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Top 10 Best Bug & Tar Removers Recommended In 2022 Reviews

Spring is in the air, and summer is on the way. That means the insects are starting to come out in masses. If you own a vehicle, this is when you will start to notice those pesky insect corpses spotted all over your vehicle’s grill.

Even in winter, we can’t escape the grime of tar and other road debris. Throughout the year, things tend to cling to the front-end of our vehicles. Luckily there is something you can do to combat all of this.

The best bug and tar removers will help you return that shine to your car or truck…

The only issue is, there are just so many options to choose from. To ensure you don’t waste your money on an inferior product, we did some research. Check out our Buying Guide for a further breakdown of ideal features to look out for.

Top 10 Best Bug & Tar Removers In 2022 Reviews

1 Prosol Bugs N All 4oz. Concentrate Plus One Empty 1 Qt. Spray Bottle

The first formula on our list of the greatest bug and tar removers for vehicles is made by Prosol. They call their formula Bugs-N-All because it works to remove just about everything from your car. Especially those pesky, stuck-on bug carcasses.

What does this formula remove?

This Bug-N-All concentrate is formulated to remove dried bug splatter, grease, and other road grime from your vehicle. This is accomplished with new smart technology that neutralizes acid. It then softens as it penetrates, to help you easily wipe your vehicle’s surface clean.

Not only does it work on bugs, but it also will help you move tree sap, bird poop, rust stains, brake dust, black streaks, and a lot more. It also works extremely quickly, turning bugs to mush in less than a minute.

What types of surfaces does it work on?

According to Prosol, this formula is ideal for cleaning leather, vinyl, carpet, wood, plastic, rubber, metal, painted and polished surfaces, and more. We like that it cleans without trying to do anything else.

It won’t leave a cloudy or greasy film behind. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, and does not contain harsh chemicals or strong odors.

What’s with the empty spray bottle?

This formula is sold in a super-concentrated 4-ounce container. This is accompanied by a spray bottle, so you can dilute the mixture and spray away. Not everyone will like having to measure out and mix, but really this is the smartest way to buy cleaners.

Prosol Bugs N All 4oz. Concentrate Plus One Empty 1 Qt. Spray Bottle

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Makes up to two quarts of sprayable formula.
  • Spray bottle included.
  • Works on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Removes a wide range of dirt, grime, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • Non-abrasive, non-flammable, and non-corrosive.
  • Won’t leave a greasy or cloudy film behind.


  • Requires a bit of prep work before use.
  • One of the more expensive options.

2 Griot’s Garage 10982 Bug & Smudge

Another great option for removing bugs from the grill of your car is made by Griot’s Garage. Their model #10982 is better known as Bug and Smudge. It’s sold in a 22-ounce spray bottle, so you’re ready to start cleaning immediately.

How long does it take to work?

This formula should be sprayed on, and then left to sit for a few minutes. During that time, the spray will penetrate the bug jerky that lines your grill. Once it’s done the job of softening up the dead bugs, you can easily wash your vehicle clean.

Does it work on anything besides bugs?

Yes, according to Griot’s Garage, this formula is also ideal for removing the other debris your vehicle collects. This includes heavy oils, smudges, scuffs, and heavy road grime. It’s also great for removing rubber marks on paint and trim that you can pick up at the racetrack.

You may need to use it as a pre-treating spray before washing. It’s not the strongest formula, and you may need to apply more than once. You’ll also want to ensure you have a microfiber cloth to use with this product.

Griot’s Garage 10982 Bug & Smudge

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Works on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Removes bugs, smudges, heavy oils, etc.
  • Pretreatment spray.
  • Works in only a few minutes.
  • Removes rubber marks.


  • Microfiber cloth needs to be purchased separately.

3 Turtle Wax T-520A Bug & Tar Remover

When it comes to automotive care, Turtle Wax is one of the best-known brands available. They make their T-520A Bug and Tar Remover, which has become the #1 selling bug and tar remover on the market.

It’s tried and tested, but is it the ideal bug and tar remover?

We found the formula to be powerful at fighting stains. It’s safe for use on glass, metal, and paint plastic. This makes it ideal for use all over the exterior of your car or truck.

How do you use it?

This formula has a super simple application process. First, shake the bottle well. Then spray the area needing a good cleanup, and sit back and wait a minute.

Once the formula has penetrated the skin of the stuck-on bugs, you begin wiping clean. It’s recommended that you use a microfiber or terry cloth towel to ensure you don’t scratch your paintwork.

Then just buff it down for a nice clean shine.

Turtle Wax T-520A Bug & Tar Remover

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Removes bugs, tar, bird droppings, and tree sap.
  • Non-drip formula.
  • Works in only one minute.
  • Super easy application process.


