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Top 8 Best Car Fire Extinguishers In 2022 Review

Fire extinguishers were a British invention in the early part of the 19th Century. They have evolved a bit since then, and there are currently three different types—all of them for dealing with specific types of fires. They have become an item that everyone should have these days.

In case you or someone else someone needs a fire in a vehicle dealt with, it’s important to find the Best Car Fire Extinguishers.

Top 8 Best Car Fire Extinguishers You Should Buy In 2022 Reviews

  1. H3R Performance MX100C Fire Extinguisher – Best Automotive Fire Extinguisher
  2. Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher – Best Mid-Range Car Fire Extinguisher
  3. FIAFESA5 – Fire Extinguisher – Best Budget Car Fire Extinguisher
  4. Amerex 240, 2.5 Gallon Water Class A Fire Extinguisher – Best Class A Fire Extinguisher for Cars
  5. Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket – Best Fire Extinguisher Mount for Cars
  6. Amerex Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher – Best Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher for Cars
  7. Amerex B410T, 2.5lb Purple K Chemical Class B C Fire Extinguisher – Best Value for the Money Car Fire Extinguisher
  8. Amerex B385TS, 2.5lb Halotron I Class B C Fire Extinguisher – Best Premium Car Fire Extinguisher

And we’ve done just that, our research and product testing will help you find you the right car fire extinguisher to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. So, let’s have a look at what’s on offer that could save a life.

1 H3R Performance MX100C Fire Extinguisher – Best Automotive Fire Extinguisher

We will be looking at a variety of fire extinguishers here. But to start with, we have one that might be unlike most of the others. This extinguisher from HR3 performance is not like a regular extinguisher. This product uses an aviation-grade substance for putting the fire out.

This is a Halotron extinguisher, which has been recognized as having some important benefits. It doesn’t harm people or individuals with any of its contents. And its ozone-destroying potential is 96% less than a standard extinguisher. It is also quite gentle on your car in the event of a fire as it is non-corrosive.

Is this what they had in mind?

There is a good chance that when HR3 sat down to design this extinguisher, they had cars very firmly in mind. Apart from the fact that it looks good, which is irrelevant really, it fits neatly inside a vehicle. It is only ten inches in length and so fitting it into a small area is not going to be a problem.

At that length, we would think that it is one of the smallest on the market. Fitting is made easy as it comes with a mounting bracket.

Safe and effective…

It will operate well and is safe and effective to use. Airlines wouldn’t use Halotron if it wasn’t. It is UL certified, but some say that it isn’t as good as a dry chemical extinguisher in a car. This type of extinguisher is rated well when combating Class B and C fires. But chemical filled extinguishers are rated very good.

It will depend on the type of test conducted. Some of these tests are sometimes operated by people with a definite bias. If airlines use it, then that would be good enough for us. Certainly one of the Best Car Fire Extinguishers around. Not cheap, mainly because it is used by the sports car crowd generally. This tends to put the price up a little.

H3R Performance MX100C Fire Extinguisher

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • It is safe and easy to use with a small footprint on the vehicle.
  • Halotton is the same substance used by airlines for fires.


  • A little expensive.

2 Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher – Best Mid-Range Car Fire Extinguisher

This is a traditional-looking fire extinguisher. It looks exactly like what we have seen on the walls of buildings, shops, and factories for many years. It measures 4.5 by 4.5 by 15.7 inches and weighs four pounds, so you will need a little bit of space for storage.

As is obvious, it has a very strong metal build and is supplied with 4 pounds of a dry chemical. It meets NFPA requirements and comes supplied with a bracket for hanging. It has a discharge distance of between ten and fifteen feet. The projection of the chemical will last for up to fifteen seconds.

Truly multi-purpose…

Providing you aim at the seat of the fire, then that should be enough for most small vehicle fires. It is a multi-purpose extinguisher and is ok to use on the usual common combustibles. But it is also good for electrical and liquid fires.

