stop the device from moving.

To charge or not to charge?

If you’ve got a phone with quick-charging capabilities, then we’d say go for it. A two-in-one wireless charger and mount? That’s a seriously handy thing to have.

But that’s only for more recent, expensive models. Many phones don’t have this technology in place. If that’s the case for you, then buying a mount like this is pretty pointless.

What other features does it need?

It’s not essential, but it is nice to have the option of landscape or portrait. For that, the holder needs to come equipped with 360° rotation. And regardless of whether it does or not, the base and hinge have to be extremely sturdy and durable.

And finally…

There’s no getting around it; the latest technology costs extra. Sure, it’s cool, but think about whether your phone needs it or not. Otherwise, while we don’t advise going too cheap, we don’t recommend breaking the bank either.

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What is the Best Car Phone Mount?

We saw some fantastic car phone holders here. But there can only be one winner. We’ve chosen the…

Logitech +Trip One-Touch Smartphone Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

This has everything you need. It fixes easily and securely to the vent, the magnets are powerful enough to hold the phone securely, and it looks fantastic, too.

Okay, it doesn’t have a charger. But that technology is only available to the newest device anyway. All that, and at a price that will please your bank manager.

So, happy driving, folks!


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