  • Be careful around an open flame; this product is flammable.

4 McKee’s 37 MK37-100 Road Kill Bug Remover

Another great product for removing those stuck on bug guts is made by McKee’s 37. Their product #MK37-100 is better known as Road Kill Bug Remover. This is one of the best bug removers for cars and trucks.

Did you know that bug guts can permanently affect your car’s paintwork over time? This is why it’s heavily recommended that you keep your vehicle clean and free from bug juice. Luckily McKee’s 37 makes a product that is beyond easy to use.

How do you apply this formula?

There are two options for cleaning your car or truck with this formula. You can either spray on and then wipe off. This is great for those really stuck-on spots.

You can also add a dash of the formula to your car washing solution. This will supercharge the cleaning power, saving you time, and delivering top-notch results. We like this idea, and the time it saves.

What types of surfaces is this concoction formulated for?

According to the manufacturer, this can be sprayed on paint, glass, chrome, and even your plastic trim. It won’t cause damage to any of these surfaces. This makes it ideal for the entire exterior of your automobile.

McKee’s 37 MK37-100 Road Kill Bug Remover

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Spray on and wipe clean, no rinse necessary.
  • Also works as a supercharger to your car washing liquid.
  • Works on a wide range of surfaces.


  • Takes longer to break down the bugs than some other options.

5 3D Bug Remover Concentrate

This next entry on our list of the best bug removers for trucks and cars is one of the safest. It’s formulated by 3D and called simply Bug Remover Concentrate.

This might be the best environmentally friendly bug remover…

Personally, we hate pumping harmful chemicals into the environment. These get washed down into the sewers and eventually back out into the natural world. This can harm the environment in which we live, and ultimately, us as and our kids as well.

That’s why we love this enzyme-based cleaner. It’s free from harmful chemicals but still gets the job done. Why not use something all-natural when you have the choice?

Does it work well?

Yes, this formula is brilliant. There’s no scrubbing needed; you just spray it on. Once it has worked for a couple of minutes, the bugs will be broken down enough to disappear with a quick rinse.

It’s concentrated, which is another great selling point…

This means that you will get considerably more uses out of the bottle than with many other formulas. It’s also made in the U.S.A.

We would recommend this for cars, boats, RVs, big rigs, and anything else you have bugs stuck to. It also works well as a degreaser. The formula is ideal for windows, plastic, grills, and paintwork.

3D Bug Remover Concentrate

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Enzyme based bug and grease remover.
  • Non-toxic, all natural formula.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Works on a wide range of surfaces.


  • Not the best formula for removing stuck-on tar.

6 B.E.S.T. 45032 Bug-Off Bug Remover Spray Bottle

If you’re looking for the best bug remover, then you may want to check out the option from B.E.S.T. They call their formula #45032 Bug-off Bug Remover, and it comes in a 32-ounce spray bottle.

Is it easy to use?

This product is extremely easy to use. Simply spray it on, let it sit, and wipe clean. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you can remove those stubborn dried-on bugs.

How long does it need to sit?

According to the manufacturer, you only need to let the formula sit for about 30 seconds. That’s enough time for the product to work into the bugs, and loosen them up so you can wipe them away.

How harsh is the formula?

This product works really well, and yet it’s environmentally friendly. There are no acids or caustics in the formula. This means it won’t fade your decals, and it’s biodegradable as well.

B.E.S.T. 45032 Bug-Off Bug Remover Spray Bottle

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Environmentally friendly, acid-free formula.
  • Works in only 30 seconds.
  • Easy spray-on, wipe-off application.
  • Works well on dried bugs.


  • You’ll need to keep this formula away from your windshield.

7 Chemical Guys CWS_104_16 Bug & Tar Heavy Duty Car Wash Shampoo

Another great product for removing tar and bugs from your vehicle is made by Chemical Guys. Their formula CWS-104-16 is better known as Bug & Tar Car Shampoo.

How concentrated is this formula?

One thing that everyone will love about this option is how long the bottle should last. You’ll only need one capful per gallon of water. That means this 16-ounce bottle will last for multiple washes, no problem.

How do you use this product?

This is a pre-wash formula. It helps you save time by loosening those stubborn stuck-on bugs. It’s also great at loosening the grime your car or truck picks up from the road.

It’s ideal for bugs, tar, tree sap, bird droppings, and other road grime.

Chemical Guys CWS_104_16 Bug & Tar Heavy Duty Car Wash Shampoo

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Highly concentrated formula.
  • Works on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Prevents scratches and swirls.
  • Great for bugs, tar, and a whole lot more.


  • Must be diluted for use.