It is a rechargeable extinguisher and has a pressure gauge. This will let you know when the unit has been fully recharged and is ready for use. The strength of the build extends to the pressure gauge, the lever, and the handle, which are all made of sturdy metal that is impact-resistant. It includes a hose that allows you to accurately project the contents at the fire.

For home or car use…

If we are honest, this extinguisher is probably better suited to the home or business attached to a wall. It is a little bulky for a car, especially a small one. However, it can be carried in a vehicle, but it will probably have to be stored loosely. You might struggle to fit the bracket for holding it.

It is a traditional extinguisher, as we have said, and as such is a system that works well. Set at a very attractive price point.

Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Traditional design with a tough build.
  • It is rechargeable and comes at a great price.


  • Rather large for a small car.

3 FIAFESA5 – Fire Extinguisher – Best Budget Car Fire Extinguisher

This fire extinguisher from First Alert is a good option if you were to experience a small car fire. It is lighter than some other extinguishers weighing just three pounds, and it has a stable bracket for mounting.

This is a non-rechargeable extinguisher. There is, therefore, a metal pull pin plus a safety seal that is built-in. This is to stop any possibility of any accidental use. In this case, the use of this extinguisher when it is not meant to be used would render the extinguisher useless. There is a pressure gauge that is a decent size and easy to read.


It has been given a UL rating that is 5B;C. The UL LLC or the Underwriters Laboratory is a worldwide safety certificate. It Is given in an attempt to safeguard workers and the public in certain circumstances. The rating says that this extinguisher can effectively cover an area of five square feet.

This is applicable when dealing with fires from liquids that are flammable. These might include petrol, oil, or grease. It is also certificated to deal with fires generated from the use of electrical equipment. It does not offer any Class A protection.

Basic for those on a budget…

This is a very basic extinguisher with not much in the way of features. It is not rechargeable, which is a bit of a negative. But the price point reflects its basic design as it is very affordable. It has a good mounting bracket and the safety seal and pull-pin we mentioned earlier.

A basic system but a cost-effective one.

FIAFESA5 - Fire Extinguisher

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Stable build with mounting bracket.
  • It has some good safety features at a very affordable price.


  • Not rechargeable.

4 Amerex 240, 2.5 Gallon Water Class A Fire Extinguisher – Best Class A Fire Extinguisher for Cars

This fire extinguisher from Amerex that works in a very basic way. We say a basic way because it uses a novel idea to put out a fire. A way that has been used since fire was invented. It uses water.

This is an extinguisher that is rather heavy though compared with some. It weighs seven pounds and measures 24.8 x 7.6 x 7.5 inches, so it will need some space. A small car might struggle, but a larger car or RV might be best.

Super simple…

It is a simple operation. You just fill it with water and air, and it will do its stuff. We perhaps should say that this has a UL 2A rating. That means it will work on combustible fires, but not electrical.

It has a very tough canister that is made from stainless steel. Therefore, it is rust-proof, and as it contains no chemicals, it can be used over and over again. It holds two and a half gallons of water, which take about 50-55 seconds to use up. As it is just water, it leaves no powder or chemical residue after use.

Easy to operate…

To use, it has been designed to operate easily. It has a recognizable hose, pull pin, and nozzle design and has a Brass valve. The pull-pin is quite large and is made of steel. It comes with a wall bracket so it can be used at home if you wish.

It will project its spray approximately 40-50 feet depending on weather conditions. And will operate in temperatures of 40°F to 120°F.

Sometimes, all it takes is water…

As we said, this can only be used for combustible fires. But as a basic “put it out with water” fire extinguisher, it is well-built with good features. At this price point for a basic product, it should be considered as one of the Best Fire Extinguishers for cars.

Amerex 240, 2.5 Gallon Water Class A Fire Extinguisher

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Well built with a rugged design at a good price point.
  • There are some good features and comes with a wall mounting if necessary.


  • Only combustible fires, not electrical.