8 CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover 500 Milliliter

If you want to do a professional job, you’ll need a formula from CarPro. They make their Tar X for removing tar and adhesive from your automobile.

Get the job done like a professional…

This formula is professional grade. It easily removes bugs, adhesive, asphalt, and tar. It works on your car or truck, and a wide range of other surfaces as well.

We always knew we liked oranges…

One of our favorite aspects of this formula is the lack of hazardous chemicals. Instead, Tar X uses solvents extracted from orange peels to get the job done. It’s quick, efficient, and safer for you and the environment.

It even helps to protect against rust.

CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover 500 Milliliter

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Great for removing asphalt, insects, tar, and more.
  • Professional grade formula.
  • Helps protect against rust.
  • Non-hazardous formula.


  • Not the cheapest product on our list.

9 MEGUIAR’S G180515 Bug & Tar Remover

Another well-known brand name in the automobile industry in Meguiar’s. They make their Bug & Tar Remover under the model #G180515. It’s certainly one of the best automobile bug removers we reviewed.

If you have heavy-duty bugs in your area, you’ll need a heavy-duty cleaner…

And this product is formulated to be heavy-duty. It can easily pull the tar and the dead bugs from your paintwork without causing damage. The professional-strength formula is clear-coat safe and easy on all exterior surfaces.

You can even see it working…

This formula has a powerful foaming action that you can actually see doing its job. It will easily loosen the stuck-on bugs, and soften any tar you’ve picked up on the road.

It’s best used before a wash, but you can also use it between washes if you live in an area with a lot of bugs. Which is almost everywhere during the spring.

MEGUIAR’S G180515 Bug & Tar Remover

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Heavy-duty formula.
  • Great for loosening bugs, and softening tar.
  • Clear-coat safe.


  • Not as effective as some higher-end products.

10 Rain-X 620107 Bug & Tar Defense Pre-Wash Gel-16 Oz

The final item on our list of the best bug and tar remover reviews is from Rain-X. Their formula #620107 is a Bug and Tar Defense Pre-Wash Gel. This is easily the least expensive option we reviewed.

Can a product so cheap really be effective?

Yes, though it doesn’t quite compare to some other formulas. Still, this is one of the best options for the price. If you’ve just returned from a long road trip, you’ll be happy to have a bottle of this lying around the garage.

Is it safe to use on my vehicle?

The manufacturer claims that this formula is safe for all exterior metal, glass, and plastic surfaces. Even better, there’s no scrubbing needed. All you need to do is spray it on, let it soak, and rinse.

We found the formula to be on the greasy side. It works pretty well for the price, but not so well when compared to the competition.

Rain-X 620107 Bug & Tar Defense Pre-Wash Gel-16 Oz

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Least expensive option.
  • No scrubbing needed.
  • Safe on all exterior surfaces.


  • The greasy nature of the formula means it runs rather than sticks to where you spray it.

Best Bug & Tar Removers Buying Guide

Before you run out and buy a new bottle of bug and tar remover, it’s wise to consider a few key points. We will explore these to help you further narrow down the field. After all, you only want the best formula for the job.

It’s all about the environment…

We realize that not everyone is a tree-hugging environmentalist. For some, the shine of the family car is more important than how toxic the cleaner happens to be. After all, your vehicle makes your first impression for you when on the road.

bug tar remover

At the same time, there are so many effective formulas that are non-toxic. So, why would you buy something that will poison your family’s drinking water when you don’t need to? We highly recommend choosing a non-hazardous product for cleaning your car.

You will also want to ensure the formula is not hazardous to your vehicle…

Some options we reviewed will ruin your plastic headlights or the windshield. Others can be used on just about any surface with no ill effects. No matter which you choose, you’d best check the manufacturer recommendations prior to use.

The most important factor is the most obvious one…

Does it actually do the job? Why waste your cash on a bug remover that leaves you there scrubbing. You could do that with some simple soap.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your vehicle looking tip-top. At the same time, you do get what you pay for. That goes for everything in this world of ours, so don’t skimp too much, or you’ll end up regretting your purchase.

Before We Conclude

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Back to bug and tar removers…

Final Thoughts On The Best Bug & Tar Remover

That completes our reviews of the best ever bug and tar removers. Hopefully, our list and buying guide have helped you find the perfect formula for the job. And if you can’t make up your mind, maybe you need to take a nice drive to relax.

When you get back and see the bugs stuck to the grill, don’t stress. Instead, we’d recommend you get hold of some…Prosol Bugs N All 4oz. Concentrate Plus One Empty 1 Qt. Spray Bottle.

It’s highly rated as one of the best options, and it won’t burn a hole in your driveway either.

Here’s to a shiny, clean, bug and tar free car.


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