5 Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket – Best Fire Extinguisher Mount for Cars

There could be a situation where you have the extinguisher, but no way of securing it or storing it safely. In that case, this bracket could well be the answer.

It is made from good quality steel that is given an electrophoretic coating for durability. It is easy to install and should take 15 to 20 minutes without the need to drill any holes. The bracket itself measures 12.63 by 2.25 by 2.25 inches and weighs only 1.46 pounds.

Great for a variety of spaces…

It has a width that is adjustable to allow it to fit into a variety of spaces. This also ensures it will fit a variety of vehicles. It will bolt onto seat mounting points or just clamp onto the rails of the seat fitting. It can, therefore, be secured and placed out of the way. But it will still be close enough should it be needed in an emergency.

It comes with all the necessary bolts and the Allen keys needed to fit. It will fit on to seat rails that are from 13½ to 18⅜ inches apart.

We should mention…

It’s advisable that this is fitted only on the passenger seat of the vehicle. This is for safety reasons to ensure that it won’t interfere with the use of the pedals or other controls. You certainly wouldn’t want to kick it or knock it by accident and set off your extinguisher. Not a good idea.

We should also mention that this is just a bracket. It does not include the extinguisher. That is a separate purchase. It will hold the majority of extinguishers on the market, but it is advisable to check worth the manufacturer, the Bracketeer store, before buying.

Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Easy to fit with no drilling.
  • Stores the extinguisher out of the way under the seat.


  • You still have to buy the extinguisher.

6 Amerex Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher – Best Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher for Cars

Another fire extinguisher from Amerex. This product is a little different from the previous one we looked at. That was a simple extinguisher that only dealt with combustible fires,

This extinguisher is a dry chemical option that works in classes A, B, and C. It is a stored pressure design that can be used on flammable liquids, combustibles, live electrical equipment, and gases. It has a UL rating of 1A:10B:C.

For car or home…

It has a strong, well-made design with an outer cylinder casing of steel. All the valves are also made from aluminum. It is suitable for either the car or home, and comes with wall brackets if you wish to use it at home. It is a rechargeable extinguisher that is quite tall at fifteen and a half inches, and is three inches wide.

This is quite a small extinguisher in terms of its firefighting capability. It holds 2.5 pounds of material. That gives this extinguisher a discharge performance lasting about ten seconds. It is a decent extinguisher but nor particularly cheap.

Amerex Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Well-made with all-metal casing and fittings.
  • Compact size and comes with a wall bracket for use at home.


  • Only has a discharge time of about ten seconds.

7 Amerex B410T, 2.5lb Purple K Chemical Class B C Fire Extinguisher – Best Value for the Money Car Fire Extinguisher

Back to Amerex again for another extinguisher. Amerex is a large company based in Alabama. They were founded in 1971 and specialize in a range of firefighting equipment. Their products are for both commercial and industrial installations.

This is another from their range of smaller fire extinguishers. As with many of their products, this can either be used in the car or at home. It could also suffice in a small office.

What makes it unique?

This is a rechargeable fire extinguisher. It has a steel cylinder covered with a polyester powder paint. It measures fifteen and a quarter inches in length and weighs six pounds. Besides the strong all-metal canister, all the working parts are also metal, including the valve.

The favored choice…

It is a Purple K 2.5 pound unit that contains a dry chemical that is specially fluidized. It is especially effective on Class B fires. These are flammable liquids and gases that are pressurized. As a fire fighting material, Purple K has been the favored choice of many of the gas, oil, and chemical installations.

It is clearly an effective product. It is quite lightweight, and at the price point, it is good value with its capabilities as a protector against fire.

Amerex B410T, 2.5lb Purple K Chemical Class B C Fire Extinguisher

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • It uses a recommended agent, Purple K.
  • A good Price tag for an effective fire extinguisher.


  • It is quite small, and some will need more protection.

8 Amerex B385TS, 2.5lb Halotron I Class B C Fire Extinguisher – Best Premium Car Fire Extinguisher

Staying with Amerex one last time, this is a fire extinguisher that features Halotron as its agent.

Halotron is fast becoming a welcome material for dealing with certain fires. We have already mentioned its special features in a previous review. But to expand a little, it was developed in 1992 to replace Halon 1211. This was because the 1211 was described as an ‘ozone-destroyer.’ Thankfully this has only 4% of the damage potential of its predecessor.

That being said…

It is excellent for dealing with fires, though for other reasons, which place is a contender for one of the Best Fire Extinguishers for cars. Halotron is known as a ‘clean’ agent. When in use, the material discharged onto the fire is a fast evaporating liquid. It is non-corrosive and non-conductive.

There is no residue left behind after use. Hence the clean description. It has a UL rating of 2B:C and a capacity of 2.5 pounds. It stands 15.5 inches high and will project its contents onto a fire up to eight feet away. The discharge time is only nine seconds. This will then only deal with smaller fires.

More than just dependable…

As with all Amerex extinguishers, it has a steel cylinder and a stored pressure design. It is given a coating of polyester powder paint for durability. All the parts, including the valve, are metal.

A good extinguisher and well done to Amerex for building such a good product that is environmentally friendly. It isn’t cheap, though. It also isn’t very large and probably only deals with small fires.

Amerex B385TS, 2.5lb Halotron I Class B C Fire Extinguisher

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Good solid metal construction.
  • Halotron agent included.


  • Quite expensive for a small extinguisher.

Best Car Fire Extinguishers Buyers Guide

Best Car Fire Extinguishers

A product you hope you will never use.

It seems a strange thing to say, but it is certainly true. Vehicle fires are not common occurrences given the number of vehicles on the road and the number of journeys made. But it can happen, and being prepared is far better than wishing afterward. You just hope you will never have to use it.

What should you look for?

Let’s start with size or weight. 2.5 pounds is probably going to be the best size for a vehicle. They come larger, of course, but it has to be carried and stored out of the way.


This has to be in place. A UL, Underwriters Laboratory, certification will be granted to all fire extinguishers that are found to be suitable for use. They carry a range of letters and numbers that determine which of the three main fire types the individual extinguisher can handle.

The Rating

A, B, and C rated extinguishers are what you should probably try and obtain. They are also possibly the most common.

Class A

A is for dealing with paper, wood plastic, and what are termed as combustibles.

Class B

Class B are liquid-based fires, including petrol, oil, and grease. The majority of car fires are Class B. It is important then to make sure that whatever you choose has a ‘B’ rating.

Class C

Class C fires can also occur in vehicles. These are fires that are electrically charged. A car battery fire would be a good example. Such a fire could ignite the Class B options as well, which then becomes more difficult to deal with. You will, therefore, really want Class B and C as your priority with an A addition that would be useful.

Discharge Time

Larger extinguishers will have longer times. But for the car, you should be looking for at least 9-10 seconds. That doesn’t sound very long. It isn’t, so aim very well. If, when it runs out, the fire is still burning, it is time to vacate the immediate vicinity.


Always try and use metal-based extinguishers, especially if they use valves and pull-pin operations. Do not accept plastic. It could easily snap off, and then there is a problem. Extinguishers with plastic fittings are cheaper. But don’t take the risk.


Probably better in the long run. They come in a little more expensive, but you can use them over again if you have to. They can be filled up at the local fire station or specialist outlets. At a charge, of course.

Prices are a little different, with some being more expensive than others. But don’t skimp on this one. Let’s hope the money you spend will never be used.

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So, what are the Best Car Fire Extinguishers?

We quite like the idea of having an environmentally-friendly fire extinguisher using Halotron as its agent. We would, therefore, go for the…

H3R Performance MX100C Fire Extinguisher

A stable and solid product that has its B and C certification. Our choice as one of the Best Fire Extinguishers for cars.

Happy and safe motoring.


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